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909 Raiding the Lair

The serene and beautiful valley was covered with wisterias. Fiery red flowers about the size of fists were blooming on them, making the whole valley look as if it were on fire.

Immortal Jadebone sat lazily under an ancient pine tree, slowly brewing a pot of tea from Heaven. The green and clear tea was full of natural energy. Even with her cultivation base of a seventh-tier Primordial expert, Immortal Jadebone could clearly feel that her magic power was improving with every sip of the tea.

It was a fine tea, the best beverage that only the six supreme figures of Heaven could enjoy. But now, for the sake of Heaven and Buddhist League's plan, even this tea which was produced only in little amounts every period was being used as a gift to cow someone over, allowing Immortal Jadebone to have the chance to enjoy it.

What a wonderful thing!

Immortal Jadebone, with her beautiful face and slender figure, moaned in a low voice. Her seductive voice sent a shiver through the few tall, muscular men in black robes standing beside her. Someone's faces flushed, an obvious sign that they could not control their lust. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

She gave the men a look of satisfaction. These were all good men cultivating the orthodox immortal magic of the Dao League, whose foundations and aptitudes were of the best. But no,w they had all become her sex slaves.

She sighed contentedly and then focused her attention on the teapot. She had already consumed all the essences of these few slaves, and in a few days, she would have to ask Heaven for several more strong men. As for these old slaves, it happened that Immortal Jadebone wanted to make some little toys for her disciples, and since they were all Gold Immortals with some energy remaining in their bones, it made them the best materials.

There was a faint, dreamlike mist in the valley, through which a world could be vaguely seen: Immortal Jadebone had released her interstitial world. Measuring hundreds of millions of miles wide, the world superimposed on the valley, which was several miles long and wide. 7.2 million fiend cultivators were cultivating in seclusion inside it. Among them, several with excellent foundations and rapid progress had been accepted by her as disciples.

Seventy-two black fiend cauldrons were suspended in the air above the valley, from which natural energy—almost corporeal—poured out into Immortal Jadebone's interstitial world. 'What a rich, pure natural energy!' No place in the Thirty-three Heavens, the Gridhrakuta Mountain, or the Jadebone Ravine in the Fiend Realm where she had been cultivating in seclusion had natural energy that was as pure and abundant as here on the Pangu Continent.

Each fiend cauldron corresponded to one hundred and eight auxiliary cauldrons in the outside world; each auxiliary cauldron corresponded to three hundred and sixty flag gates; and each flag gate corresponded to one thousand and eighty small energy gathering arrays. Tens of millions of small energy gathering arrays, each no more than ten feet in diameter, dotted all the small energy veins around the valley, absorbing the natural energy in them. The magnitude of their absorption was so small that they would never have aroused the warnings from the Pangu's Map.

The natural energy absorbed by the tens of millions of energy gathering arrays was gathered through the flag gates and auxiliary cauldrons, and eventually into the seventy-two fiend cauldrons, where it was pumped into the interstitial world for the 7.2 million fiend cultivators.

The method was devised by a Fiend Emperor in the Fiend Realm, and Immortal Jadebone had been using it for months without anyone noticing. 'Wonderful... wonderful!' Looking at the fiend cultivators meditating in her interstitial world, she suddenly thought of the smart, muscular Fiend Emperor. She could not help but feel the heat all over her body, especially in her lower abdomen, which made her moan in a low voice.

Several fiend cultivators were flying down from the sky on clouds. As soon as they heard her moan, their faces flushed and some sticky liquid spewed out from their manhoods. Then, they fell awkwardly off the clouds and nearly broke their necks.

Immortal Jadebone, with her red face, pointed lazily at the few Nascent Divinity cultivators and scolded them with a lustful smile, "Useless! You can't even stand such a mild temptation! How are you going to fight those Great Yu's Oracles in the future?"

The fiend cultivators, who had almost completely spent all their seeds, stood up awkwardly as they squeezed their legs tightly together and came trembling to Immortal Jadebone, placing a few large blood-colored jars in front of her respectfully. "Patriarch," one of them said with a smile, "there are seven kingdoms fighting in the area we are in charge of today. In one day and one night, 139,583 soldiers died. Their souls and blood are all here."

Arching her eyebrows with pleasure, Immortal Jadebone reached out with her fingers and grabbed at a jar. With that, a twisted figure was pulled out of the jar. She opened her little mouth and inhaled, and the figure turned into a ray of dark light with a tragic howl as it was sucked into her mouth. After that, she licked her lips and said contentedly, "These people who practiced the human cultivation technique are indeed rich in blood essence…Their souls taste so amazing!"

This was the advantage that Heaven and Buddhist League brought to fiend immortals like Immortal Jadebone as they schemed against Pangu Continent. Human kingdoms were constantly at war, and a large number of soldiers were killed at any given moment. Heaven and Buddhist League had allowed all the fiend immortals to collect the souls and blood essence of the dead at will, allowing them to devour them directly or use them to craft magic artifacts. And, no matter what they did, they would not be troubled by those who claimed to uphold the righteous cause.

It was basically a lavish feast. Immortal Jadebone had plenty of time to enjoy herself before Heaven and Buddhist League finally took control of the Pangu Continent.

The heat in Immortal Jadebone's lower abdomen made her feel thirsty. She moaned and groaned. She pointed at her interstitial world, causing several cultivators who were tall, handsome, and with faint black auras all around them—which were signs that they had attained a significant achievement in their cultivation of fiend techniques—to fly out. Her thin silk skirt slipped gently to the ground as she smiled and pushed the cultivators to the ground, casting a restrictive spell and rendering them motionless. Then, she mounted herself on one of them excitedly and began riding and crying out loud.

The energetic-looking cultivator's body shivered violently as Immortal Jadebone rode him wildly. His strong muscles gradually withered, and then his smooth, glossy skin also became dull. In just a few short breaths of time, he looked thirty to fifty years older.

Wu Qi and Princess Zhang Le, who followed the few Nascent Divinity cultivators to the valley, exchanged a glance. The princess glared at Wu Qi and said, "It's a pity she's not a virgin. Otherwise, it would be nice to have a fiend immortal as one of your concubines. She seems a woman who knows a lot of tricks in bed."

Wu Qi gave a shiver as he laughed dryly and said, "Well, I don't think I can stand that..."

Glancing at Immortal Jadebone who had taken off her silk dress, Wu Qi felt that he could not accept a woman like this.

Immortal Jadebone was beautiful, and her figure was perfect and flawless. But, her flesh from the neck below was completely transparent. Through her crystal-clear flesh, one could clearly see her jade bones and cyan meridians, red blood vessels, and even the thick black fluid flowing in her veins. All her internal organs were clearly visible.

After stepping into the realm of Primordial, Immortal Jadebone's viscera had changed from acquired to innate. Her five internal organs corresponded to the innate five energies, and their color had become particularly bright and dazzling. Wu Qi shuddered at the thought of having sex with her. At a glance, she was not a beauty at all, but a heap of internal organs in violent motion. The visual impact was too intense for his appetite.

Princess Zhang Le snorted and turned her beautiful eyes to the seventy-two fiend cauldrons suspending over the valley. Her divine sense swept past them like a gust of wind. In the blink of an eye, she was able to find out their function. "No wonder Senior Guigu'zi and his men spend so much time inspecting along those large energy veins but found nothing," she exclaimed. "It appears that these people only gather a small amount of natural energy from those smaller energy veins."

Wu Qi raised his eyebrows. It was a clever way, and he wondered who had come up with it. Officials in every province in Great Yu were constantly monitoring changes in the energy veins through Pangu's Map. If someone tried to manipulate those large energy veins, they could not hide it from Great Yu. But, by using tens of millions of small energy gathering arrays to absorb only a tiny amount of natural energy from a vast area, how could the officials find out what was happening?

"It's a good idea, and we can learn from it. We don't have enough natural energy in the spirit cave beneath Dong Hai City anymore." Wu Qi threw out his sleeve and gathered all the seventy-two fiend cauldrons. By now, his divine power had reached the point where his thought could become the law. As soon as the fiend cauldrons were put away, the auxiliary cauldrons, flag gates, as well as all the small energy gathering arrays flew up at the same time, flashed through the void, and fell into his sleeve.

Immortal Jadebone, who was riding wildly on the fiend cultivator, was shocked. She jerked up her head and snapped, "Who dares to provoke me?"

Wu Qi pointed a finger and shot out 36,000 beams of Primal Purple Energy, which formed into a large net and tightly wrapped around the interstitial world. Immortal Jadebone shrieked in horror as her connection with the world was severed. She was a seventh-tier Primordial Immortal, and to be able to so easily deprive her of control over her own interstitial world was something only a Dao Breaking expert could do!

A Dao Breaking expert! Immortal Jadebone slapped at the fiend cultivator lying beneath her as she suddenly transformed into a jagged ball of white bones and shot into the sky, quickly fleeing into the distance.

She was barely three miles away when a beam of five-colored ray sprinkled on her. A stream of innate five-element energy shattered her magic power, and then the bright light faded away, revealing Princess Zhang Le, who was holding her by the neck.

Immortal Jadebone shrieked, "Spare me, Senior! I'm willing to be your slave and do as you bid!"

Princess Zhang Le slapped her in the face. "Shut up! What makes you think you deserve to be a slave to my husband? Look at your ugly appearance! If we really take you as a slave, we'll be ashamed by you!"

Immortal Jadebone opened her mouth and was unable to speak a word as the princess scolded her. She looked at her crystal-clear body with a little grievance. 'With this look of mine, I am considered one of the prettiest women in the Fiend Realm...Why don't you go and look at those female fiend immortals who don't even look like a human being?'

Wu Qi clenched his fist and shouted 'rise!'. At his voice, Immortal Jadebone's interstitial world shrank into a mass of dense gases about the size of a man's head, and was swallowed by him. His interstitial world swooped down like a hungry wolf, quickly devouring it.

Immortal Jadebone uttered a shrill scream. She could feel that her interstitial world was disappearing rapidly.

At that moment, Princess Zhang Le punched her in the back of the head and knocked her out.