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808 Seriously Injured Gu Yi

True Lord Gu Yi was one of Crimson Emperor's nine personal disciples, a Primordial Immortal who was famous for his speed among all the Evil Slaying Generals of the Heaven. As he was Crimson Emperor's personal disciple, even though he had stepped into the Primordial realm, he remained a subject of the Heaven at his own will, unlike most of the other Primordial Immortals who either dwelt in seclusion in the Nine Heavens, or occupied an outer heavenly realm and became the supreme leader there.

As an Evil Slaying General, his daily task was to take his men on patrol around the world. If he found any target that met the conditions of extermination lay out by the Heaven, he had the right to annihilate it on the spot. Besides that, whenever an important member of the Heaven summoned him with a secret spell, he had to quickly bring his men to the rescue.

Though already famous for his speed, True Lord Gu Yi had himself a proud immortal artifact called the 'Rhino Cloak', which was made with the feathers of over nine hundred divine birds who were famous for their speed. It could increase his speed by over a hundred times.

His speed was faster than Wu Qi to begin with, and with the help of his cloak, it had taken him only a short space of time to overtake his own men and caught up with Wu Qi, then pierced Ao Buzun's neck with a spear.

Looking at the punches Wu Qi threw at him, True Lord Gu Yi laughed with contempt. A deep roar came bursting out of his throat as his cloak fluttered behind his back, and in the next moment he was wheeling gracefully around Wu Qi like a spirit. Then the punches came, but none could touch him. Instead, his spear, a Primordial artifact, darted forward like some purple serpents over and over again to stab at Wu Qi.

The spear, named the Immortal Spear of Time, was his natal Primordial artifact which the Heaven had crafted for him using a huge amount of resources. It was said to have the ability to catch up with the time that had gone by. Whether it was just an overstatement or not, it showed that it was a fast spear.

In a flash, instead of hitting True Lord Gu Yi, Wu Qi was struck 198 times by him with the spear. Bright sparks flew from all over him as the clatter of metal rang without end. Fortunately, he had already exercised Dragon Kill. With his body densely covered under three layers of purple-and-golden dragon scales, none of the attacks could hurt him or even left a mark on him.

A thousandth of a second later, Wu Qi suddenly retreated, and True Lord Gu Yi, surprised, lowered his spear and took a few steps back.

There was a limit to how long the Rhino Cloak could boost True Lord Gu Yi's speed, and the short exchange just now had already consumed about thirty percent of his immortal energy, so he had to back off to regulate his breath. Otherwise, if his energy were to deplete now, even though he was a Primordial Immortal, he would become the meat on the chopping board. He could not let that happen in a fight like this. Also, he found it hard to accept that his spear had failed to pierce Wu Qi's scales, and he needed some time to think about it.

Wu Qi took a deep breath and backed away for miles, staring at True Lord Gu Yi in astonishment. Just now, in that brief moment, he had thrown over three thousand punches at this man. Even a planet would have shattered thousands of times under such a fierce attack, but somehow none of the blow had landed on the target. It made Wu Qi realized that he was facing a tough opponent.

Both men stared at each other for a long moment. At length, Wu Qi raised a thumb and said, "True Lord Gu Yi? You are fast!"

True Lord Gu Yi nodded slowly as he removed his armor, leaving only the cloak streaming down from his shoulder. Laughing dryly, he said, "Is that Dragon Transformation Script? No, it doesn't look like that to me... it must be the Dragon Kill, then? Why else could your dragon scales stop my spear? Hehe, luckily I was not hit by your fists, or I would be in real danger now!"

Pointing at the armor he had taken off, True Lord Gu Yi said honestly, "I bet you can punch through this immortal armor as if it is made of paper, can't you? Well, since wearing it will also slow me down, I might as well take it off. Be careful, my speed can increase by ten percent without wearing it!"

A cold grin emerged on Wu Qi's face. "Increase by ten percent? Aye, you better pray that my punch missed you! You will die!"

After that, both men fixed their eyes on each other like a pair of gamecocks, but none made the first move. Wu Qi had a mighty strength, and if he could land a blow on True Lord Gu Yi, he could certainly deal him a serious injury. But True Lord Gu Yi was fast, and Wu Qi did not have the confidence to hit him. However, just because he was so fast that all his attacks were not strong, so he could not cause any real harm to Wu Qi either.

One could not be hit, and one could not be hurt. The men stared at each other for a long time, their eyes flickering with gleams. Then, all of a sudden, True Lord Gu Yi gave a loud cry and launched himself at Wu Qi in a bolt of purple lightning. With the Immortal Spear of Time as the tip of the lightning, and the top speed given by the Rhino Cloak, he struck a deadly blow. By focusing all his strength on one point and charging at top speed, he was full of strong confidence that he could pierce Wu Qi's body with this strike.

The sound the spear made as it pierced through the void was crisp and somehow melodious, and it moved so fast that it had turned into a blur. Even then, the time around True Lord Gu Yi and the spear began to hasten, ten times, twenty times, thirty times... eventually, it topped at five hundred times. At such speed, the Immortal Spear of Time did hasten the time, as if it was trying to catch up the time that had gone by.

A sense of chaotic space-and-time disorder made Wu Qi felt dizzy. How could one catch up the time that had passed by hastening time?

But True Lord Gu Yi's strike did make Wu Qi felt that way. In the blink of an eye, he and his spear had disappeared into the void, caught up with a moment that had passed, and struck at the body of Wu Qi who was fighting with him a moment ago.

While the spear was still about a mile away from him, a stream of blood suddenly shot out from his chest where a three-inch-deep gash burst open.

A deafening cry burst through Wu Qi's lips. From above him Dark Yin Celestial Tower sent out a great sheet of starlight to envelope him, which made the flow of time in the surroundings suddenly soared two thousand times. It was the fastest speed Wu Qi could control after stepping into the Primordial realm. The rapid flowing of time then formed into an invisible barrier and isolated the area around him from the outside world, turning it into a domain totally under his control.

In the next instant, True Lord Gu Yi rushed headlong into this domain. His spear began to shake violently as the 1,500-fold difference in the flowing of time had turned into a terrible time shock and gave it a tremendous high-frequency pressure. He looked at Wu Qi, astounded, and cried out in alarm, "You... you can control time? How fast is this?"

Wu Qi made no answer. Trapped in his time domain, True Lord Gu Yi had lost the ability to move or struggle like a rabbit who had fallen into a quagmire. With time around him flowing two thousand times faster and True Lord Gu Yi only five hundred times faster, all his actions were much faster now.

In reality, Wu Qi was slower than True Lord Gu Yi, but with the time around him hastened now, all his moves had become too fast for the general to see. With both hands he began to perform incantation gestures, to cast vicious curses he learned from the Primordial Dao of Divinity. First to shot out of his fingertips was a dozen curses that could weaken a man and take away his mobility, then came the blood-devouring curse and its twin, the soul-devouring curse. Next in the line was the curses that could rot one's flesh and internal organs and bones, and curses that could burn off one's immortal energy. Slithering across the void in wisps of black smoke, these curses fell and attached themselves, one after another, onto True Lord Gu Yi's body.

As both of them were Primordial experts, Wu Qi's curses did great damage to True Lord Gu Yi. His body quickly rotted and deformed, and for a fraction of a second his hand lost grip of his spear, which slipped out of his palm and thrust forward in a stream of purple flame, but was immediately deviated of its course by a time vortex Wu Qi had conjured.

Not sure if he could kill True Lord Gu Yi, Wu Qi dared not to play all his cards, so he just kept attacking the man with the various magic he learned from Directorate of Celestial, mixed with the powers of the Primordial Dao of Divinity and the Primordial Divine Script. Countless curses and divine runes poured out endlessly as True Lord Gu Yi's overall strength weakened rapidly, and soon yellow blisters began to appear across his face, with filthy pus spewing out of them.

Drenched in pain, True Lord Gu Yi bellowed furiously, "You are a body-and-magic cultivator? You already have the cultivation base of a Supreme Oracle? How else can your curses hurt me?" Even as he said that, a purple flame rose from all over him. Originated from outside of the Thirty-three Heavens, it was called the 'Taiqing Heavenly Fire', which was a very powerful divine flame. The thunder tribulation that came in the Heavenly Tribulation befell when immortals broke through a new realm was actually the condensation of this flame.

The strength of Wu Qi's curses was weakened by thirty percent as soon as the flame emerged. Then, True Lord Gu Yi began to chant an evil-slaying scripture, while his Rhino Cloak transformed into a beam of green light, wrapped around him, and sped away. It happened so fast that even with his eyesight, Wu Qi could not see how did the general disappear.

Almost reflectively, he reached out a hand and grabbed. A delicate aura rushed out of his palm; the thievery energy engulfed the Rhino Cloak as Wu Qi quietly exercised the Myriad Harmonization Grand Magic. A stream of pure, strange energy quickly poured into his body, and he felt his body became lighter instantly, while his speed suddenly increased by over thirty times.

What his grab had stolen was not only the essence energy contained in the Rhino Cloak, but also part of True Lord Gu Yi's cultivation base.

Wu Qi roared with laughter and launched himself forward in a beam of black light. Relied on the time that had been hastened by Dark Yin Celestial Tower, in just the blink of an eye he had caught up with True Lord Gu Yi. Not waiting for the general to react, he slammed an elbow into the man's ribs.

A mighty force exploded like a bomb, and a loud noise rang out from inside the general's body as a dozen of his ribs shattered by the blow. Compared to Wu Qi's body, which he had tempered with the True Body of Heaven and Earth Scripture, the Dragon Transformation Script, and the Dragon Kill, True Lord Gu Yi's body was too weak. Although both of them were Primordial experts, if Wu Qi's body was a steel ingot, True Lord Gu Yi was a piece of tofu.

The severe pain made the general cried out in a hoarse voice. Fuming with rage, he thrust a palm out and slashed it down in the direction of Wu Qi's forehead. The surrounding void crumbled with a boom, and a pitch-black spatial rift transformed into a sharp blade, shooting straight for Wu Qi.

With one swift move Wu Qi grabbed True Lord Gu Yi's Rhino Cloak, then gave him a kick. The tremendous force knocked him into the far distance, but his cloak, twitching restlessly, was clutched firmly in Wu Qi's hand.

Screaming, True Lord Gu Yi darted a venomous look at Wu Qi as he summoned his spear with a hand gesture, then transformed into a fine beam of flame and sped away.

True Lord Gu Yi, who was a body cultivator focused on speed, was overwhelmed by Wu Qi and forced to flee after being seriously injured.

"Just you wait, Marquis of Dong Hai Province! I'll deal with you hard one day!"

Wu Qi gave a cold laugh, swallowed the Rhino Cloak, turned around and left.

Before leaving, he pressed a palm down and destroyed the Heaven's outpost in front of him, throwing tens of thousands of Heavenly Soldiers and Heavenly Generals thousands of miles away, all bones were broken.