Step up to conquer the Dungeon
4 Training Methods
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Step up to conquer the Dungeon
Author :RasterG
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4 Training Methods

as we opened the door mom came rushing at me and took me into a hug before she told me, " why did you run away just now? we were worried sick."

before I could answer dad said, " he didn't know about crystal clarity so he thought I betrayed him."

mom was shocked at that, " is that true Mortimer?" she looked at me expectantly.

" Yes, it is a true mom."

"So have you apologize to your father already?"

I looked at her then turned to dad and hurriedly said, " I'm sorry I doubted you."

mom clapped into her hands and said, " then everything is back in order and we can finally eat dinner I made all day long."

her smile was a bit scary.

After we finished eating and I was about to go into my room dad stopped me.

"Here this is from Kim, he meant I should give it to you." while saying this he handed me a small box. I opened the box and inside was a violet crystal.

"Be sure to thank him next time you see him."

"yes, dad, " I said absentmindedly as I walked upstairs.

wow, an uncle gave me another skill crystal.

I wonder what skill I will get from it.

right after I was inside my room I tried to use the crystal but nothing seems to happen.

it was then that I saw a small paper in the box, I couldn't see it before because the crystal was laying right on top of it.

I unfolded the piece of paper and read what was written on it.

hey Mortimer

I know you wanted a magical skill but I find choices more imported so I gift you this crystal for your birthday.

your uncle Kim

ps, I know your father is getting you your first one so just as a reminder you need to train your gained skills up a certain amount so you can learn a new one so be careful what skill you choose.

I looked at the message and looked at my PAS under the skill tab it showed me that I had 1 of 1 possible skill and that I would need to level 1 more to increase the maximum.

my skill stepping was at 0

so how do I train that skill? I should just look it up. I went toward my work desk started my computer and went on the official dungeon divers association website. there I went to the skill section and searched for the stepping skill.

there was the standard explanation that this skill like most rank 1 skill is difficult to assess.

the improvement of steps per level should be somewhere between 1.5 and 1.7 most likely 1.6. the biggest known level of stepping is 27. all those information weren't of much use for me. next, I went to the subsection on how to train the skill.

their different divers shared how they thought to train the skill and other divers tried and verified the method. of the different training methods, only three got a good rating.

I looked up the divers that published their methods and unexpectedly found on with only to ratings of with the owner had a really high skill level in stepping and the two that rated the training method. one had the skill on level 27 the other that gave a full point rating the other had a skill level of 3 and said the training was to difficult to do an gave the lowest score possible.

it was interesting that the person with the skill on the highest level rated it so well.

I looked at the training instruction and was surprised at the instructions.

it explained different type of steps.

a full step, a half step, a three-quarter step, a back step, a side step, a five-foot step, a back cross step, a front cross step and many many more. After explaining all those there was a downloadable programme that you could run to tell you what step to make and could be set to your skill level and space you had to train.

I downloaded the programme and set it up.

as the programme started it just told me what step to take with some modifications like a long back step or a short sidestep to the left. the programme started slow and got faster relative quickly. it didn't take long for me to realize that if I did something wrong space I had didn't quite work because of the programme demanded exact precision. half an hour later I was done with it. i had bumped into my desk for the x time. I stopped the programme and went to look at the divers association side once more and looked at the most liked ones and found out that those would take 1 hour to get to level 1 of the skill.

I was disheartened that I would probably need another half an hour to level up if not more. when I looked at my PAS I was shocked my stepping skill already did level up. but I only did half an hour of training. is this training double as effective as the other ones. is that why the one with the highest skill rated that training so high.

I looked at how long the other training methods would take to bring me up to level 2 they would need 1,5 hours. the training method I used didn't specify the time. so I set an alarm for my skill rise in my PAS and started the training program once more this time for skill level 2. the programme started at a faster pace and the order of steps was more complicated after only 40 minutes of training I leveled the skill. I was totally exhausted. but I managed to raise my stepping skill to 2 in 1 hour and 10 minutes the other training methods needed over two, some even more than that. I looked up if the guy that made this training method made any others and was surprised he has made a great number of training methods but only for rank 1 and 2 skills. I saved the link to his profile and then went to bed. I had all but forgotten about my second skill crystal.


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