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818 The Mighty Lei Meng

There was nothing else but flashes of lightning all over the sky. The air was filled with electric charges that made one's skin tingled, and all the other natural energies had disappeared. Countless electric screens, woven of numerous electric arcs and over a hundred thousand feet in diameter each, twisted and fluttered silently in the void like ghosts. This was a lightning hell.

Lei Meng floated in the middle of the void that stretched for tens of thousands of miles. This was his territory, the world of lightning he had built with his own enormous fiend power. No other types of natural energies existed here but the energies of thunder and lightning. Such an environment was the true appearance of the birthplace of Lei Meng's race.

His body was flickering rapidly. He was struggling to resist the rejection of the Heavenly Dao in this world. But that did not stop him from waving two huge chains of electric current with both hands and repeatedly lashing them out at King Bai Shan and those around him, who were at hundreds of miles ahead. To Lei Meng, electric current was like a part of his body which he could control at will, so he had created both whips by compressing electric current into a solid form. A deafening rumble rang out as they ripped through the air, so loud that it tore the eardrums of some captains, whose cultivation bases were at the peak level of the Nine Stars Realm of the Second Pangu Heaven, and some peak-level Sun Oracles. Blood could be seen trickling down their earlobes.

The two Supreme Oracles standing beside King Bai Shan moved their fingers. Over thirty thin and light bone talismans flew out of their fingertips, exploding into a vast black light to protect those captains and Oracles with weaker cultivation bases. Meanwhile, a large amount of dark liquid suddenly oozed from beneath King Bai Shan's skin, condensing on his body into a set of black armor as smooth as an insect's carapace. It had a very strange appearance: large oval-shaped shells joining one another with many sharp needles poking out near all the joints.

Clad in this suit of armor, King Bai Shan looked like a large longhorn beetle walking upright on two feet. He even had two long tentacles sticking out of his helm. Holding a heavy single-edged axe in each hand, he jumped more than a dozen miles up into the sky and thrust both axes toward the two enormous electric whips.

Lei Meng's world had rejected all other natural energies except the energies of thunder and lightning. But for an expert of the Third Pangu Heaven like King Bai Shan, who cultivated the body tempering technique of the human race, he did not need natural energy at all. With the strength of his own flesh alone, he could fight any foe, including the two electric whips over him.

The axes and the whips collided with each other. A strong light engulfed the world; a deafening rumble filled everyone's ears; a powerful impact knocked those Oracles and captains back. Uncounted beams of light radiated from all over King Bai Shan's body, each as thick as a thumb and over tens of miles long, while the terrible power of lightning charred his armor. Layers of armor turned to ashes, but more black liquid continued to ooze out from under his skin, condensing into a new armor.

King Bai Shan threw his head back and roared. A dazzling flash of lightning came bursting out of his mouth. Lei Meng's lightning had entered his body and was running amok between his internal organs. But as one of Great Yu's dozens of most powerful kings, his cultivation base had already reached a very powerful level, and his internal organs had long since been refined to be as hard and shiny as amethyst. So the violent lightning had only been able to shake his internal organs slightly, and then was immediately drove out through his mouth.

"Lei Meng!" roared King Bai Shan, his eyes fixing on the fiend god. "I've heard your name before! You are one of the most tyrannic fiend gods in the alien realm, the vanguard of the Thunder Fiends! Over the years, you have been in touch with all the powerful clans in Pangu Continent for offerings, but they have not been able to satisfy your appetite! Tell me, what did that punk Tan Lang use to impress you?"

Lei Meng withdrew his whips, held out a finger, and said indifferently, "At the beginning, the little fella had sacrificed the flesh of immortals to me. I was very happy with that, and so I promised to be the Ancestor God of his clan as long as he can offer me enough sacrifices. I thought it would take him at least thousands of years to gather the sacrifice I asked for. Who knew no long after that, he had sacrificed to me the flesh and soul of all the life on a planet!"

He laughed, then shook his head and went on, "Millions of lives, not just ordinary mortals, but also a large number of demon cultivators and human cultivators, countless insects, fishes, birds, and animals. Too many to count! Even though all the powerful clans in Great Yu did offer blood sacrifices in secret, every time you only offer hundreds of thousands of lives at the most. No one has ever been as generous as he is!"

King Bai Shan and the many Oracles standing behind him felt a tingling on their scalps and their hairs stood up. Wu Qi had sacrificed all the lives of a planet? No wonder he could summon Lei Meng to this world in his true form! Although King Bai Shan had also summoned Gui You's true form here, it was because of the relationship his clan had with the fiend god, who they had worshiped for generations, and it had cost him the lives of over twenty thousand loyal subordinates.

But Wu Qi had only called softly, and Lei Meng had descended into this world in a hurry!

"All life on a planet!" King Bai Shan's eyes shot with blood as he threw himself at Lei Meng angrily, thrusting his axes down at the fiend god's head. "That bastard! How dare he defy the Human Emperor's prohibition?! He..."

He wanted to accuse Wu Qi of this behavior in the harshest possible terms, but his accusations were weak. He himself had held many blood sacrifice ceremonies, and many things he had done in the past were shadier than what Wu Qi did. As he could not accuse Wu Qi and take the moral high ground, King Bai Shan became even angrier, and he mustered all his strength to swing down his axes.

But just a few hundred feet from Lei Meng's head, the axes exploded. A strange-looking trident appeared in his hand. The twisted weapon was made up entirely of black lightning, which condensed to a crystal-like material. A spine of an unknown creature consisting of hundreds of vertebrae could be vaguely seen embedded in its shaft, each of which was densely covered with countless runes that were shining dazzlingly.

Obviously, King Bai Shan's axes were not nearly as good as the trident. Lei Meng had only pointed them with the tip of his weapon, and the axes had exploded into shreds. The man grunted as numerous tiny electric arcs burst out of his fingers. One of them was charred, with droplets of blood falling off.

Lei Meng roared with laughter. The thundercloud that enveloped him rolled violently, and bolts of lightning were pouring out of it. "Do you really have to be so desperate? He only asks me to hold you back!" he bellowed.

King Bai Shan rolled his eyes. He was about to speak when Lei Meng suddenly uttered a long screech and thrust the trident toward his heart. "But for the sake of the flesh and soul of those three Primordial Immortals, I must do my part!"

The trident pierced through the air like a bolt of lightning, and a mighty force burst out from its tip when it was about hundreds of feet away from King Bai Shan's chest. A mass of plasma poured over and burned a large hole in his armor. He cursed furiously, then turned and ran away, giving up the idea of fighting with Lei Meng.

With King Bai Shan's cultivation base, Lei Meng could not hold him back if he tried to flee. After all, he had reached the realm of the Primordial. Alone, one could never inflict a serious injury to a Primordial expert, even with overwhelming overall strength. The trident brushed his body as he turned and fled, ripping half of his armor to shreds, which exploded in the plasma into countless flares. Nonetheless, the attack only tore a small wound in his back, turning part of his flesh into coke.

"Damnit! How dare you to run away from me?!" Lei Meng growled furiously.

Suddenly he disappeared into the air, only to reappear in front of King Bai Shan in the next moment, thrusting his trident out. But the king did not fight him. Instead he gave a sneer and continued to turn and run away.

This was a world formed by Lei Meng's energy. In here, he had the dominant power, he could appear anywhere at will, and attack the enemy with any means. But King Bai Shan was like an oiled eel. No matter how he attacked, all this guy did was turned and ran away. On several occasions, he almost stabbed the slippery guy through the body, but each time he missed by a hair.

In the space of only a breath, both men had met hundreds of times in the air. Lei Meng kept attacking, while King Bai Shan kept running away. Their high-speed movements left countless shadows in the air. Such a scene seemed very lively, but it did not produce any actual result.

While King Bai Shan and Lei Meng were playing their cat-and-mouse game, the two Supreme Oracles had built nine altars of bones with the help of the dozen of captains and Oracles. Their foundations were constructed with human spines and leg bones, and their main bodies human skulls. On each altar floated three lamps made of the baby's skulls, filled with phosphorescence taken from rotting corpses. An evil green light shone from the seven orifices of the little skulls, smearing the surroundings pale-green.

The captains and Oracles took off their clothes and stood naked in groups of three before the altars. There, they took out knives made of black volcanic rock, made a cut on their foreheads, and peeled off their skin in whole as if they did not feel any pain at all. After that, they sliced open their bellies and pulled out their internal organs one by one, placing them neatly on the altars.

A monstrous evil aura soared into the sky. Although Lei Meng had driven away all the natural energy in this small world, this evil magic did not need to use them.

The two Supreme Oracles sliced open their left wrists, causing pale green fluid to flow out from their veins. Then, they began to chant an unknown spell under their breath. As their voices echoed out, twenty-seven human skins shrieked, and suddenly they stood up, turned into pale green evil spirits and leaped toward Lei Meng.

As Lei Meng was chasing King Bai Shan and did not pay too much attention to the surroundings, the human skins swarmed around him and clung firmly to his body.