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816 Fighting Against a Fiend God

Wu Qi could only see a tiny black Supreme Tower embroidered on the cuffs of each of the two lower-level Supreme Oracles, which meant that they had just stepped into this level not too long ago. Even so, they were Supreme Oracles who had the overall strength to confront Primordial Immortals, and he must deal with them with cautious.

As for the thirteen peak-level Sun Oracles... he shook his head when he saw them. A peak-level Sun Oracle was no more than a peak-level Gold Immortal, and he had plenty of men under him who were as strong, if not stronger. He could crush them without any difficulty.

Wu Qi's biggest challenge was the fiend god floating in front of him. Strips of black cloth, hundreds of them, were wrapped around the fellow. Whenever the night breeze blew by, they would sway and wiggle gently like some venomous snakes and let out shrill ghost cries from time to time. His upper body was about eighty percent similar to that of a human skeleton, except for a few extra vertebrae and ribs, and three sharp black horns growing from the top of his skull. But the lower part of his body, beneath the pelvis, was a clump of thick black smoke. Countless twisted human faces loomed in it, constantly emitting shrill and miserable howls that made one's eardrums ache.

The fiend god's cultivation base was terrifying, and the attribute of his power was bizarre. Even with the comprehensive content of Scroll of Stealing, Wu Qi could not tell what kind of death aura this big fellow possessed. 'His cultivation base is clearly stronger than mine...' he could vaguely peer into the upper limits of this fiend's power, just as a man could see the edge of the sea if he was hovering in the air. 'I am no match for him for the time being,' Wu Qi thought.

'I can't kill him unless I trap him with Fiend Slaying Sword Formation and drain his essences slowly. If I try to fight him with only my own cultivation base, I might be unable to defend against his power.' The two Supreme Oracles were easy to deal with, and Wu Qi was confident that he could teach them a good lesson by joining forces with Princess Zhang Le. However, the fiend god would not give him the chance, he knew. This was his biggest challenge.

After pondering for a brief moment, Wu Qi raised his right hand and gave it a wave. The Natural Phenomena Medallion shot whistling out, radiating brilliant rays as plumes of cloud billowed out of it and quickly conjured into a small world over Wu Qi, trapping the fiend god within. A steady rumbling could be heard coming from the small world as the fiend god struggled and growled. The medallion could only hold him temporarily but not kill him straight away.

"Lei Meng!" Wu Qi whispered to Princess Zhang Le.

The princess nodded, then performed a double-handed incantation gesture and chanted a spell. A thunderbolt crackled down from the sky, and in the next moment Lei Meng's 100-mile-tall projection made his appearance in front of Wu Qi. "What good sacrifice do you have for me this time? Aye, I'm very satisfied with what you had offered me last time!" Lei Meng said, looking down at Wu Qi with a smile on his face.

No sooner had his eyes met Wu Qi's face than Lei Meng suddenly cried out in shock, "Eh? How did your overall strength grow so fast, little fella? What a surprise! Of the 14,597 men who had worshiped me, your growth is the fastest!"

Wu Qi smiled and pointed in King Bai Shan's direction, "Lei Meng, help me hold off King Bai Shan and those around him. When I've finished with that bony fella he summoned, I'll join hands with you to kill them. The flesh and souls of the two Supreme Oracles are yours. All I want is the virtues that fall after we've killed them!"

Lei Meng's eyes shone dazzlingly as he fixed his gaze at King Bai Shan and others, whose expressions were somewhat unsightly. He hesitated for a while, then grumbled, "They are not fat enough! As you know, although the souls of Supreme Oracles are stronger than those of mortal beings, they are not too much stronger, not to mention their flesh and blood! I once ate a Supreme Oracle whose bone marrow was completely dried up, and I can't even squeeze a few drops of blood out of his body. There's nothing to eat!"

Wu Qi showed him two fingers and promised, "Help me hold them, and afterward I'll find two Primordial Immortals as my offerings to you! Of course, you'll have to help me when I found them!"

Lei Meng stared at Wu Qi in horror. Of all the Oracles and powerful clans in Great Yu, there were some who did offer Primordial Immortals as offerings, but they were all mighty figures who had raised above all in ancient times. He could not remember how many years he had not heard of such a bold statement. Using Primordial Immortals as offerings? A flood of saliva mixed with electric arcs trickled down from the corners of his mouth. Nodding hastily, he said, "So all I have to do is to hold them? Aye, don't you worry, I'll take care of it!"

He guffawed and glanced at the little world Wu Qi had conjured with the medallion, curious to know who Wu Qi was going to deal with. His body trembled when he saw the fiend god inside, and he turned to look at King Bai Shan in shock and murmured in a low voice, "Do you really have to be so desperate? I can't believe that you've summoned Gui You's true form here! Ha! Haha! Interesting, looks like this time..."

Up in the sky, a dull thunderclap rang out. Lei Meng stared at Wu Qi and said, "I'll do you a favor this time, little fella. You can go ahead and kill Gui You, leave the outside to me. I'll give you ten days, and if you can kill him, you must give me his head! Haha!"

Amid Lei Meng's laughter, a vast stream of thick, lilac plasma that looked like molten lava slowly fell from some invisible hole in the sky and poured into his body. As more and more plasma was poured into him, his body grew shorter and smaller, and in the end, his frame had become about the same as that of an ordinary mortal, surrounded by thunderclouds and a sea of jade-like plasma. The pressure he emanated was so strong that Wu Qi and Princess Zhang Le were forced to take a step back.

His true form had also descended from his world to Pangu Continent. Wu Qi and Princess Zhang Le could clearly sense the rejection of him by the Heavenly Dao. A powerful repulsive force wrapped him up, making his body seem like a reflection in the water, swaying and flickering. It was as if he was about to be forcibly expelled from this world at any moment.

Wu Qi looked up at the sky. The black mist from Ten Traps Formation had filled the void, and Fiend Slaying Sword Formation had sealed off this place, turning here into an isolated world. Thanks to this, Lei Meng was spared from the Heavenly Dao's counterattack at full force. At other times, if he dared to descend into Pangu Continent with his true form, he would have been wiped out by the Heavenly Dao, or beaten to pieces by Great Yu's mighty force.

Even so, he was constantly repulsed by the force of Heavenly Dao. Ten days, this was the time he gave Wu Qi, and also the longest time he could stay in this world. There was nothing Wu Qi could do to extend it, even with his Dark Yin Celestial Tower, for time was a law in the Heavenly Dao. Eventually, Lei Meng would be expelled from this world by the Heavenly Dao.

"Ten days... that's enough!" Wu Qi looked at King Bai Shan and suddenly said with a smile, "Do you really have to hate me so much? I've only killed your two sons! Why don't you go after Liu Bang instead of me? Your sons wouldn't have died if it hadn't been for your secret collusion with him!"

King Bai Shan did not say a word but stared fixedly at Wu Qi, his face clouded. Slowly, he drew the sword hung on the side of his waist. A scorching hot aura gushed out of him. Surprisingly, he was an expert of the Third Pangu Heaven! A bright yellow cloud rose from the top of his head, in which a yellow dragon about a few miles long could be seen slithering back and forth, its massive body emanating an immense pressure.

Lei Meng's face grew grave immediately. He turned around, showed three fingers to Wu Qi, and said, "Little fella, three, I want three Primordial Immortals! As you can see, I have to hold off three guys for you now, so you have to give me the sacrifice of three!"

Wu Qi nodded in agreement. "No problem, but you'll need to help me fight them when the time comes!"

Clapping his hands excitedly, Lei Meng guffawed and said, "That's a deal! You have a good reputation, I trust you!" Amid his wild laughter, he unleashed countless thunderbolts and used them to wrap up King Bai Shan and those around him, including the thirteen Sun Oracles. With his own power, Lei Meng had created a small world of thunder, and he was all prepared to hold off King Bai Shan and the two Supreme Oracles on his own!

Wu Qi gave a laugh, too, then took Princess Zhang Le's hand and walked into the small world the Natural Phenomena Medallion had conjured.

Just then, the black smoke drifted out of Ten Traps Formation launched its full attack, turning into countless ghosts and spirits and charging toward those who were left outside. But as soon as that happened, the Fiend Slaying Sword Formation in the perimeter launched its attack as well. A great stream of sword energy transformed into countless bolts of lightning and fireballs and shot whistling over from all directions, blocking off the ghosts and spirits.

Others, including Ao Buzun, looked at each other helplessly. Lord Xiansheng sat down on the roof of the palace and said, "At last I can truly understand the meaning of those words brother Wu Qi told us: As long as you don't step into Dao Realm, you're an ant. Well, I guess now we can only sit here and wait for them to come out!"

Catfish, who was inattentive and careless, pulled out two bodies from her storage ring, the heads of which she had smashed to pulps with her sledgehammer, and began gnawing at them. "Don't worry" she said as she ate, "Wu Qi is a real snake. Although his own cultivation base hasn't improved over the years, his clones..."

There was a sinister smile on everyone's face. They knew what Catfish was trying to say. The cultivation bases of Wu Qi's clones, the eighteen Blood-draining Celestial Fiends, were constantly raising with his cultivation base!

Wu Qi and Princess Zhang Le stepped into the small world the Natural Phenomena Medallion had conjured. It was a lifeless land with only a vast expanse of dark desert. Gusts of cold, dry wind blew across it, sweeping up huge clouds of sand. Shockingly, as these tiny specks of sand brushed and slammed against each other, the impacts produced huge bolts of lightning, and since there were so many of them here, the void was fully filled with countless bolts of lightning.

This was the world of lightning Wu Qi created after Lei Meng's homeworld.

The bony fiend god, Gui You, was covered in lightning as he hacked randomly at the void with a scythe. He had cut out tiny gaps in several spots, and the whole world was shaking under his great strength. Luckily, Natural Phenomena Medallion was an extraordinary treasure crafted by the Sacred Emperor Zhuanxu, so it had a pretty strong defense. Otherwise, this small world would have been cut to shreds now.

When he saw Wu Qi and Princess Zhang Le, he put the scythe behind his back and stared at them with a pair of green ghost flames in his eye sockets. "I hate this place," he said. "It's kind of like the Illusion Realm of Thunderstorm, the birthplace of thunder fiends, who are the arch enemies to us, the ghost fiends."

Wu Qi smiled, nodded and said, "That's great, because I'm here to kill you!"

He snapped a finger and asked seriously, "Do you know how much virtues the Heavenly Dao would give me, if I killed a fiend god who invaded this world?"

Gui You froze for a moment, then burst into wild laughter as if he had just heard the funniest joke in the world.