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817 Natural Enemy

After a long, hysterical laugh, Gui You pointed at Wu Qi and said coldly, "You want to kill me for virtues?"

Wu Qi nodded firmly. He ricked his neck and suddenly grew to about a hundred meters tall, with purple-and-golden dragon scales flipped out from all over his body, and a pair of seven-colored dragon horns slowly stretching out of his forehead. Dragons were the gods of thunder, wind and rain. As soon as Wu Qi transformed into his form of half-human and half-dragon with Dragon Kill, the dragon aura he emanated immediately made the thunderbolts in the void spun and wheeled, and gradually gathering into a vortex of thunderclouds with a diameter of over ten thousand miles.

A beam of five-colored divine ray shot out from the top of Princess Zhang Le's head. Her avatar of the God of Thunder, sitting in its altar, raised both hands over its shoulders, and soon countless bolts of thunder began to gather in its palms. Slowly, they compressed into a purple ball of thunder about the size of a fist. This was the strongest attack of Gods of Thunder, the Void Shattering Thunder, a mighty divine ability that could shatter even the Primal Chaos.

With her current level of cultivation, this ball of thunder could pose a great threat to enemies whose overall strength several levels higher than hers.

Gui You shook his head, his two rows of teeth clattered derisively. "The Dragon Kill from Great Yu's Secret Palace?" he said, grinning coldly. "Well, many years ago, I've killed someone who practiced this technique, whose cultivation base is twice as strong as you! A genius who cultivates body and magic together is nothing special in my eyes. My body is the condensation of Pure Yang Ghost Energy. Unless you are skillful in the art of ghost expelling, there is nothing you can do to me!"

After making his comment for Wu Qi, he gave the princess a glance, then shook his head again and sighed. "You are no better. Thunder magic is no doubt the strongest offensive technique for immortals like you, but my race, the Ghost Fiend, has fought against those Thunder Fiends for countless generations, and I've mastered all kinds of techniques that are very effective against thunder. At the most, only one-third power of your magic can get to my body. So, tell me, how are you going to hurt me?"

Wu Qi could not help but laugh in his heart. 'This big fella is such an honest fiend god! How could he show us all his trump cards even before our fight began? Ha! His body is the condensation of Pure Yang Ghost Energy? Well... I've not heard of such energy in this world created by the Great Saint Pangu, might be it is a kind of energy existed only in his homeworld? Nevertheless, he is going to suffer for not taking us seriously.'

A plume of chaotic energy gushed out from the top of Wu Qi's head, transforming into Dark Yin Celestial Tower that was only about a foot in height. The time within this small world was immediately accelerated by two thousand times.

Outside, Lei Meng could last for ten days before he was expelled by the Heavenly Dao. That meant Wu Qi had twenty thousand days or about fifty years of time in here. If he could not defeat Gui You within this period, then there was nothing else he could do.

The ghost fire in Gui You's eyes flickered as he said in a deep voice, "A Supreme Tower that can manipulate time? Amazing. I never expected that you have such an extraordinary treasure. So you're really determined to trap me here, eh?"

Gui You did not wait for an answer. Instead he opened his mouth and blew at Wu Qi. A stream of black mist shot toward Wu Qi with a terrible stench of corpses. It moved through the air so fast that he was completely engulfed before he could dodge it. In just the blink of an eye, his bright scales darkened, and he felt a burning pain all over his body. Many scales turned lifeless and deathly pale, while a dozen of them on his chest bore the brunt, turning into white dust and falling off of his skin.

A chuck of flesh about a foot across his chest had been sucked out of its life force by the ghostly mist, and like the scales, it turned into lifeless white specks of dust and drifted in all directions.

Wu Qi laughed in anger. With the Scroll of Stealing, he was now the master of stealing and plundering, and yet this Gui You was sizing his life force with those ghost energies? It was as if someone was showing off his slight accomplishments in front of an expert. But then, he was a little shocked. He knew how strong his dragon scales were, for even Princess Zhang Le could hardly break them with her divine thunder. Still, Gui You had destroyed them with just a mouthful of dark breath. It made him wonder what was the origin of this ghost energy?

He gave a cold snort as a shining cloak suddenly emerged behind his back, and then he bolted out in a beam of light and came in front of Gui You in an instant, thrusting both fists toward the fiend god's spine. Behind him, Princess Zhang Le shouted and threw out the purple ball of thunder. It pierced through the air silently, overtook Wu Qi, and shooting straight for Gui You's breastbones.

The fiend laughed sinisterly. Before Wu Qi's fists could get close to his body, his spine had turned into a clump of ghostly smoke. Dozens of bony ghost claws stretched out of the sticky, black smoke, all grabbing toward Wu Qi. Even then, he pulled his scythe from behind his back and casually swung it down at the ball of thunder, cutting it from the middle.

The dozens of ghost claws grasped firmly at Wu Qi, before he could even dodge. Condensed of the Pure Yang Ghost Energy, they were extremely tough and powerful. As soon as he was captured, he struggled fiercely, and yet he could not free himself from them. Gui You laughed with pride when he saw Wu Qi was trapped by his magic.

Meanwhile, the scythe, all black and looked as if it was crafted of bones, hacking on the ball of thunder. In Gui You's surprised eyes, it flashed and vanished, then suddenly appeared in front of his chest and exploded violently. With the power of all the thunderbolts within a thousand miles and a thread of law of thunder Princess Zhang Le had mastered, it spread out silently into a mass of plasma and enveloped the fiend god.

A huge ball of thunder filled with violet-and-blue electric arcs suspended in the void, with Gui You trapped within like a fly in a crystal. The heat of the thunder was constantly burning his body and soul, causing him to let out a bloodcurdling screech as wisps of black smoke rising from all over him. Just then, countless tiny black runes began to emerge across his pale bones, which kept the thunder's damage to the minimum. Evidently, he was not boasting that he had mastered all kinds of techniques that were very effective against thunder magic.

The ball of thunder Princess Zhang Le had unleashed was the evilest kind of Void Shattering Divine Thunders. Once it struck the enemy, it would cling to the body like maggots in a corpse and constantly release thunderbolts to wipe out the enemy from the root. But for Gui You, whose overall strength was much stronger than her, such an attack was clearly not enough to seriously injure him.

Amid a gruesome laugh, the electric arcs that surrounded Gui You faded away, and pale bones emerged one by one from the blinding light. Staring at Princess Zhang Le, the fiend god said, "I've told you, you cannot hurt me with your little tricks!" He paused, laughing proudly, and then went on, "This Supreme Tower is a good treasure. Although I can't control it, I can take it back as my private collection. Well, it's time to kill both of you, and then I'll have to leave here and kill everyone out there!"

Raising the scythe high over his head, Gui You looked down at Wu Qi and said with a smile, "Do you really think you can hurt my body with your melee techniques?"

But his scythe suddenly halted midair. Gui You was stunned by what he saw. Wu Qi was smiling, and his body covered with dragon scales was radiating a bright golden light. In Gui You's shocking glance, his body slowly transformed from half-human, half-dragon into the avatar of Buddha, with four faces and six arms.

When Wu Qi finally completed his transformation, Gui You felt his little brain was in a mess. He let out a scream, then pointed at Wu Qi in horror and said, "Aren't you a human warrior? Even if you are cultivating body and magic at the same time, you can only... you can only..." he was too shocked to get the words out of his mouth.

What he wanted to say was: "Even if you are cultivating body and magic at the same time, you can only use the evil magic of the human Oracles such as curses, how is it even possible that you can use the supreme divine ability of the Buddhism League?" Everyone in the world knew that the cultivation techniques of the human race were totally incompatible with the cultivation methods of both the Buddhism League and Dao League. Wherever there was Pangu Sacred Energy, all the buddhism energy and immortal energy would be completely dissolved.

If anyone from the Buddhism League, including those mighty Buddhas, cultivated the body tempering technique of the human race and allowed Pangu Sacred Energy to enter his body, his avatar would slowly melt away, and all his power would vanish. He would lose his ability to subdue demons and rid of fiends. But Wu Qi, in Gui You's eyes, was a freak, for a moment ago when he approached he was using Dragon Kill, the divine ability of Great Yu's Secret Palace, and now he had transformed into the avatar of the Buddhism League!

If Gui You had known Wu Qi could use the divine abilities of the Buddhism League, he would never let him near his body. Although he was a fiend god from an alien realm, such divine abilities could still greatly restraint him. In fact, Buddhism League's reputation for being the best at subduing demons and ridding of fiends was built on the bones of countless fiend gods from the alien realm.

The fiend god felt he wanted to cry. He screeched and tried to throw Wu Qi away with the dozens of ghost claws.

Wu Qi laughed, then opened his mouth and shot out six blood-red sword beams. Six Blood Centipede Swords flew whistling out and hacked Gui You on the neck. With the extreme sharpness and the fearsome killing intent of the innate spirit artifacts, six sword beams struck down one after another. Even though his body was condensed of Pure Yang Ghost Energy, Gui You's neck bone was still severed by them. A grotesque-looking head flew up high into the air.

He screamed and bellowed furiously, "How dare you! This is strange, how could you even use the divine ability of the Buddhism League?"

Accompanied by his shriek of exasperation and incomprehension, Gui You's body exploded into a thick cloud of ghostly smoke, covering down toward Wu Qi. His hideous laugh could be heard coming out of it. "Don't you think you can kill me with that avatar of Buddhism League! With your current cultivation base, you are nowhere as good as..."

Gui You's words were interrupted by Wu Qi's action, who slapped himself on the head, causing eighteen blood-red relics and eighteen pure-white relics to fly out from the top of his head. Thirty-six relics emanated two totally different bright lights to lit up the void: one was evil, and the other righteous. From the evil red light eighteen blood-red shadows dashed out, laughing evilly, and brought forth a boundless sea of blood to completely wrap up Gui You.

Meanwhile, the bright light radiated out of the eighteen white relics sprinkled down on the ghostly smoke like flames. Wherever they touched, the smoke rippled like boiling water and produced an ear-splitting sizzling noise.

Gui You let out a shrill, jarring cry. Without hesitation, he transformed into a plume of black smoke and tried to shoot up into the sky, but with the sea of blood attached to his body, his attempt to flee had failed. "The Dark Nether Blood Sea from the Yellow Spring? How can this filthy thing exist in this world?" he howled painfully.

Wu Qi ignored the fiend god. He began to chant a spell in a low voice, and his body slowly grew to a height of about ten thousand miles.

Sitting down cross-legged, he locked both hands into a lotus seal, trapping a void of a hundred miles across in between his palms, where the black smoke Gui You had transformed into was at. The mantra of the Buddhism League came spewing out of his mouth, one word at a time, gradually transforming into a golden sea to envelop the void.

After some time, a howl of despair echoed out from between Wu Qi's palms.

A loud rumble followed, and in the next moment a black pearl, wrapped in sticky green fluid, shot up and went straight for Wu Qi's forehead.