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662 Repel the Enemy with Heavenly Tribulation

The black Supreme Tower hung alone in the sky above, shrill whistles coming from inside of it one after another. There was nothing special about the whistles; they did not sound sharp, hoarse, gentle, or soft; but like the moans let out by a cat, who had been starving for three days and three nights, when its tail was stepped on by someone.

Even so, the whistles had completely pinned Wu Qi and his party down. The Yu Cauldron was hovering above Ying Zheng, sending dark waves across the void; however, the whistles dispersed them all. Had it not been for the six emperors being protected by extraordinary treasures similar to the Yu Cauldron, they would have been killed by the strange whistles.

Li Xin produced his bow and notched a silver arrow on the bowstring. With his pupils constricted to the size of a needle, he locked down the Supreme Tower that hung about a mile from the ground with his divine sense. Then, he drew the bowstring and injected all his energy into the arrow. With that, a blinding silver light burst out of the silver arrow immediately, and a faint halo rippled around the arrowhead. A few rings of tiny runes could be vaguely seen spinning rapidly inside the halo.

A sturdy figure emerged behind Li Xin, holding a bow and an arrow just like him. When he drew the bowstring, the figure followed, and then they were fused into one. As that happened, the silver arrow shone even brighter. Finally, he let loose the arrow, and it pierced whistling through the air, heading straight for the Supreme Tower.

As soon as the arrow departed from the bowstring, its bright glow began to recede rapidly. And when it was about to hit the Supreme Tower, it had turned pitch black. Along the flight, it had absorbed all the light around it, and even twisted the void. Everything looked twisted through its flight path.

But, just as it was only three inches away from the target, two skinny fingers quietly emerged out of thin air in front of it. The fingers pinched gently, and the arrow which Li Xin had unleashed with all his power halted between them like the most obedient puppy.

All of a sudden, Wu Qi leaped over and gave Li Xin a powerful kick in the butt. Exhausted after shooting the arrow, Li Xin shrieked as he was thrown hundreds of feet away. Ying Zheng and the others were about to scold Wu Qi when a beam of black light suddenly brushed past Li Xin's scalp, nearly piercing his head.

A brief moment ago, the fingers had flicked and sent the arrow back at a speed tens of times faster than what it was coming with after stopping it. Had Wu Qi not kicked Li Xin away when he saw it coming, the arrow would have killed him by now. Because of that, the arrow missed its target and went straight into the ground amidst a beam of black light. Everyone's faces turned extremely unsightly when they sent their divine senses into the small hole that the arrow had left on the ground.

That casual flick of the skinny fingers had sent Li Xin's arrow nearly three thousand miles into the ground! They were not at an ordinary planet like those in the outer heavenly realms, but Pangu Continent, where the hardness of the rock was at least a hundred times stronger. In other words, if they were at outer heavenly realms, the force produced by the casual flick of the fingers was more than enough to make the arrow pierce through dozens of planets.

Even Ying Zheng's Yu Cauldron, Yan Dan's Disc of Heavenly Dao Transmigration, and the treasures of the other four emperors were pale in comparison to the power that came with the arrow. The six treasures had barely protected everyone from the strange whistles, and now, the line of defense that the six emperors had put up together was easily pierced through by the arrow like a thin sheet of paper.

"A grave crisis is upon us!" Han Xin cried through his clenched teeth. With a scroll in his left hand, a writing brush in his right hand, and immortal energy surging all around his body, he was ready to put up a desperate fight. In fact, not only him, all the emperors and ministers of the six dynasties had mustered their powers, prepared to fight the man in the Supreme Tower with their magical treasures.

Wu Qi snorted coldly and cried out in a low voice, "A Supreme Oracle is as strong as a Primordial Immortal. What makes you think we can defeat him?"

As strong as a Primordial Immortal? Upon hearing that, even Ying Zheng, the most arrogant man among the bunch, went pale; his body swayed and nearly fell to the ground. It was true that these men of the six dynasties were conceited and arrogant, but they were no fools. They knew very well what a Primordial Immortal was. With their cultivation bases as Heaven Immortals, it was no different from looking for death should they challenge the Supreme Oracle, whose prowess matched that of a Primordial Immortal.

There was absolutely no way they could fight against a Supreme Oracle, even if they had amazing artifacts like the Yu Cauldron.

Wu Qi's words almost destroyed their will to resist. Everyone just looked up at the black Supreme Tower and felt a sense of helplessness. Blue veins were bulging on the back of Ying Zheng, Yan Dan, and the other emperors' hands, yet none of them could come out with an order for their subjects. In the face of an absolute power, resisting or fleeing was equally useless. Any of their reckless actions would only make them the enemy's laughing stock.

Wu Qi shook his head and sighed softly. Fortunately, he had long been ready for a situation like this.

He pulled Ao Buzun off his head and said in a deep voice, "The time has come for you to play your role. Go now!" As he said that, his body flickered a few times as six celestial fiend puppets walked out and soared into the sky. Then, he grabbed Ao Buzun by the neck and flung him into the air like he was just a dead snake.

A hoarse and unpleasant laughter echoed out of the Supreme Tower, mixed with a few occasional violent coughs.

"Since you know I am a Supreme Oracle, why are you not putting down your weapons and surrender? What are you trying to do now?

"Well, the fact that you can wipe out the garrison of Dayan Immortal Pass in such a short period tells me that you people are pretty strong!

"Judging by your conduct, I reckon you are the core elites of Myriad Immortal Alliance, aren't you? You better put down your weapons and surrender now, and you may still..."

The man did not get to finish his words, because Ao Buzun and the six puppets had reached next to the Supreme Tower, each exuding a very bizarre aura. In just a flash, Ao Buzun's aura skyrocketed from the first-tier of Heaven Immortal realm to the realm of Gold Immortal. The same thing happened to the six puppets, but their aura stopped at the peak realm of Heaven Immortal realm.

A few months ago, Ao Buzun was given a huge amount of energy by Lei Meng on Myriad Immortals Planet after the blood sacrificial ceremony. With the foundation he had lain in the past, he was able to recover to the realm of Gold Immortal without facing any difficulties. And because his newly formed body was an innate chaotic body, so long as he held back his aura, the Law of the Heavenly Dao could not trace him and punish him with thunder tribulation. Therefore, he did not have to worry about being punished by a thunder tribulation, just like Wu Qi.

However, once he unleashed his aura that carried the sign of breaking through, he would be immediately discovered by the Heavenly Dao. It was like a man whose body was painted all black suddenly drenched himself with oil and set himself ablaze in the black of night. As soon as his aura emanated out, the sky was veiled with a thick layer of purple-red clouds. Inside the clouds, countless bolts of lightning were slithering back and forth, thick and giving off a blinding light. Before long, an enormous cloud vortex was formed in the midst of the purple-red clouds.

And when the six puppets unleashed their auras, the color of the purple-red clouds changed abruptly into a dark purple. The bolts of lightning were also stained with a faint layer of blood-red color; whenever they slithered across the sky, they painted the ground with faint blood-red lines.

The cultivation bases of these celestial fiend puppets were advanced with Wu Qi's cultivation base. With his overall strength sitting firmly at the peak realm of Heaven Immortal now, the puppets followed suit. Especially after he came to Pangu Continent, he had fed them with all kinds of precious minerals and energy stones whenever he found them, which had changed them thoroughly.

Just like Ao Buzun, they had unleashed their auras, causing the Heavenly Tribulation to become even more frightening. The tribulation clouds, which were purple-red at the beginning and targeted only common Gold Immortals, immediately turned dark purple, being upgraded to the Nirvana Tribulation that targeted top-tier Gold Immortals.

While chuckling, Wu Qi unleashed his aura at the same time. Princess Zhang Le gave him a glare, and she too started emanating all of her aura. Monstrous ripples of energy soared high up into the sky. Those who stood around them, such as Ying Zheng and the other emperors, were no fools. Seeing what Wu Qi and Princess Zhang Le were doing, all of them burst into laughter and unleashed their auras together.

The thunder tribulation of the immortals had a very terrible characteristic, and that was, implication!

Whenever a tribulation descended, the only person who was allowed to stay within a thousand miles around it would be the immortal who was facing it. If there were any other cultivator or immortal present within the area, they would cause the strength of the tribulation to increase exponentially. And the most distressing thing was that the thunder tribulation was very intelligent, as it would kill the strongest person first, only then kill the weaker ones.

Wu Qi had borrowed the thunder tribulation to kill an expert who was almost stepping into the Gold Immortal realm when he had just arrived at Pangu Continent. By using Ao Buzun to attract the Heavenly Tribulation, he was actually using the same tactic to teach the Supreme Oracle an unforgettable lesson.

All of a sudden, numerous dazzling green runes burst out of the dark surface of the Supreme Tower, pouring down like running water from the top of the tower. An old, angry voice mixed with utter shock boomed in everyone's ears, "Shameless juniors... How can you be so shameless? This... This is outrageous!"

Although the Supreme Oracle was hiding in his Supreme Tower, the thunder tribulation had locked down his body and soul.

The color of the tribulation clouds changed again, from dark purple to pitch black, then faded from pitch black to a strange gray, and finally turned into gray-white tribulation clouds which looked chaotic and kept rocking and rolling like a pot of boiling porridge.

The tribulation cloud had evolved from the ordinary Gold Immortal tribulation cloud into the 'Innate Bi-Elements Divine Thunder' which was targeted specifically at Primordial Immortals! It was a terrible thunder tribulation that could cause a fatal threat to Primordial Immortals, even if they owned a Primordial Immortal Artifact!

A furious howling rang out of the Supreme Tower as the surrounding void shattered suddenly, and in the blink of an eye, the tower vanished without a trace.

With that, ninety-nine percent of the thunder tribulation in the sky disappeared, having gone after the Supreme Oracle. Unless the unfortunate Supreme Oracle could destroy the tribulation cloud, it would keep chasing him like a mad dog. Even though he had escaped through teleportation, he could never escape the tribulation.

Ao Buzun took a deep breath and quickly retracted his aura, while the six puppets did the same. After that, Wu Qi waved his hand to produce a great sheet of spirit light which enveloped everyone around him. Exercising the mystic art of concealing aura, he brought the people of six dynasties and sped into the distance at the fastest speed possible.

With their disappearance, the tribulation cloud lost the target. The gray-white cloud in the sky hesitated for a while, then it trembled, sending down countless bolts of lightning to the ground.

As a result, the Dayan Immortal Pass was completely destroyed.

Half a month later, a shocking news spread across Great Yu.

The Left Minister of Great Yu's Directorate of Celestial, Gouchen Guang, was severely wounded by a thunder tribulation, which forced him to discard his fleshly body and enter transmigration!

Gouchen Guang did not even have the chance to leave his last words. The Human Emperor was enraged, and had ordered all the armies to be mobilized to exterminate the Myriad Immortal Alliance!