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5 The second skill

the next morning I woke up with muscle pain in my legs. I wanted to stand up but I couldn't my legs muscle didn't want to support my body. I wasn't sure what I should do so I looked around for something that could support my body. that was when I saw the box from uncle Kim. then I remembered that I did this so I. could use that second skill crystal. I looked at my PAS and went to the skill tab.

it showed me that I now had 1 of 2 skills and I need to level 2 more to increase that.

I took a deep breath and forced myself to stand. under the constant muscle pain, I went over to my desk and sat down and opened the box. took out the crystal and used it.

instantly I felt information flood my brain. I looked at my PAS and the new choices I had.

dancing mastery

improves all type of dance moves

attributes agility, endurance

shield mastery

Improves the usage of shields

attributes reaction, endurance

footwork mastery

improves you footwork in all situations

attributes agility, reaction

I looked at these options. I will definitely not take dancing mastery. so I'm left with shield and footwork mastery. I want to become a dungeon diver and a shield will definitely help me survive. footwork overlaps with stepping so I don't need it. So what do I know about the shield, the shield is defensive gear that is used to protect and deflect different types of attacks. isn't that all why couldn't I gain the skill. maybe there is more. So I used my PC to look up information about the shield and found out that it can be used to attack as well and so counts as a weapon. after I thought about that as well I gained the skill. now as the proud owner of two skills I wanted to move downstairs to eat. but it was extremely difficult to even stand once more.

Somehow I manage to get down the stairs when my father saw me he asked, "Mortimer what happened?"

"I just went a bit overboard with training my skill. all my leg muscles feel like there is acid running through them."

dad looked at me worried. then asked me, "do you think you can walk to school like that."

" no, I don't think so"

dad smirked evilly at me and said, " no problem son I will drive you to school, but just today."

normally dad would have left earlier than me but not today. today dad waited till I had eaten and then drove me to school.

int the car I asked dad why. he answered with, " its just some pretty revenge from me." then he smiled at me.

the morning lesson was pretty uninteresting. at lunch break, thank came to me and asked, " hey dude, it looks like it went good for you yesterday. So what skill did ya get? and did you register as a diver already? "

" no, I didn't register yet." I wanted to continue with answering his questions but thank cut me short, " dude isn't your father working for the association. why didn't he register you already? "

"because family members can't register each other."

"that just bullshit. then when are you going. to register. I wanna go on a dive with you and show you my superior skill." Hank made the motion of pulling a bowstring while saying this and then smiled at me. at this, I could only roll my eyes.

" I will register tomorrow morning, then we could dive together that evening."

"that's awesome, I will go and ask some of the magic dudes if they want to come too." with that he was gone to talk with some of our classmates.

I watched him a bit before I stood up, the pain from the training was still there but now it was just a minor inconvenience. I started to move to the battleground, this afternoon we had once more battle training.

after I changed clothes I went to mister Zealand, "mister Zealand I have gained my first skill and "but before I could finish my sentence he answered, " yes yes, I know you now want to use the weapon you need for your skill. just go to the equipment shed and take the thing you need like the rest of your class." mister Zealand didn't even look at me while he said that. instead, be continued to write at his desk.

I just did as I was told and got myself a training shield. the shields the school provided were completely save to use so much so that I didn't think it could even block

Stan stone fists.

none of my classmates were on the battleground so I tried to move around a bit to loosen my legs that still hurt a bit. it didn't take to long for the rest to appear and when mister Zealand came he first made us run 10 laps. then we stretched. then we were made to run another 20 laps. after that, we had the first battle training, it was about how to stand we all thought that this was a pretty boring exercise. surprisingly mister Zealand did manage to make everyone fall expect me and he really did try, but after yesterdays training combined with my level two stepping skill, I always managed to take a single step so that I was once more standing properly.

Then the sparring matches started and i was surprised that my partner for the day was Emily.