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11 Shopping with Linda

"aunt Linda thanks you very much for the boots," I said as we left Flexibelts and others.

"no, problem. this is your birthday present from me. So next we need to get you a shield and armor for that we should go to one of the chain stores of arms and armor. the closest one should be down this street. follow me."

Linda then lead me through some streets and we reached the store. it was a pretty large building we went in and went to the shield section, where I got a small steel shield. it was pretty heavy but I would get used to it. I paid 250 $ for it, so I only had 90 $ left for armor and other equipment.

So I asked Linda, " I only have 90 dollars left what type of armor do you think I should buy?"

Linda looked at me and then said, " I thought you had more left?"

"I lend hank some money yesterday to buy a skill crystal, so I'm a bit short," I told her honestly.

she pondered for a moment then said, " then you should g with a leather jacket and a stuffed helmet, they should be over there."

"A helmet, but most don't wear them because they block vision and the look lame."

"the reason most beginners do is that they get hit on the head and are confused a moment. a helm will prevent that and will let you react in time later on people will gain a force guard equipment from force guard goods, those stinking perverted assholes."

" Linda mom doesn't like it when you curse while I'm around, " I said to her with a chuckle.

"yes, I know. but those guys are the worst kind of human I know. sometimes I wish someone else would discover how to create those force guard items. then a woman could finally wear something descent into a dungeon, but those guys. have you heard the new armor for woman will be a chainmail bikini? A FUCKING CHAINMAIL BIKINI!!!"

at this outburst from Linda, multiple people looked at us and some women had a knowing smile on their lips.

"Aunt calm down people are already staring at us."

Linda looked around and became beet red. she hurried and picked a helm from the stuffed ones and then left this part of the store with me in tow.

After we wear out of sight she put the helm one me and said, "look good enough you can upgrade this later."

She walked over to the section with leather armor and looked through and found one and tossed it to me.

" Here try this one I think this should be your size."

I tried it on and it was a bit tight so I told her so. it took some time and until we found one that fitted well enough and I went to pay the helm was 20 $ the jacket was 30 $.

Linda told me the next stop would be an adventure gear store where I bought a basic set Linda recommended me for exactly 30 bucks. It included a flashlight, rope, emergency provisions for a week, a large flask, a first aid kit and a backpack with pockets both on the back and the front. the backpack was more bandolier than a backpack.

I tried out moving with it and was surprised that it was easy to move with it I still felt the weight of all the things.

Linda looked at me and then said, " you just look like Even when he started." before tears appeared in her eyes. Even was Linda's lover he died last year and she still wasn't over it.

after Linda cried a bit we looked at the time and it was around 2 o'clock.

Linda and I found a small cafe and she treated me to a small meal.

"So are you excited. You are entering a dungeon for the first time" Linda asked me all of a sudden.

"No, my friends already went dungeon diving and you will be there I don't think it will be dangerous, at all."

"you are no fun you know, but you are right with me and your friends nothing much will happen. you will gain a bit of experience and a bit of point, but not too much. But you will still need to be care...."

suddenly Lindas PAS ringed. she held a finger up to indicate to me to wait and then answered her call.



"I will come over"

"No don't touch it."

"I just said not to touch it, arg. I will hurry over."

I tried to understand what happens but because I could only hear Linda talking it was difficult to understand. but I knew something happened in her lab. when she ended the call I asked her." You need to return to the lab?"

"Yes, Bob just did a huge mistake and I'm the only one with the skill to fix the mess. So I will give you this." she got to her pocket and pulled out a potion and a PAS with two additional modules on it.

"Before you enter register this PAS with the diver's associations uplink and make your friend wear it before he uses this potion. if anything goes wrong this button will immediately ask for a rescue team if it didn't already do so automatically. if nothing goes wrong your friend should be able to use ambient mana for a short time, around 10 minutes. if he does not manage to raise his skill to level 1, the potion will probably have no more effect on him so make sure to tell him. no matter what happens he will need to meet me afterward and tell me everything about it. so make sure he knows that. got all of that."

"Yes, register the PAS, make him wear it, then let him drink the potion, time limit ten minutes. if anything goes wrong, button calls for rescue. afterward, talk to you."

Linda. then nodded at me and said "then I'm off. I will try to return as fast as possible. till later."

I looked at the time only one hour until my first dungeon dive.