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12 The effect of the potion

when I reached the dungeon, I still had some time left so I entered the compound, that surrounded the dungeon. I looked around interested and saw that there were a small open cafe and a register on the other side with the sigh of the divers association.

As I looked around I saw the girl that registered me this morning she was sitting at one of the tables all alone. I walked towards her and said, " hey how is it going?"

"Mister Regis son?" she looked at me a with a bit of surprise then asked, " what are you doing here?"

"I'm going on my first dive today."

"Oh okay." afterward she turned back to her empty cup and stared at it. the situation started to get awkward so I left to the register on the other side and talked to them about the PAS that Linda gave me the person was surprised that I had something like this but quickly finished the process.

then I waited the first to appear was stan he nodded at me and just stood beside me. I tried to talk to him but he didn't answer at all.

next was Hank he was pretty depressed when he came so that stan asked, "hey do you know what is wrong with him?".

I thought to myself now you want to talk huh. but didn't say it instead told him, " he got a new skill, a rank 3 level 0." stan looked at me then shook its head and once more was quite.

When Hank was just about to reach us Thomas entered the compound and rushes to us, " Hey guys I'm still on time aren't I?"

Hank looked at him with dead pun eyes and said in a depressed voice, " Yes, you are." without his usual dude at the end. Thomas turned to us and asked, "what is wrong with him?"

I answered, " dead skill." and Thomas pitying gaze hit Hank.

I then said, " Hank, I have a proposal from my aunt for you she made a new potion, that could raise your maximal mana and let you use your new skill for ten minutes." at this both Thomas and Hank looked at me with wide eyes. I continued, " it will be effective only once, do you wanna try it?"

Hank looked at me then said, " you are the best dude what do I need to do." I passed him the PAS and told him that he would need to wear it and that I would pass him the potion later inside the dungeon.

we wanted to stay inside the dungeon for 2 hours so we told the register we would enter for three hours and then I stepped in front of the dungeon and watched in awe how the silvery blue portal shimmered. my teammates just entered. I took a deep breath and told my self this would be my first step to conquer the dungeon. One step was enough to enter the dungeon.

when I opened my eyes I saw the inside of a dungeon for the first time. it looked wet the ground was uneven like everything else. stalactites were hanging down from the ceiling.

Thomas looked at me and asked, "Surprised?"

"Ye,s I didn't think that the dungeon would look like an ordinary cave."

"It changes on the lower floors." stan said casually to me, I saw that he activated his skill for a moment. then Thomas threw a fireball at a close by wall that looked as if many skills were used on it.

confused I asked, " why did you attack that wall?"

Thomas looked at me and explained, " inside dungeons mana regenerates faster, and rank three and above skills can only be trained inside a dungeon, so it means if your mana is full you are wasting mana that could be used to train your skill. so we use our mana once it feels like it is full. So can I ask you something that is with all that gear you are carrying around?"

now that he told me that I looked at the others they were wearing the same clothes they always wore. the only difference was that Hank was carrying a bow. I face was probably bright red right now. I thought about quick response and said, " it never hurts to be prepared."

Hank looked at me expectedly and asked, "dude, can I have the potion now?"

"sure" I handed the potion over and Hank drunk the potion right away. He didn't wait for even moment a drew his bow without an arrow. a violet arrow appeared on his bow and he shot the arrow at the same wall as Thomas did with his fireball.

he continued doing it for around five minutes. in this time the others used their skills as well. I felt a bit stumped just waiting for them to finish. the beep from the PAS on hanks wrist indicated that Hank leveled one of his skills. he turned around and said, it worked my skill is level one." at this stan asked," how much mana did the potion gave you?" " thank looked at PAS and said, " around 500.". "Fuck with this much mana I could cast a hundred firebolts." yelled Thomas. " then I should use it while I still have it, " said Hank and started to shoot at the wall once more. after the effect of the potion ran out, Hank looked at me and said, " thanks dude, I owe you one." I just smiled at him then he exclaimed, " fuck, the PAS says I have a man blockade of 5000."

both stan and Thomas chuckled at that. thomas then said jokingly, " looked like you need to pay the borrowed mana back ten times".