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17 another day another dive

that evening nothing much happened. I explained to my parents what had happened, we eat together and then I trained my skills for a bit. I reached level 4 in my stepping skill and level 3 in my shield mastery skill before I went to bed.

that night I had a nightmare about what happened that day. In this nightmare, I saw the girl Jane kill my friends and laughing while I defended against her endless attacks until I was priced through my stomach like Hank was. that was when I woke. after that I couldn't sleep anymore, I tried to go back to sleep for around an hour and then decided that I should just train my skills. I trained for an hour. afterward, I was tired and went back to sleep.

This time I could sleep till morning. when I went down mom and dad already had finished breakfast so I took something and told them,

" Hey, after I finish breakfast I will go to the dungeon. "

mom was shocked, " after what happened yesterday, you still want to go diving. No, you shouldn't. stay home for today Morty."

before I could say a thing dad said, " ok, be careful." I nodded at dad and went up to get ready while eating. As I left I could hear mom and dad starting to quarrel. I just thought to myself, " thank you, Dad."

when I left Home mom just said, " take care, Mortimer." she looked like she cried a bit, but I left none the less I would be back soon enough.

It didn't take long for me to reach the compound of the dungeon. as it was Sunday morning many people were here preparing for a dive. there was a long queue for the registration so I needed to wait for a bit.

when it was my turn asked, " is there a way to find teams that are looking for more people here?"

the man manning the counter looked at me and then explained, " the cafe over there takes care of those type of things, they even have a separate counter for this." I thanked the employee and went into the cafe. it didn't take me long to find the said counter.

unsure of how to start I asked, " Hello, is this the counter for teammates?" the girl manning the counter chuckled before she said, " yes and you are a new diver looking for a team?"

"yes, but only for the day."

"that shouldn't be much of a problem. so first of my name is Stacy. So what is your name?"

"I'm Mortimer Regis."

"Okay, next I need to know the deepest level of the dungeon that you reached."

"yesterday I went till level 5."

" then the last thing I need to is your level and what role you want to be."

"I'm level 3 and I think I'm a tank?"

"Oh a tank that is good those are always in high demand and I think I have just the right team for you." as she said that to me she gave me a wink before she continued.

" the name of the team is elemental four. it is a team of four young girls there level are 2, 2, 3 and 4. they manage to reach the 5th floor like you but found it too dangerous so they are looking for someone to keep the enemies at bay. they are over there at table number 23. just talk to them."

I thanked Stacy and went to the table the four girls sat at eating and talking to each other. they were all dressed in jeans and a simple top in different colors, they all had simple backpack sitting next to them.

I stood there and didn't know how to start talking to them, when one of the girls asked, "Can I help you?" now all the girls looked at me and I went red then I told them in a much to a loud voice, " I'm Mortimer, Stacy said that you are looking for a teammate." the girls all started laughing before the one from before asked, " and you think you can protect us from the monsters?"

"No, I think I will be able to keep them for maybe 20 seconds before they reach you, is that enough for you to reduce their numbers or defeat them?" I told them honestly. the girl that talked to me turned to the others and asked, " what do you think will that be enough?"

"with Seras lightning and my fire, it could be enough. Melodie what do you think" said the girl in a red top. the girl in a light blue top answered, " we will have a bit more time with my ice skill, but we will need to try it." the other girl nodded at this.

the girl that had talked to me said, " we will try it if it doesn't work we will just return."

"that's ok," I told them.

she then told me, " we will finish our food and then we will enter the dungeon. come sit down let's talk a bit."

the girls then introduced themselves one after the other first was the girl that first spoke to me she was wearing a purple shirt. her name was Kimberly she had one skill called arcane bolt. next was the girl in a red top. her name was Miriam and her skill was called cone of fire. Melodie was the girl in a light blue top and her skill was called frost burst. the last for was Sera and she was the only one with two skills one lightning bolt, the other lightning javelin. her shirt was yellow in color. also, her level was the highest of the three.

we talked for a bit before we went into the dungeon.