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Emily was a special case with weapons. she didn't have a weapon skill so normally she wouldn't be allowed a weapon in training, but her skill needed a weapon to be used. so she was allowed to use a weapon in class but needed to change it every class. today she was using a heavy mace.

I didn't like sparing with here because after each short match she would need a break that was double as long as the match.

but today was different because I didn't know if I could keep going for long because the pain in my legs began to become stronger once more.

as the first sparring match started she immediately used her astral weapon skill and send it my way I knew she could use it only for 20 seconds, so I evaded her weapon each time with some kind of step combination when suddenly I felt something impact on the back of my head I tumbled a bit but didn't fall.

I turned around only to see Emily standing there smiling at me she then said, " the first round goes to me this time." then she turned around walked a bit before she sat down and rest. Mister Zealand body double looked interested at me and said, "Mortimer tell me why did you lose?" I responded to mister Zealand immediately, " yes, I was to focus on escaping the magic skill that I lost sight of my opponent."

"that is right try to fix it in the next match."

"yes, mister Zealand."

after the short exchange, I sat down and rested for a bit too.

when Emily stood up I did the same it was time for the second match.

we both stared at each other, I would like to say we glared but it wasn't so.

when Emily started to sprint towards me it surprised me her skill was long range and she was one of the strongest in class but as far as I knew she never went to her opponent if he was melee something was wrong. when she was about to hit me I prepared to block her attack with my shield, but I saw that she tried to suppress a smile, so I did something more out of reflex from my training and used a shifting three quarter sidestep to end up right beside her then I used a sliding back cross step to turn toward her.

then I could see that her astral weapon was there if I hadn't moved like I did it would have hit me in the back of my head now it was once more swinging at me and Emily was turning to me with a full swing herself. I wanted to take a step back but that felt wrong so I took a single step forward while using my shield to block her astral weapon her eyes widened in shock. she couldn't continue her swing because I was way to close. she jerked back and fell on her ass. I used my shield to nock her gently on her head. then I said, " it looks like the second round goes to me."

she looked at me in disbelieve and then asked, "how did you know about my astral weapon you couldn't have seen it."

"but I saw your smile when I went for the block." she just clicked her tongue. this time mister Zealand body double said nothing. we rested once more and started the next match.

this time we again looked at each other we slowly closed the distance between each other. when we were able to attack each other her astral weapon appeared to my left and Emily swung her weapon so that I would I evade her astral weapon would need to step into her strike so I did something I would have never thought about without yesterdays training. I stepped where she wanted me to then use a high sidestep to step on top of her astral weapon using the seeing of the astral weapon to carry me out of her attack reach, it was insanely difficult and I only badly remained standing after that maneuver. Emily was surprised but she didn't let that hinder her she followed up really quickly with another combination her astral weapon rotated once and then swung in a shorter ark parallel to her weapon so I couldn't get any closer. sadly I was a bit disoriented after my maneuver and didn't manage to evade her strike in time. I heaved my shield up to defend from her strike, I did defend from her strike but her astral weapon moved away from her and could strike me. the hit sends me flying and I needed multiple steps to bring my body back under control. I didn't fall but I still lost that round.

before any of us could say anything mister Zealand, " Emily that was a pretty solid use of your skill continue like that. Mortimer that maneuver you did was totally unnecessary if you had just stepped over the astral weapon your position would have been way better. I know your skills are new and you want to try them out but please keep those stunts to a minimum okay?". we both answered mister Zealand body double and then sat down.

the matches so far I only reacted to what Emily did this time I need to go on the offensive. I thought to go myself. we quickly recovered then we stood once more opposite to each other. I started running immediately after the match began. Emily this time tried to keep her distance and send her astral weapon to harness me. it didn't bother me much because I could evade all of its attacks after 10 seconds or so the astral weapon disappeared. Emily must converse her usage of the skill. so I hurried to her while keeping up my guard against her astral weapon that could appear pretty much anywhere. right before I could reach her, her Astral weapon appeared again directly in front of my face. I couldn't react before I hit it face first. then it started to swing at me and I used a back step to escape her attack. But right at this moment she suddenly appeared right next to me, we used her astral weapon as a distraction to close the distance and she was already mid-swing. I used a sliding back step to quickly to bring my shield before then quickly made an in place step and trusted my shield at her weapon. I felt the full force of her swing running through my body. if I hadn't made them in place step she would have blown me away with the force of the hit, but instead, the force of the colliding shield send her weapon upward. using that moment I took another step forward and trusted my right fist straight hat her chest. I was about to hit her when her astral weapon appeared once more to block my attack. not wanting to let this chance get by I grabbed her astral weapon and lifted my left leg to kick her. the time seemed to slow down as my foot was about to reach her. then she was gone quite a bit away from me and her astral weapon disappearing from my hand. I looked at her and she smiled at me then her astral weapon appeared and swung at me I evaded it but was hit by something on my back. when I turned around I saw a second astral weapon disappear. I had forgotten that she could do that.