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15 Something rare

we reached the end of the passageway really soon and could see Jodie the girl from this morning standing next to a pit. surrounded by a high number of bunnies, I could see at last 5 of the fat ones munching on all the plants the dungeon introduced so far. there were at least 7 of the fast ones keeping her at bay and another two harassing someone inside the pit. there were 5 of the ones with the sharp claws attacking the person in the pit.

before I could even yell an arrow and a firebolt already flew past me hitting two of the bunnies turning them into bright lights. stan was already rushing forward. I was a bit perplexed about the fast reaction of my classmates but took less than two seconds to follow their lead. when I reached the hoard stan had already killed two of the bunnies, Hank and Thomas prioritized the fat bunnies and reduced them already to a single one that one spat a projectile at one of the claw bunnies and that bunny started to move faster than before, I could hear cries of pain from inside the pit so I moved closer to it and saw a girl with some terrible cut wounds on her head.

The pit wasn't extremely wide so I moved my right foot one side of the pit my left one on the other. now I was positioned right above the girl. the bunnies that attacked the helpless girl before now went to attack me, I used different types of steps to still move around a bit while balancing on the sides of the pit.

sometimes a bunny still tried to attack the girl but most often I could block that attack with my shield. It took the others around 20 seconds to finish the bunnies off.

when everything calmed down I stepped away from the pit and sat down for a moment. I looked around and saw that the others did too with the exception of Jodie who was trying to get her friend out of the pit.

"Hey, Jodie. here catch." with those simple words, I threw her my rope. she looked at me, thanked me with a simple, " thank you" and then used the rope to help the other girl get out of the pit.

the other girl looked to be about the same age as Jodie so just a bit older than us.

then Jodie's hand started to glow in soft and warm light with this light Jodie touched her friend and we could see how her wounds started to close visibly.

all four of us were in awe healing skills were extremely rare to get and Jodie had a sword too that means that she isn't a pure healer. this was even rarer than someone with a healing skill.

Both of them then came over to us and the girl started to talk, " thank you very much for your help."

"what happened? " asked Stan.

"I didn't see the pit when I charged at the bunnies when I realized what happened I was already attacked by the bunnies, right were is my weapon." the girl turned around looking for her weapon. it didn't take her long to find it. it was a spear of some kind. after she returned to us she continued with, " oh, before I forget it thanks for saving us. without you, we would have had more difficulties to manage that."

" Jane, I think we wouldn't have managed that without them, you would have died," Jodie told her friend.

"no, I don't think so that would have been way too embarrassing, there is just no way that would have happened," spoke Jane.

I didn't know how to react to her way of thinking, but Hank didn't think anything when he said, " did you hear that dude. this chick thinks just because something is embarrassing it won't happen." he then laughed loudly.

Jane instantly turned around and trusted her spear right at Hank. at first, I thought that she would stop, but then she pierced him right through the gut.

everyone was shocked at this turn of event, Jane coldly glared at Hank and said, " no one makes fun of me." she pulled her spear out of him and prepared another thrust at him. then everything escalated quickly. I stepped forward trying blocking her thrust with my shield. she saw it and turned her strike into a sweep. At the same time, Stan pulled Hank back away from the crazy girl. Thomas used a firebolt and shot it at her feet yelling for her to stop.

but what I saw on her face was a crazy grin.

I evaded her sweep by taking a step back. she then followed up with another thrust at my legs. I was forced to take another step back. at that time Thomas shot a Firebolt at her spear, but her grip on her weapon was solid. after her last thrust, I tried to step on her weapon but she retracted it way to fast for that. when she was right about to thrust her weapon once more a firebolt hit her right into the chest letting her stumble for just a moment using this I closed the distance between us and tried to grab her but she recovered fast than I thought she would and retreated a step, just to be hit once more by a Firebolt. just as I was about to advance once more Jodie moved and struck her friend with the pommel of her sword right on the back of her head and she was out cold. Jodie looked like she was about to cry, she then rushed over to Hank and put her shining hand on him and the wound closed.

All I could say at this moment was, " what the fuck."