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13 Exploring the first floors

I was excited that we finally started to explore the dungeon. I was in the front and the others followed me. I was extremely cautious. the others are all pretty relaxed.

I carefully looked around the corner and saw the first critter a small white bunny. I looked at it for a moment an was about to close the distance without it noticing me. then suddenly it was pretty bright and a firebolt hit the bunny and left only bright light and the bunny was gone.

I looked back at Thomas and asked, "Really!"

"Yes we can't waste our time with them, they aren't worth it, we only went to this level of the dungeon because of you. so we need to hurry up and push for the next floor." Thomas explains to me.

as there were multiple passageways I went for the rightmost. but Thomas called after me, " wrong way, the way down is this way."

we went down tunnel after tunnel every bunny we met was burned before I got even close. it was boring. gladly we reached a new portal before I wanted to quit.

the other side of the portal looked almost the same. the only change was that the number of tunnels increased. there were three ways right from the beginning.

the first to speak was Hank, " So dude what type of bunny's do you want to fight first, the fast ones, fat ones or the ones with sharp claws."

I looked at Hank and asked him, " what do you mean?"

"Dude the second floor is an introduction floor. every even floor is an introduction floor the number of ways will tell you how many new things are added to the following floors. this floor three new types of bunnies are added in this floor each with a single skill. this is where the dungeon really starts the bunny's till now were all regular bunny's. So which one do you wanna beat first, dude?"

I pondered for a moment and said, " I think I will go this way first." pointing to my right.

this time the others kept their distance and I could explore for real. at the end of the tunnel, I saw a small room with a single bunny munching on a bit of grass like all the bunnies before. looking at it I could see that its belly was a bit swollen or it was just fat. I closed in slowly the other stayed at the entrance watching me.

when I was right next to it. it turned around and looked at me with its round cute eyes. before I could do anything it vomited a ball of grass right into my face. from behind, I could hear the others chuckle. I wiped the grass out of my face and could see that the bunny went back to munching its grass. I grabbed the bunny and threw it against the wall. as it hit the wall it dissolved into white light.

I turned around and glared at my classmates. now they started to laugh even harder.

"You could have warned me," I yelled at them.

"but then it wouldn't have been as funny." stan told me with a straight face.

I then ignored them and went into the next passage. there was another bunny munching on grass. this one had slightly longer claws than the bunnies from the first floor.

Once more I closed in slowly and carefully. this time I grabbed the bunny before it could react and threw it against the wall. it too dissolved into white light. once I turned around I could see them all standing there staring at me.

this time Thomas was the first to talk, " how did you do this?". "What? I just grabbed it and threw it nothing strange about it." I answered him.

"no, not that, how did you get that close without it noticing you?" Thomas corrected.

"Oh, that I just walked to it slowly," I answered to him once more.

" There needs to be more to it than that." Thomas continued but Stan responded before I could, " he has the stepping skill, that one makes his steps more silent too."

Thomas looked at me as if to ask if that was true and I just nodded at him to confirm what stan said.

"that is great, dude. we have a sneaky tank, most dudes I have heard from before, told me that it always is a problem with how loud tanks are."

we all looked at Hank who was overexcited about this. then we all started to laugh together.

for the last bunny, I tried once more to get as close as I could, but this one detected me before I could grab it.

the bunny started to run away.

it ran straight at stan but he just slapped the bunny with his hand that he had turned into stone.

I looked at the group and asked, " what is next?"

Thomas looked at me and said, " We go to the next floor take the shortest route and then you will fight the new things on that after that we will hunt one floor five."

"so where is the portal?" I asked curiously.

"it should have appeared in the starting room," Thomas explained. we went back to the first room and a second portal was there.

we went through the new portal and were in another cave. Stan lead the way closely followed by Thomas those two did make short work of all the bunnies we met." what I realized was that in each room was only a single bunny. when we reached the portal I was excited as hell about the floors deeper down inside this dungeon.