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8 Shopping with Hank

After combat class as I was changing hank and the others entered the dressing room. when hank saw me he got really excited, walked up to me and said, " Dude, your last match with Emily was awesome almost all of us stopped to watch. your defense got pretty good with you we have the first tank in class, but you still got beaten by Emily." " At last I made her go all out, I even won a round against her." after I said that all of them looked at me in disbelieve. then stan stepped towards me and asked, " is that true?" " yes, it is," I said proudly the continued with, " even if it was only because I managed to surprise her in one of our earlier matches before she got serious and used to my skills.". Right after I finished stan moved away and quickly started to change. Thomas then turned to me and said, " he is just jealous, he hasn't managed to win a single match against her."

I looked at Thomas and asked "then who did manage to win against her so far? I know you and hank did. I thought stan did too."

"No, he didn't so far, from us boys it is only you and me. Hank didn't manage to beat her so far. then from the girls, there is Nadine with her unarmed mastery. no one else from our class has beaten her so far. but there still is Davis."

"I know but Davis is a special case he can go into the dungeon on his own. I just hope I can grow stronger than him." I said as I tried to look determined

Next, to me, Hank started to laugh, " Dude you always make so funny faces in the weirdest of moments." at this, all the others started to laugh.

after we finished changing school was over and we started our ways home. Hank was living close to me so we walked together like so often.

"Hey, do you want to stop by your uncle's store? I finally saved enough money to buy another skill. " after Hank asked I pondered for a bit about it and said, "Yes let's go".

we hurried to uncles store and entered quickly. inside uncle was tending to a customer. so we tried to make ourself look busy but there wasn't much to look at at a Crystal store. so after a bit of time, we were unable not to listen in on their conversation.

" can't you raise the price even just 100 $ are enough." sorry I can'. the prices are made by the divers association and every store needs to follow those or we could lose our license." Hank who was also listening to the conversation asked, " what rank of crystal are you selling and how much do you want?". the customer looked at Hank with a bit of hope in his eyes and said, "I want to sell a rank 3 crystal with 2 choices and I want at least 1100 $ for it. " Hank turned to me and asked, "dude could you lent me 70$? I will give it back to you after tomorrow's dive." I just operated t my PAS and transferred him the 70 bucks.

"done," I said to him and he stared at me and then said, "dude that is a PAS, I thought that was a watch." he shook his head and then said, " thanks, dude." the turned towards the customer and said, " I can give you exactly 1100 $." the customer immediately said, " Deal" Hank then asked Kim to let him use his AS to finish the transfer. after they finished the transfer the other guy left the store in a hurry.

Hank then looked at me and said, let's look at what skill I get, then a soft glow covered Hank for just a second and then Hank stood there with his eyes closed. " he couldn't have waited till he was home, could he. First, he steals my customers and then he goes and activates a crystal in the middle of my shop. he doesn't change, does he? So I didn't know Hank had a magic skill already when did he get one?" I looked confused at uncle before I said, "this is his first." at this uncle facepalmed and said "that idiot. Mortimer, you two are going to dive together tomorrow right?" I nodded " good, do you see Linda before then I know she was looking for someone like that." I looked at him and then said, " no I don't think so why do you ask?"

kim then explained, " the skill crystal your friend just got was for a level 0 crystal so he doesn't have Mana yet, so he can't use the skill to level it up. so it is a dead skill like your mothers. there are ways to force mana into a person but they are short-lived and expensive. that is the field Linda works in and she told me that she had a new prototype and was looking for a test person, but because magic skills can only be leveled up inside a dungeon most with only a dead skill are too afraid to enter. so that would be an opportunity for her, you know what I will call her right now. uncle called aunt Linda over his PAS. it didn't take long and he said, "Linda is excited about it, she will meet you tomorrow at the entrance to the divers association."

" how does she know I will be there?"

"you haven't registered yet and want to go diving tomorrow. doesn't take much to know you would go there."

after that, we waited for Hank to finish his skill selection it took him almost an hour before he finished. afterwards, we both went our separate ways home. Hank was pretty excited and wanted to try out his skill.