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9 training and progress

After eating with my parents I went upstairs into my room and started my pc. I opened the diver site and looked at the other training methods the user that made the one for stepping uploaded. luckily he made one fore shield mastery too. I looked over more and saw that he made some for almost all known combat useable skills of rank 1 and 2.

I download the two program for shield mastery and went to install it. when a message appeared on the screen that told me that I could install it as a module to the training software with the stepping module or as a single installation.

I was surprised at first and then installed both as modules.

when I started the software. I first needed to select how many persons would train and then what I wanted to train I was surprised at that. this would help me insanely if I could train my skills at the same time. I selected my skill level and when it started things went insane. instead of orders for only what step to take I got orders for the type of block as well as the top of attack to do with my shield.

then I realized that I didn't have a shield so I hurried into the garage and took a piece of wood a price of rope and two screws and made myself an improvised shield.

then went back to my room and started the training. the training was hard, but it was worth it both of my skills rose by one and I could now use some ways of blocking I didn't new was possible like a vading block followed by a half step shield bash.

this time I decided that one level was enough.

then I went to my pc and looked at the profile of the training program creator. his name was Karl Gothenburg, I searched for that name and found out that he was a skilled scientist that specialized in skills. his training methods were known to be hard and were only used for single fundamental skill training. I searched about the modules and found in a forum that the training was getting harder and harder as skill progressed it was recommended to only add new skills to your training or else the training would be too hard because the software would think you can do every move of the level before and that starting with high-level skill was basically impossible.

the next morning I woke up early, I could not sleep any longer so I set up everything and started the software once more. this time the software used long steps but every time I used the shield to block there would be one or two extremely difficult and quick steps to support the block. it took a bit of time for me to get used but then something changed and some long step with short and quick bashes were mixed in. my improvised shield couldn't handle it any longer and the screws came free and with a loud bang, the shield fell to the ground. after a moment of silence, my door opened and mom looked inside and asked if everything was ok. I nodded to her and told her, "yes, everything is fine my training shield just broke." mom looked at the remains of the shield and said, " you should get a proper one soon, I'm going back to sleep some more please be a bit quieter this time around."

after this, I went and took a shower and eat breakfast and waited for dad to show up. dad was late this morning and just went out the door and into the car, I went after him and entered the door.

Dad looked at me before he said, " did I forget something were I supposed to drive you somewhere?"

" No, dad. I just need to go to the association too." I smiled at him while saying this. he realized what I wanted to do then asked,

"does your mother know about it, I left her a note."

Dad looked at me then said, " ok, while I Drive I will explain some of the basics to you. First, every time you enter a dungeon you will need to check in and check out with the person there. you will also need to give a time you want to get out. you always need to make sure that you leave the dungeon before then or a Rescue team will be sent to bring you back. if that happens all you collected will go to the association. next is crystals, you will need to use them yourself or you can sell them to registered stores, like the one your uncle owns. you are allowed to sell or buy 5 crystals a year privately, most people take that opportunity to sell some high-grade crystals. if you want to know how rare a crystal is then just asked your uncle. next, is how dungeon work. every time a person kills a monster inside of a certain range that person will gather a bit of essence when you leave the dungeon the essence will then turn into loot. Some of it can be sold right at the entrance of the dungeon others like crystals cannot, but more often than not there are stores that buy those close by. next is the level of a dungeon the person at the entrance can tell you how deep you can go with your current level if you ask and that is something important, don't overestimate yourself and go deeper than your level suggest you could. by the way what level are you right now are you already level two and used the crystal your uncle gave you?"

"dad, how is my level determined?"

"your level is how many skills you can have."

I looked at my PAS and saw that I could already have three skills my skills were stepping at 3 and shield mastery at level 2. and I needed only two level 4 more to increase my level once more.

" I'm level three dad? "

"what, already that is fast. good work son."