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14 what makes a floor dangerous

we reached the fourth level. this was another introduction level. here there were seven passages this time. Hank sat down and said,

"Dude, we will let you clear this floor on your own. So not to waste our time we will train here dude."

Thomas chuckled at this, " this is the same we did on your first run, Hank. you just want to see him struggle as you did." Hank blushed a bit at that. I got a bit worried and asked, " are you sure I can handle this on my own? ". stan looked at me and said, " you are possibly the strongest one out of us. we all can do it. so man up and just do it."

Stan and Thomas started to laugh at that.

at that moment we heard a loud, "fuck" from the end of the passageway on our right.

I was surprised that stan thinks about me this highly so I went down the first passageway and when I reached the room I could see that it didn't have a ceiling. except that the room was the same as the others before, inside of this room was no monster, nothing.

I went back and checked the next passageway. at the end of this one, there was a single mushroom, I continued to check one passageway after the other. the third was a dark room. the fourth held a single herb, the fifth was filled with multiple bunnies of the harmless ones, the sixth had a small pond and the seventh and last one held a single pit. when I got back to the others I could see the second portal right there. "So there was nothing dangerous here, that was why you let me explore in my own."

Hank was the first to answer, " no dude it isn't like that. the fourth floor is something like a ritual to divers, you will see why on the next floor. come on dude lets go." and thank jumped through the portal the other two followed him.

After I went through the portal too. I felt that everyone was more serious than before.

"ok, Mortimer the real dungeon starts from here. from this point, we will be in formation. you and stan will be our front Hank and I will be at the rear, your job will be to keep the bunnies away from us so Hank and I can kill them." I was confused at the sudden change of order in the way the others acted.

Hank opened one of his leg pockets and pulled half a dozen arrows out of it. before I could say anything, Stan already commented about it, "what happened to your quiver, are those all your arrows? what happens to the rest?"

Hank looked at me and then said, " I needed some money to pay back some money I lend from a dude yesterday so I sold the rest, I still need a bit more to pay back all the money, so let's hurry up dudes."

we quickly set out. with me and stan in front.

we moved around the first corner and could see into the first room. inside the room, we saw two of the fat bunnies munching on some mushrooms, two of the ones with the claws and two other ones munching on grass.

Together, stan and I closed the distance. we were about to enter the room when one of the bunnies saw use. it made a cute sound and the jumped directly at stan. before I realized it I already took a step closer to stan. then without much thought, I bashed the bunny with my shield. the bunny flew away right into the other three bunnies that were already jumping at us, hitting from of them of course. stan started to run forward. I positioned to intercept the two still air bound bunnies when an arrow and a Firebolt passed me on both sides hand turned the bunnies into bright lights, stan had already reached both of the bunnies that were stopped mid-air and slashed at them with two stony claws turning them into bright lights. I saw that both remaining bunnies were about to spit at me so I raised my shield to guard against it. the projectiles hit my shield and a cloud of spores filled my surroundings making my eyes watery. with my now blurred vision, I could not see how the battle ended just that both of the bunnies turned into bright lights.

"dude, are you okay, " I was asked by Hank.

"yes, I am. what was that? why was the attack from the fat bunny's different than before?"

"this is what makes dungeon so dangerous to explore, even if you know about everything that will appear in the dungeon, the dungeon will still be dangerous because of all the possible combinations that could happen between those elements that were introduced. this time it was a fat bunny that munched on mushroom so its projectile had an additional effect of a spore cloud. it isn't dangerous but blocks vision." explained Thomas to me. I thought about it and then I understood why they let me explore the last floor on my own.

"so you let me encounter all the things, so I would understand the dangers of combination more?" I asked them.

"So that's why. thanks, dude I didn't know that," said Hank suddenly. Stan and Thomas started to laugh at that. suddenly we could hear a loud, " fuck, " from the passageway to our right. we all started to rush into that passageway.