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3 The First skill

Uncle explained to me how to activate a skill crystal. It took me some time before I could do it. it was the strongest experience I ever had. Suddenly my had was full of information. it took some time for me to understand all of that information. there were 9 different types of info dumps. I used the PAS I got from mom to take a better look at the skill choices I had.


improves your abilities to sew

attributes dexterity concentration


improves your abilities to peel

attributes strength dexterity


improves your abilities to fuck

attributes endurance vitality


improves your abilities to take steps

attributes agility reaction


improves your abilities to sleep

attributes vitality endurance


improves your abilities to cough

attributes vitality reaction

brick making

improves your ability to make bricks

attributes strength dexterity


improves your ability to shovel

attributes strength endurance


improves your ability to fly

attributes agility reaction

I looked at my choices at utter disbelief. What kind of choices are those? There is a skill for coughing. I looked at uncle and asked him, " would I have had better choices with a higher ranked crystal." uncle just looked at me and shook his head, "No, most people believe that you would just gain a better version of your first choices."

"So I would have gotten a magical sewing skill with a rank 3 crystal?"

"Yes probably. that is what most think would be the case. but it could be that you would have gotten a completely different set of choices. who knows?"

"Ok, then what should I choose? "

"that is totally up to you."

said my uncle with a smile on his lips.

I looked away from him back at my PAS.

what should I take? there is nothing that will allow me to better conquer a dungeon. so I need to choose the one that will lead me to skills that will. so that removes all of them. no there needs to be a way for me to get a

hat I want.

ok let's take a look at them one after the other

first sewing. nope, I don't want to sew anything.

the next one is peeling I don't like cooking at all so I will pass on that one too.

fucking is an interesting skill so I will consider it later. while thinking that I smirked a little.

stepping, mm I not sure. it is something I will do all the time so I could level it pretty easily.

so I will take a look at it later too.

sleeping is the same as stepping so I will also look at it later.

coughing is just useless.

brick making I don't think I would ever make use of it.

shoveling. I don't know if I could dig into a dungeon floor so I will keep it for now.

flying. I can't even use it.

so I managed to reduce my choices to 4

fucking stepping sleeping and shoveling.

so which one could I use in a dungeon? that would leave me with stepping and shoveling.

stepping or shoveling? with one will be better I will take stepping it will maybe help get an evasion type skill or an airwalk skill or something like that. while I have the feeling that with shoveling I would end in a construction type skill.

now that I know what I want. I looked around an saw that uncle was returning with two cups of tea in hand he placed one in front of me and the other before him.

"Uncle, how do I choose the skill I want?"

"Ohh you already decided, that's good you just think about everything you know about that skill and that should do it."


So what do I know about stepping? I know that...

ok, what is stepping? a step is a single step.

then what is the function of a step? It is to support the body and move forward. It is to step over something. it is a way to reach your goal.

with that thought, I felt the heat rising in my body and I knew that I acquired the skill stepping. I tried to take a single step to understand more about it, but it didn't feel any different.

I once more turned around to looked at uncle and was surprised to see dad chatting with him.

"Dad? what are you doing here?"

dad looked at me and said, " Mortimer did you really think I betrayed you? am I that bad of a parent to you? "

he looked at me with a mix of disappointment and sadness.

"no dad I just, "

"You just what.."

dad looked at me angrily before he burst out laughing.

"dad?" I was totally confused at this.

"I just can't believe you didn't know about the clarity of skill crystals, I would probably react the same you did. "

" then why were you so angry just know,? "

"I just wanted to get back at you, do you know how worried we were when you stormed out like that. we thought you wanted to enter the dungeon right away and became worried about you. I even forgot that you can't enter a dungeon yet. I asked the dungeon guards and they remained me that you could not enter till you were registered. "

uncle looked at my father with wide eyes, "Peter isn't it your job to register new dungeon divers.


dad angrily shouted, " you don't need to remember me, Kim. "

uncle and I starting laughing at that