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Dark clouds, poisonous gases, ghost flames, chilly winds filled the sky. A gust of reeking cold air mixed with eerie howls of ghosts and wolves blew across the Oracles, who were clenching their jaws and casting spells with all their might. They had squeezed out the last drop of energy in their bodies, but all they knew was the magic that summoned the meteors.

As soon as the attack unleashed by Yu Gu and others fell on them, these Oracles were thrown into confusion. Some were retreating, some were flying upward, some were bolting to the left or right, and some were crying in panic. And yet, none of them could withstand the attack. Plumes of black smoke rushed into the crowd, knocked a few unlucky fellas down and blanketed them in a flash. Their skins began to sizzle as the smoke corroded them, and soon their flesh became rotten, and then their bones.

Before long, pus and blood were falling out of the dark smoke. At least thirty to fifty Oracles were turned into puddles of pus.

Hundreds of Oracles were caught by the ghost flames. The pale green tongues spread quickly, turning their skins and flesh translucent, forcing them to fly about haphazardly, shrieking, only to pass the flames which could not be put out to others. Even with just a tiny wisp, the flame could turn into a sea of fire as soon as it was blown by the wind. As a result, in the space of a few breaths, the void was blotted with pale green flames, which consumed the Oracles to the last drop of the fat in their bones, reducing them to mere cokes and ashes that scattered across the ground.

The invisible, traceless chilly winds were even more horrible. Dozens of Oracles had only felt a cold breeze caressed their faces, and the winds had entered them through their seven orifices. Collected from some ominous land of death in outer heavenly realms and cultivated with countless carcasses by Great Yu's Oracles, the wind was extremely powerful. Blew by it, and you would die instantly with your flesh and bones turned into ashes, even if you are a Primordial Immortal.

The Oracles blew by the winds opened their mouths abruptly and coughed out plumes of ashes, and soon after, they turned into sheets of skin clad loosely in their black robes, drifting down to the ground like kites with broken strings. The winds had not only dissolved their flesh but also their souls.

Amid all these scary elements, countless strange-looking evil ghosts and sinister gods could be seen prowling about. With long black tails of smoke trailing behind them, they shuttled back and forth between the Oracles, constantly letting out shrill, bloodcurdling howls. They somewhat resembled Wu Qi's Blood-draining Celestial Fiends. Whenever they bumped into an enemy, they would leap over and cling themselves to the target. If the victim did not have any ability to shake them off, his warm blood and energy essence would be all sucked away by these terrifying beings in just a few mouthfuls. Some were fiercer than the others, as they were seen digging out the Oracles' hearts and gnawing on them as if they were some fruits. The sound of it was a nightmare to many.

It was hard to believe that the magic unleashed by merely a few Great Yu's Oracles had routed hundreds of enemy Oracles whose cultivation bases were only slightly weaker than them. In the space of a few breaths, over three hundred Oracles had died a tragic death, while the rest were screaming in horror, chasing after the chariots of their emperors without so much as looking back.

The savageness of Great Yu's Oracles had greatly frightened the eighteen emperors, who a moment ago were shouting the Human Emperor should be removed from the throne. Shrieking in fear, they urged their bodyguards to whip the flood dragons pulling the chariots so they could flee as fast as possible.

As soon as the Oracles of eighteen kingdoms from outer heavenly realms were defeated, and their emperors were fleeing for their lives, the armies were thrown into utter confusion. Flagpoles were saying and turned askew, while the soldiers holding them were retreating in panic, which made the situation worse, for all the other soldiers began to retreat as well, following the flagpoles. For a moment, everyone was retreating, and yet not even a single general with authority stood out to gather them. Soon, the armies of ten million troops were routed. Countless soldiers ran and flew disorderly in all directions, throwing away their helmets and taking off their armors.

In just ten minutes, the great invading armies were gone, all fled. Wu Qi was silent, the princess crinkled her nose and snorted coldly, while Yu Gu and the other Oracles exchanged glances before suddenly burst into laughter. Those emperors and Oracles had given them tremendous mental pressure and made them thought Great Yu was truly about to be overthrown. But in the end, when they struck, they realized that these people were just a pack of paper tigers.

Shaking his head, Yu Gu asked in a voice filled with astonishment, "This is really strange. The cultivation bases of those Oracles are not far apart from ours, but why is that they only know such simple magic? They have already attained such cultivation bases, and yet they only know one magic... what could they do on a battlefield, I wonder?"

"Imagine this," said Wu Qi faintly, "on a battlefield, these Oracles avoid fighting you, but use that simple magic to attack Great Yu's soldiers. What would be the outcome? No matter how strong Great Yu's armies are, they would be all wiped out by these Oracles. As for why they only know one trick..."

Wu Qi looked up to the sky and said no more, but in his mind, he thought, 'Others slaughter the donkey after it has done its job at the mill, but you guys are adding poisons to the donkey's feed even before putting it to the work? I know you don't want to see another power that is strong enough to fight against Heaven and Buddhism League after Great Yu is overthrown, it doesn't have to be this ugly, does it? These Oracles who know only one single magic are really not much of a threat!'

After pondering for a brief moment, he beckoned and said, "Dong Hai, attack! Kill those who dare to resist and capture the rest alive! Since there are so many people here, I might as well bring them back and make them into slaves. Dong Hai is so vast that I need more man to help me cultivate it."

In Great Yu, there were retainers whose families only served one clan for generations, as well as servants and maids, but there were no slaves. Even when a minister committed a serious crime, his family would only be degraded to felons and sent into exile. They would not be turned into slaves and suffered torture and humiliation. But this was what Wu Qi was planning now. These people from outer heavenly realms could not be treated as Great Yu's own people and could not be killed, and if that was the case, he might as well bring them back and make them his slaves.

Digging mines, harvesting spirit herbs, planting various crops, Dong Hai needed a lot of people to do these works. Since they were not Great Yu's people, it was not a big deal to exploit them and make them work for the good of others.

The eyes of Yu Gu and all the others lit up. They had seen the benefits of doing this as well. Without wasting time, they stamped the Supreme Towers beneath their feet. Doors swung open, and columns of warriors clad in heavy suits of armors flew out of them. These Oracles did not bring an army of a million troops everywhere they went as Wu Qi did, but in their Supreme Towers, they had tens of thousands of guards and servants. Now that they were enlightened by Wu Qi, they quickly dispatched their guards to capture these people from outer heavenly realms.

Yu Gu narrowed his eyes and said with a smile, "I have quite a few mines which are short of hands to take care of, and these people are just the perfect candidates to fill the void. Well, so long as they serve Great Yu wholeheartedly, I will exonerate them several years later, and then they can live and work in peace on Pangu Continent."

Wu Qi squinted at the old Oracle and found it hilarious. Several years later? More like an indefinite future! Even though Great Yu had various interdicts to protect the interests of its people, the Human Emperor would not stand up for these foreigners, even if he knew they had been abused. As long as nobody cared about it, these people would never leave the mines even if they work to death!

Everybody had a mutual understanding. The group of old fellas exchanged glances and smiled together. And so they made up their mind. The eyes of some Oracles who practiced evil magic were glinting with ferociousness as they thought of some mean ideas.

The Human Emperor would pursue and punish those who abduct Great Yu's people for blood sacrifices. But could these people from outer heavenly realms be considered as Great Yu's people? It was a question that needed a serious debate!

Wu Qi could read these old fellas' minds. He nodded silently. There could not be a better outcome. Now that everyone had begun to abduct people from outer heavenly realms, the extra people of the six states in Dong Hai would be less conspicuous. As for the people he brought back, they would become the loyal people of Dong Hai after he spent a few years to brainwash them. When the world was in chaos in the near future, human resources was strategic resources!

Great Yu's high-ranking officials had not yet thought of it, but Wu Qi had long realized it before them. On top of that, as he had cultivated the techniques of the Buddhism League, he too thought of creating several thousand Buddhist Kingdoms, filling them with devotees. He could not lay his hands on Great Yu's people, though, but these people from outer heavenly realms were the best candidates, for they had long been the most devoted believers of immortals and buddhas.

The army of Dong Hai, together with the guards who served Yu Gu and others fell into an offensive formation and charged out. They met no resistance and slaughtered numerous soldiers of the eighteen kingdoms like cutting through melons. In less than a quarter of an hour, over tens of millions of soldiers fell to their knees and surrendered, while only a small number of elites such as imperial guards were fighting back desperately. But as soon as several Supreme Oracles joined the battle, those who dared to resist were instantly killed. All of the eighteen emperors were captured as well.

Upon seeing their emperors were captured, and the Oracles who could fly like immortals were routed, the people migrating out of Far Heaven were struck dumb and frozen in place. Without standing on ceremony, Wu Qi and others brought these people into their Supreme Towers.

In less than an hour, the people of the eighteen kingdoms walked out of Far Heaven were all captured. After that, Wu Qi and others flew towards another heavenly realm that had just landed.

Similar to Far Heaven, none of those from this heavenly realm could stand up against Wu Qi and his company. Also, their Oracles only knew one magic — shooting out countless high-temperature fireballs! Even though the fireballs could melt any metals, such an inferior trick was nothing in the face of Wu Qi and others.

After another effortless battle, the people walked out of this heavenly realm were all captured as well.

As numerous heavenly realms were landing one after another, Wu Qi and his company traveled everywhere excitedly and captured all the people they could find.

Just after they had captured all the people from the ninth heavenly realm, Wu Qi suddenly sensed a faint divine sense coming from the void.

He was taken aback and immediately reacted.