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10 Flexibelt and others

after we arrived dad accompanied me to the registration office, and greeted the person working there, "hey, Jodie. this is my son he is here to register would you be so kind as to take care of it?" the girl not much older than me responded immediately to father with, " yes right away, sir.". father didn't wait any longer and just left. the girl stared after him and the relaxed visible.

"So you are the son of head contractor Regis?"

"yes I'm his son, so could we get started?"

"Yes, we can first I need to explain certain things," she explained to me the same things that father explained to me on the way and some more like what weapons I'm allowed to carry around, what would be best to buy for my first dive and so on. it took roughly half an hour before we progressed to the next part. the part of the association information management. roughly by registration, I lay open all my personal info and skills. so that potential teammates could inform themselves about me and what I have accomplished so far. then we went over association missions, those were put up on each entrance and would be finished there, they are graded on levels and you could only take missions of your party level and below. Determining the party level is complexes, but two people of the same level count as on person a level higher. following that a party with two level twos and three level threes was a level 5 party.

the registration itself was relatively simple she just needed my id number and it was done.

Jodie finished the process and the asked, " that is all do you have any questions?" "yes, I have heard that at people at level ten once took a more difficult quest than they should have, how was that possible and what about exploration inside the dungeon?"

"Oh, that was because these guys were in a guild and guilds operate under different rules, exploration is also done by guilds. to form or join a guild you need to be at least level ten."

"Okay, I think I got anything I needed to know thank you, Jodie."

when I stood up the next person almost immediately sat down, and Jodie did her work. I went outside the building and waited for Aunt Linda. I waited for almost an hour before she came out of the association building.

"Mortimer there you are. did everything went well?"

"morning aunt Linda, what took you so long?"

"I just needed to finish some more mixtures for my colleagues so I could get the rest of the day for field study, so your friend did take a rank 3 level 0 crystal and doesn't have any mana. that is such a gift right now, even that he wants to try our exemplary drug. I'm looking forward to it. so where is he?"

"Oh, we will be meeting in the evening at 16 o'clock."

Linda had an expression of disbelieve on her face, "why are you meeting this late we only have ten o clock right now?"

"because I still need to get equipment, I just registered."

"Oh right, so what do you need to get?"

"I need armor, a shield, boots that work with my skill and some potions, maybe even a ring but that I will see later."

"then you should get the things for your skills first that is in your case." Linda looked at her PAS and then looked at me with surprise, "your already level 3 that is extremely fast, but back to the topic. you will need a shield and boots. then you should look at armor and lastly you should get a dungeon started kit. any plane where to go?"

"No, not yet, aunt Linda do you have any idea where to go."

"of course I do. just follow me."

we walked and talked for some time and then got to a special store named Flexibelts and others. We entered the store and a grumpy old man that was near his grave turned towards us and said, "you're here again. have they all burned up again. I only have managed to stock up two."

Linda became red immediately and said, "No I still have some left, but I will take the two have none the less. but that isn't why I'm here today. this is my nephew he just turned 16 and is going for his first dungeon dive today."

the old man immediately interrupted Linda and finished with, " and as a good aunt you want to buy him a present here how generous of you." the old man smiled at her and she looked at me and then said, " yes."

"Ok, what are your skills and what do you think you will need for them." the old man said to me.

I pondered for a moment and said, "I have shield mastery and stepping, for shield mastery I will need a small shield light shield that won't hinder my movement. for stepping, I will need flexible boots that let me move my toes and support the middle of my foot." I was surprised by what I said for stepping.

the old man looked at my shocked expression and smiled then said, "the most don't know that a skills improvement extends over at voicing out one's needs for it. the shield will be easier for you to get but the boots are more difficult. luckily for you, your in the right place. I will get you a good pair just wait a moment." the old man disappeared into the back of the store and not even a minute later came back with a staple of boxes.

I tried out many different types of boots and found a pair that felt just right to me. when the old man saw how I moved around inside the boots he said, " Interesting choice, these boots are one of my special product. these boots will adapt to the user and the ground. they will give you incredible footing. they are incredibly durable and even repair themselves. but for all this, they will use the mana in the environment and you can supply them with your own if you want. what do you think?"

I looked at the boots and then said, " they are indeed perfect but they are probably not within our price range."

Linda looked at me and then said, "we take them, of course at the usual discount."

the old man looked at Linda and said, " of course, of course at the usual discount."

He smiled at her with a flowering smile.