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After returning to Dong Hai City, Wu Qi did not continue his cultivation. Instead, he began to craft artifacts for those close to him.

Using all kinds of rare materials, he crafted countless magical artifacts including magic swords, armors, and immortal robes. Dong Hai's reserves were, after all, too little. Even though Ao Buzun and Lord Xiansheng each had a Chaotic Spirit Artifact, they did not have anything else, not even a defensive magical artifact.

The magic of immortals and Buddhism League came with various unimaginably queer offensive power. With the exception of Chaotic Spirit Artifacts, such as the Immovable Lotus and Cardinal Tower, rarely had any magical artifacts could defend against all kinds of magic, not even Primordial Artifacts. Therefore, if they wished to survive in the upcoming struggles and battles, what they needed were not just one or two defensive artifacts, but a complete set of defensive and offensive artifacts.

Even with time accelerated by twenty-thousandfold, and even though in his previous life Wu Qi was a grandmaster in artifact refinement, it was not an easy task to craft a set of magical artifacts for those close to him. He had to consider everyone's magic attribute and fighting style. On top of that, it took at least hundreds if not thousands of years to produce a Gold Artifact of excellent quality. As a result, even though he could split Heaven Refining Cauldron into 180 cauldrons and work with them at the same time, he could only take care of those who were closest and most important to him.

180 cauldrons suspended in midair. Tongues of purple flame were flickering quietly in them, and strange noises could be constantly heard coming out of them. Wu Qi sat cross-legged beneath these cauldrons, his eyebrows wrinkled as he said to the crowd in front of them, "I've sensed the existences of some old fogies. They are tricky and hard to deal with. We must not be negligent, and we must not stand up against them."

He counted on the fingers on his hand, then smiled bitterly and said, "Unless Dong Hai can produce ten Dao Fusing experts and a hundred Dao Breaking experts, we can't fight them head-on. These old fogies may not strike themselves, but still, we have to be careful as some of them are utterly shameless. They don't mind to bully people who are much junior to them. On top of that, although they are shameless, for the sake of their dignity, they are used to beat someone from behind!"

Ao Buzun's face was unsightly. He made a seven with his hand, then a nine. Wu Qi nodded and added with a gesture of eighteen. Ao Buzun's face fell instantly. "How could those old fogies still alive?" he said with a wry smile.

Wu Qi sighed and said no more. In those years, even with one leg stepped into the realm of Dao Fusing, Lord Yuan Ling was still jointly defeated and killed by them, forcing him to flee into transmigration with just a tiny speck of his true soul. The white mouse, who had stepped up onto the peak-level of Dao Breaking realm in just hundreds of years by stealing the blood essences and cultivation bases of thousands of Primordial experts, and was only one step away from becoming a Dao Fusing expert, but in the end he was also killed after angering the masses.

After considering for a moment, Wu Qi realized that with his overall strength now, he was still far weaker than Lord Yuan Ling and the white mouse. If he stood up right now, he would certainly die a tragic death. Even if he did manage to step into the realm of Dao Fusing, he would not be safe either. Those old fogies were capable to do something horrible, as both Wu Qi and Ao Buzun had learned it through a hard way in their previous incarnations. Their motto of 'those who submit will prosper, those who resist shall perish' was not just a mere saying.

Dong Hai continued to train its forces crazily. Wu Qi had broken through into the six-tier of Dao Breaking realm, and he was able to accelerate time by twenty-thousandfold. There was still half a year before Far Heaven arrived Pangu Continent. In other words, Wu Qi and his friends had ten thousand years to prepare. Such little time was not enough to produce some high-end power, but it was enough for Dong Hai to accumulate countless middle to lower forces.

On several occasions, Wu Qi almost could not hold down the thought of sneaking into outer heavenly realms to kill a few unlucky fellas so he could improve his overall strength further. But now all the Primordial Immortals were dwelling in the Nine Heavens, and those Buddhas of Buddhism League were hiding in their holy site, the Gridhrakuta Mountain. Besides, as their plans were in full swing now, countless almighty experts were constantly inspecting the universe with their Dharma Eyes. Wu Qi did not have the confidence to escape their attention. So, whenever he had the thought, he would remind himself of the white mouse's notorious reputation, and the terrible consequences he would face should he exposed the fact that he knew the Scroll of Stealing. That always clamped down his idea of taking the risk.

As the day went on, finally it came to the fateful day. Far Heaven was the first to approach Pangu Continent.

Holding Princess Zhang Le's hand, Wu Qi produced Dark Yin Celestial Tower and went to the place where Far Heaven was about to land. In space, countless dark shadows ripped through the void and made their appearances; hundreds of Supreme Oracles arrived the place almost at the same time as Wu Qi. Everyone was hiding in their Supreme Towers.

Energy fluctuation spread and filled the space, purposely unleashed by an unknown number of Heaven's Primordial Immortals and Buddhism League's Buddhas who were also hiding in the void. The intention of them coming here was obvious. Wu Qi reckoned that if any Supreme Oracles made a rash move, these figures would strike at once.

Not far away from Wu Qi, his old acquaintance, Yu Gu, was sitting cross-legged on the top of a Supreme Tower. He looked troubled and was sipping from a small wine vessel. Sighing, he shook his had and said to Wu Qi, "We don't have any news from both the Sacred Emperors, Xuanyuan and Shennong, and the communication between Great Yu and Empress Wa has been completely cut off. The reactions of the Holy Beasts of Four Dimensions and all the Sacred Spirits who are close to the human race are very strange as well. Great Yu is in trouble this time!"

Wu Qi seated himself atop the spire of Dark Yin Celestial Tower, frowned and asked, "What does His Majesty think?"

Yu Gu toyed with the wine vessel in his hand, his expression grave. Shaking his head, he said, "What else can His Majesty think?"

Just as Wu Qi was pondering over Yu Gu's reply, the void high over them suddenly lit up. A land mass, about the size of four Zhong Province combined and surrounded by numerous energies of earth, water, fire, and wind, was slowly descending towards Pangu Continent. The place where Far Heaven was about to impact was a barren ground along the west border of Great Yu. Dotted with barren mountains, it was a primal land that had just taken shape not long ago. As the enormous landmass descended with a dull rumble, countless wild beasts fled the mountains for their lives.

Soon after, a deafening boom echoed throughout the void as Far Heaven collided forcefully against Pangu Continent. The land millions of miles around cracked with countless rifts of varying sizes because of the impact. The ground shook violently, and one mountain after another was thrown into the sky, before falling back with terrible forces.

Underground energy gashed out from the rifts, blurring the surrounding void. The place was enveloped in smoke, becoming a mess, but for Pangu Continent as a whole, it was as if a speck of dust had fallen onto a football field. The people lived in provinces that were a little further from here did not feel anything unusual at all.

As soon as Far Heaven collided with Pangu Continent, the crowd could clearly see that they merged as if a drop of water had fallen into the ocean. The landmass quickly 'melted', and rapidly fused with the continent. It all went smoothly, without any stagnation at all. In just six hours, the enormous landmass and the continent had merged as one.

No magic or whatsoever was applied to the merging. Pangu Continent had actively absorbed the landmass that was once part of it.

When the shaking of the ground calmed down a little, and at the moment when the rifts healed, a loud rumble rang out from under the ground. A plume of golden energy with a diameter of over ten thousand miles abruptly poured down from the sky. For the moment, heaven descended the virtues, smearing the surroundings purple. An immortal from Heaven flew up into the air with a purple vase in his hand. He hovered midair as the vase emitted an immensely bright light, absorbing all the golden energy into itself.

Wu Qi and Yu Gu exchanged glances, speechless. Together with all the Supreme Oracles around them, they quickly counted on the fingers on their hands. When they were done, everyone's forehead was damped with cold sweat. These outer heavenly realms were all parts of Pangu Continent and were broke off during the past Apocalypses. Because of that, the once perfect Pangu Continent was no longer whole, meaning that the Heavenly Dao was no longer complete.

Now, by using such a method to bring the outer heavenly realms back to Pangu Continent, Heaven had fulfilled Pangu Continent's desire of making itself whole again. It was an act of virtues that conformed to the Heavenly Dao's interest. As a result, as soon as Far Heaven was merged with Pangu Continent, the Heavenly Dao immediately descended virtues. On top of that, the amount of virtues was terrifyingly enormous. It almost equaled to the virtues of killing ten thousand Sovereign or one hundred Kṣitigarbha!

Such an enormous amount of virtues! Wu Qi's face turned a little unsightly. Why did this immortal collect the virtues with a magical vase? What was Heaven going to do with it?

For a moment, Wu Qi thought of seizing the virtues. But when he sensed the few threads of faint divine senses surrounded the immortal, he gave up the idea. The attention of those who even he had to be wary about was all focused on this plume of virtues, and if he struck now it would mean death for him.

With a sigh, he gave Princess Zhang Le a light pat on her hand and then whispered a few words to her.

As Wu Qi was hesitating, from Far Heaven, which had completely merged with Pangu Continent, immortals and itinerant cultivators flew up into the air, heading towards the various great mountains and rivers in the vicinity, getting ready to set up their cave abodes there. Meanwhile, under the command of officials from various mortal kingdoms, billions of mortals swarmed out of Far Heaven, heading excitedly in all directions with their families and belongings.

Compared to the places they once lived, Pangu Continent was no doubt the legendary land of dangers.

The army of Ding Xi Province nearest to here had arrived in flying ships. The province was just an ordinary eighth-grade province, and it only had an army of fifty thousand soldiers, the strongest of who was a general who had stepped into the First Star Realm of Second Pangu Heaven. The general was currently standing on the prow of a flying ship, shouting and roaring at the people who 'intruded' Pangu Continent from outer heavenly realms.

Despite his furious roars, billions of common people had turned into tens of thousands of massive parades, pouring out in all directions. There was no way he could hold back so many people.

Losing his temper, the general raised his right hand and was about to give the order to attack. But when he looked once more at the people, who were accompanied by their families, whose faces were flushed with excitement because they could finally live in the immortal realm, the order seemed to stuck in his mouth.

Great Yu's army had never attacked common people.

Although these people came from outer heavenly realms, like those on Pangu Continent, they were the descendants of the human race! The general sweat profusely. His body trembled as he looked at the sea of people migrating across Pangu Continent. Suddenly he coughed up a mouthful of blood.

He could not do it. He could not stop them. He was helpless.

He threw his head back and let out a furious roar. Then, he pointed a finger at a group of immortals who were flying towards a mountain and shouted an order. Immediately, the small army of Ding Xi Province charged out towards the group of immortals in flying ships, launching a fierce attack.

All of a sudden, a loud cry echoed out from below. "All fatuous and immortal rulers shall be removed, and we need a new Sacred Emperor! Boys, attack!"

Banners sprang up from everywhere as millions of warriors who had also cultivated the cultivation techniques of the human race leaped up into the sky, charging toward the army.

Wu Qi shook his head. Great Yu was in huge trouble!