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18 Diving with the elemental four part 1

we entered the portal of the dungeon after we went and registered. we went right to the fifth floor it was strange how the portal worked I only needed to think about the floor I wanted to go to while walking through to reach the said floor. we could hear battle noise from almost everywhere. the girls were serious right from the start and each of the girls had equipped some kind of protective gear.

I thought to myself that they are better prepared than my friends.

Of course, I was in the front and looking around the corners, the first room was occupied by another team so we just went past them and entered another room.

when I could see the bunnies in the room I raised my hand the girls stopped behind me.

I tried to signals them how many bunnies I saw but they couldn't understand it. so I signaled them to wait and slowly moved closer to the bunnies when I was close enough I screamed, " now" the first thing that happens was that the room was covered in frost, then the bunnies tried to jump at me but slipped because of the sudden frost on the ground.

I moved forward and felt how my boots adapted to the slippery surface stabilizing my footing. then three bolts of arcane energy flew past me hitting the three fat bunnies turning them into bright lights removing them from the battle. before the bunnies could reach me I heard from behind, " move to the left". just when I had moved three streaks of lightning flew past my right side building a wall of electricity. the bunnies that that tried to jump at me from that side were roasted. suddenly a hand was passing over my right shoulder, not even a second later a cone of fire spread from it destroying the remaining bunnies.

I turned around and right behind me stood Miriam with a bright smile.

As I was perplexed about the speed those four needed to clear the room I asked, " do you guys even need me?"

As Miriam was the closest to me she was the one to answer first, " yes without you we would need to manage our mana more. so you are here that if we run out you can take care of the rest."

"ah, so I'm more of a backup plan for you guy!" I said.

"Yup, without you we would have taken three times as long as right now. "

"then was it even worth it to wait for someone?" I asked curiously.

"yes the danger for the four of us has decreased as well," Miriam answered while the others came closer.

"So how long will we need to rest?" I asked the girls.

Kimberly answered with, " Sera has the most mana of us she needs a bit more than three minutes."

I was shocked at the time she needed to recover her mana, Emily only needed one and that was outside the dungeon.

I took a deep breath and said, "ok, then I will keep watch while you guys rest."

"thanks." said one of the girls but I don't know which one.

it did indeed take a bit over three minutes for them to be ready. we cleared four more rooms in pretty much the same way. when Melody shyly said, "my skill leveled up."

"Congrats melody, that makes you level three doesn't it?" Miriam said to the shy girl she just nodded. this motivated Miriam, " now I'm the only one at a level to I need to hurry it up, " she said to all of us.

"come on we need to go into the next room," she said as she started to push Melodie into the next passageway I hurried after them and said, " Miriam, Melody wait, we didn't rest enough." the other two girls hurried after us. when we almost reached the two, the two of them came running back. they were already spotted by the bunnies and they chased after them.

It was a large number than usual. I passed the two girls and stopped right before the bunnies I shifted to the left and only one of the streaks of lightning passed on my right. the streak this time was closer to the ground and did defeat some of the bunnies but the most important was that it made the passageway a bit narrower than before. some of the bunnies managed to jump at me before the streak reached them but I bashed my shield at them throwing them back into the streak of lightning. before the rest reached me a bolt of arcane energy passed over me and hit one of the projectiles of the fat bunnies. the other one passed right beside me, I could have used my shield to knock it away but then I would not be able to defend against the three bunnies jumping at me at the same time so I chose to ignore it. I managed to hit one bunny into the streak of lightning, one I could evade by stepping into its path knocking it against the wall with my body, but the last managed to bite me in my left shoulder.

It hurt like hell, I screamed in pain.

behind me, one of the girls was screaming as well.

I took a deep breath to fifth the pain while grabbing the bunny and throwing it into the next wave that came at me. I stepped forward and used my shield in a wide swing to knock two of the bunnies into the lightning. then I stepped back followed by a weight shift onto the foot in the front and used my body as a ram. this surprised the bunnies, but they still managed to slash at me with their claws. Luckily the leather jacket that I was wearing took most of the damage leaving only small scratches on my skin. some of the bunnies fell into the lightning but most didn't. they regained their vigor and jumped at me again. I wanted to bash them into the lightning once more when the lightning disappeared. I quickly took two steps back. from behind I could hear Sera, " I'm out of mana, sorry.".

I didn't have the time to answer as the bunnies continued the assault.

with a bit more space I could manage a bit better against the bunnies. but every time the bunnies attacked I retreated three steps. behind me I could hear Kimberly give orders to the others, " Melody move Miriam back to the room, Mortimer will need all the space he can get, Sera How long till you can use your skills again." Sera's response left me with hope, " I will need 13 more seconds till i can cast another lightning javelin. But it won't remain for long this time."

Only 13 more second before the skill, i should manage that.