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16 Are you prepared?

it took everyone a moment to calm down. the first to speak was Jodie, " We should probably tie her up." we all looked at Jane who was out cold. no one else did say anything. I just moved over to Jane and took the rope that was lying near her to tie her wrist together.

Jodie had managed to heal hanks wound, but Hank was still white as a sheet, he had lost waste amounts of blood.

We all prepared to leave the dungeon when a group of three entered the room. those guys wore the rescue team badge of the divers association. One of them saw us and walked over and asked, " Are you team Regis?".

"Yes, yes we are," I answered. he looked at me and then looked at my wrist then looked around and saw that Jane was tied up and how Hank looked as if he was about to die with all of the blood on him.

one of the others moved and said, " he's already healed, he should survive. Captain."

the one that spoke first nodded at that and then turned to me once more, " you." he pointed directly at me. " you seem to be the calmest out of you lot, explain to me what happened." I looked around and it was true the others were still pretty shaken. I took a deep breath and then said, " I don't know for sure either, my team and I, we heard a scream then hurried to help those two girls, one of them fell into the pit over there, we handled the situation and afterward started talking. then without any hesitation this girl." I pointed at the tied jane. "attacked my friend over there." I pointed at thank. " he was priced right through his stomach, we battled her, but it was her teammate that knocked her out, I don't know why that happened or anything else. we were just about to return when you and your team showed up."

the man thought for a moment and then said, " ok we will escort you out right now. follow us." then the team captain started to give orders and his two mates moved one took Hank the other took Jane.

we left the dungeon without problems and were put into a recovery room, one of the guys stayed with us. Jane was in a different room than us. It only took 5 minutes before the police arrived, we all were questioned individually before we could left. Hank was brought into a hospital. when I was finished I waited for Thomas and Stan. Stan just walked past me and left without saying a single word.

Thomas came right over to me. we walked a short distance before I said, " that was crazy."

Thomas nodded at this. "what do you think will happen now?" I asked Thomas but he remained silent. I felt like I was talking to my self. "come on dude, you could at least answer me." at the word dude Thomas eyes started to water. He looked at me and asked, " Do you think Hank is going to survive?" " what, " I was perplexed at this question. "Hank was healed he just needs time to recover, he isn't in any danger of dying," I answered his question.

"but he could have died, any of us could have died there. how can you be so calm about this?" he practically yelled at me, in his voice I could feel his fear and uncertainty.

"I found it strange how relaxed you all were inside the dungeon, but now I think I understand, you all weren't prepared. I was prepared for everything." while saying this I opened my backpack and showed him what was inside. he stared at the content with wide eyes. then I continued, " last year my uncle went missing inside the dungeon, after three weeks they finally found him, he was barely alive. he died as they tried to heal him, at that place. his body didn't have enough nourishment to support the healing skill. we still don't know what happened inside the dungeon, but we knew one thing uncle was always prepared. he still died. so when I went in I knew I could die in there, were you prepared for it?"

he looked at me deep in thought, then he said, " I wasn't."

" then next time you just need to be prepared, because it never hurts to be prepared." with this sentence I left Thomas to think on his own. As I walked home my PAS ringed, I answered it. it was aunt Linda her voice was a bit worried, " Mortimer are you ok? what about your friends?".

"yes, Aunt Linda we are all okay, Hank is in the hospital, but he just needs a bit of rest," I told her calmly to calm her down a bit too.

"Okay, where are you right now? I'm going to fetch you," she told me.

"I'm about one block away from home so I will probably be at home when you arrive."

"ok then be careful, I will head to the hospital and look after Hank," she told me in a quiet voice.

"Okay, and thank you, Aunt Linda."

I thanked her because the rescue team was sent because of the PAS she gave us, even if we didn't have managed to subdue jane we would still have survived thanks to the rescue team. It only sucked that we needed to pay all we got from the dive, but it was still worth it.

Linda and I said goodbye to each other just as I reached the door to my home.