Wuxiaworld > Step up to conquer the Dungeon > 1 The big day

As the rock hard first of my opponent was about to reach my face, I backed away. but my opponent Stan wasn't going to let me get away that easy. He turned his hand from stone back into his normal fleshy hand and continued his assault. I could barely keep up my defense against this type of assault. Stan turned his hand to stone once more and I knew that I couldn't let his stone hand hit my defense or I would again be in the healer's office. just after I backed away to keep distance between us I could hear the teacher calling. "ok. that's enough for today." I was relieved, Stan and I weren't exactly the best of buddies, so he didn't hesitate to use his skill against me in a training match. I envied Stan a bit his old man got him a rank 3 skill crystal for his birthday two month ago. I hoped my old man would get me a rank 3 one today for my birthday. All the people in my class that got a rank 3 crystal got some awesome skill like Emely she got the astral weapon skill or Thomas he got a Firebolt skill. I wonder what my first skill will be. Suddenly someone shook my shoulder, I turned around and that it was my buddy, Hank. his old man couldn't effort a rank 3 crystal and only got him a rank 2. rank 2 skills aren't magical at all but they have things like Hanks bow mastery skill that improves the body under certain conditions in hanks case when he carries a bow. my thoughts were interrupted by a hand that was moving in front of my eyes. "earth to Morty, are you still with us?". I shook my head to get my thought back under control and said, " yes I am." " Good class is over and I thought you would like to hurry up back home." I looked around and could see that all our classmates were gone. Even our teacher was already gone. "Yes, we should hurry up and get changed." "no you should get changed, I will clean up. Mister Zealand wanted us to clean, but because it is your big day I will take of it aren't I just magnificent." I don't think he used that word right but it doesn't matter as long as he does the work." Yes, you're awesome. See you tomorrow."

I quickly got changed and hurried home. On the way, I passed the skill crystal store and stopped for a moment, I had saved up some money over the years and I could by myself a cheap rank 2 crystal. But, I promised dad that I would use the crystal he bought as my first one. So I passed the shop and continued home.

When I came home only Mom was there. She hugged me a little too hard and then asked me "So how does it feel to finally be 16. Are you excited? Do you still want to become a diver?" I rolled my eyes at the last one, "Mom we talked about it many times, I want to go dungeon diving. I want to feel the excitement and I want to keep people save. that is what I want to do in my life." and I want to be the first person to conquer a dungeon but she doesn't need to know that. "I know honey but, skill choices are final you need to be sure that is what you want for the rest of your life, I don't want you to regret your choice." why should I regret shooting fire out of my eyes or creating a whip out of water. I don't understand why she is so worried about it. "I will not Mom, by the way, when is dad coming home?" "he will be home at 18 o'clock like always you will have to wait a bit longer, but if you can't wait any longer you could open my present first. Here." Mom took a small box from around the corner and gave it to me. I looked at the box confused. I opened it and inside was a watch with a small digital display. "What is this mom?" "This is a portable AS and the new model at that." she proudly declared it to me. I looked at her and said, "You asked aunt Linda to get me one, didn't you?" "Yes, you're right," she said a little disappointed I already figured it out. " So this is from aunt Linda? that isn't like her" I teased my Mom. "No, it is from me, I paid for it." while she was refuting what I said. I took the PAS and put it on my wrist. My mother looked over my shoulder as I turned on the PAS. the display showed calibrating for the shortest of moments before it showed my basic stats.

Strength 0

Dexterity 0

Agility 0

Reaction 0

Endurane 0

Vitality 0

The Basic Six were shown right away. It didn't surprise me that all of my stat was at 0 because it would only show how much my own ability was modified by my skills attribute bonuses as it was called. I switched the PAS to personal information and it showed all my relevant information

ID: (his id number)

Name: Mortimer Regis

Age: 16

Profession: None

Citizenship: North America

Arrest warrants: None

nothing was out of order I checked the other tabs finances, skills, others. All was in order.

Now I just need to wait till dad comes home.