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7 Last round vs Emily

I had forgotten why Emily was considered the best fighter in our class, she had her astral weapon skill at level 2. it is a magical skill and let her have a number of astral weapons equal to her level. against most in our class, she used only one of her astral weapons and because she always only used one against me I forgot about her second one. but I wasn't sad about it, I was glad she used both of her astral weapons against me that meant that I was now at the top of the class.

I didn't even hear what mister Zealand said to us this time, I was just so happy.

I sat down and rested for the next round.

when Emily stood up I prepared to face her with her full power. Emily didn't move this time just stood there, while I slowly moved closer to her. I couldn't even see a single muscle move in her when her two astral weapons appeared to both of my sides. quickly I rammed my shield into the left weapon and pushed it aside so I could evade her other hammer. the hammers both disappeared and Emily slowly walked toward me. the pressure I felt because of this simple action was incredible. my hands started to sweating. Emily came closer and closer and I just stood there prepared for all that she could throw at me, except with she really did an astral weapon appeared and her foot just as she was about to step down it then flung her forward towards me her astral weapons appeared to both sides of me and started to swing. I was bluffed at her action and was slow to react so instead of evading I used my shield and threw it at her she recalled one of her astral weapons and let it appear to deflect my shield. I somehow manage to evade the other weapon by a hair's breadth. Emily still was airborne so I tried to punch her but she used her astral weapon as a stepping stone and jumped over me. her landing wasn't graceful but she still managed to steady herself before she would fall. an astral weapon appeared between us but I distanced myself from her to regain my shield. but the second weapon appeared before me and I dived under it and got my shield in hand before her weapon could hit me with a second strike and carried it. the astral weapon disappeared and I looked around I couldn't see her. I thought to me that it couldn't be and looked up only to see Emily flying on top of her astral weapon. the moment our eyes met she clicked her tongue. she was visibly disappointed that the surprise didn't work she flew a bit away from me and jumped down from her weapon. that moment was my chance I thought and wanted to dash but another astral weapon appeared once more. I stopped my rush. if I wanted to win I needed to do something. then I remembered she could use the astral weapon for up to 20 seconds before she needed to rest. if she used two at once she would have even less time. so I just need to force her to use up all her remaining time and I could win. so I rushed her once more no astral weapon appeared. even as I closed in she didn't call her astral weapon when we were only an arm's length away from each other she swung her weapon at me, I parried it with my shield, she instantly moved a step away using the backswing of her weapon. I followed up quickly but I stepped on something that appeared right under my foot it flung me towards her and she swung her weapon in that exact moment. I quickly raised my shield to block her attack. I managed to block it just for her to use her hammer to sift my position while still airborne. I landed heavy on my back and soon felt two astral weapons appear right above my legs. before I could free myself I saw her swing her weapon at me. it lightly tapped me right as her astral weapons disappeared. she smiled and gave me her hand so she could pull me up. I took her hand. we were both standing before each other when mister Zealand said, " excellent battle you two. so tell me what did you wrong in this battle?" Emily started first and said, "I shouldn't have tried to fly it consumed too much mana to pull off and got me airborne which is pretty dangerous." mister Zealand nodded and the looked at me. I thought for a moment and then said, "I should have expected that she could do something like that with her skill. because I had seen many ways she used her skill."

" ok if both of you learned something that is good. so I have one last thing to say you both did well and improved in this battle. Emily the way used your skill innovative and flexible. mortimer the style you developed with your skill is still not stable but that is expected you only got them yesterday. I think that is enough for both of you. mortimer you can barely stand and Emily you have overdrawn your mana. you should both go to the healer and get yourself checked.

now that mister Zealand talked about it I could feel that my legs were throbbing. we hurried to the healer and he fixed us up with some spells so nothing happens to us.