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The Fiend cloud vanished in a flash in the sky, and in the blink of an eye, Wu Qi had already traveled across the distance of one million miles between An Yi County and An Le County, arriving above An He City. At the border of the two counties, a few captains of An Yi County on a small patrol flying ship saw the Fiend cloud. But, as they were in a restless mood because of the uncertain situation in Zhong Province, they did not respond to the sighting and just pretended that they didn't see him.

Wu Qi landed in An He City. Using an escape art, he went straight into the Punishment Court. Amidst a cloud of black smoke, he revealed himself right in front of Yan Bugui.

Yan Bugui, who was talking with Su Qin, almost jumped up and punched Wu Qi. Fortunately, he had a quick response speed, which made him halt the punch at the moment he saw Wu Qi's face. "Why are you in such a hurry? Is there anything urgent?" he asked.

Su Qin, who had just returned to An He City after his tour of inspecting some of the elite Scouting Officers, said brusquely and in a manner of flaunting his seniority, "What can be more urgent? The disappearance of Feng Lingling and his entire clan, as well as the messy situation in Zhong Province are the greatest opportunity for us to expand our power. What can be more urgent than that?"

Wu Qi glared at Su Qin as he grabbed Yan Bugui and yelled, "When you guys came here, did you bring any communication talismans?"

While Yan Bugui was still in a daze, Su Qin took out a piece of jade talisman made of black jade. "This is a communication talisman made by Mister Mo Di himself," he said with a frown. "With a specific hand incantation gesture and spell, anyone from Great Yan is able to communicate all nearby companions within a Heavenly Realm. Well, what do you want this for?"

Wu Qi snatched the black jade talisman with one swift move and said in a deep voice, "Tell me the incantation gesture and spell quickly... Zhang Le is in trouble!"

Su Qin, Yan Bugui, and a few of the elite Scouting Officers leaped to their feet instantly. "Who's so bold to assault our Princess?" They shouted furiously in unison.

Wu Qi said anxiously, "Long story short, Zhang Le has arrived on Pangu Continent with some of her companions. She bumped into the Young Master of Myriad Immortal Alliance, and is now being pursued by them! Myriad Immortal Alliance is an alliance formed by nearly all the itinerant Immortals on Pangu Continent, whose latent power is incredibly strong. Tell me the incantation gesture and spell quickly. I'll go find and rescue them afterward! There is no way we can defeat the Myriad Immortal Alliance, so we have to hide from them and act according to circumstances."

Su Qin's face was unsightly, and he hurriedly taught Wu Qi the incantation gesture and spell that controlled the communication talisman. As Wu Qi spun and was about to take his leave, Su Qin grabbed him and said, "Do you want me to come with you? Do you have the confidence that you can keep those almighty experts of Myriad Immortal Alliance from finding out Zhang Le's traces with divination? Just to let you know, I know a divine ability that can conceal the fate of someone using the force of stars. It is called the Seven Luminaries Star Gazing Technique."

After a moment of thought, Wu Qi made a long bow to Su Qin and said, "No, you don't have to come with me. Please pardon me for saying this, but Mister Su Qin's cultivation base is not likely to help. If you can trust me, please teach me the Seven Luminaries Star Gazing Technique!"

Wu Qi looked up at Su Qin, his eyes unblinking, and said, "If you think it is a bad deal, I can trade it with a sacred scripture that can lead anyone straight to the realm of Gold Immortal!"

Su Qin spat, "Am I the kind of person who will take advantage of a Junior?" He then snapped, "This Seven Luminaries Star Gazing Technique is not something great as you might have thought, and I will teach you all the same! Well, just remember to take care of my son and Juniors in the future!"

A silver starlight gradually emerged on Su Qin's fingertip as he pointed it out, and soon materialized into a glinting jade slip. Carefully, he copied the Seven Luminaries Star Gazing Technique into the jade slip and tossed it to Wu Qi. "The power of the stars is magical and unfathomable," he said in a serious manner, "and the trajectory of stars can determine a person's life and death, misfortune and happiness. Don't meddle with them."

Wu Qi received the jade slip and crushed it with his palm. In just a flash, his powerful divine sense had imprinted all the content of the technique in his Chaotic Divine Soul. While laughing, he bowed to Su Qin, then his body suddenly disintegrated into countless silver starlight and vanished amidst a graceful immortal tune.

Su Qin's old face twitched at the sight of it. "This guy…" He said, horrified. "How is he able to use the Star Escape Art immediately? Damn it! How could he have such an insane intuition when I had worked so hard for three hundred years to just dissolve my body into starlight in broad daylight?"

Stomping his foot hard, Su Qin gritted his teeth and said, "Bugui, we can't let this guy look down upon us! Hmph, he actually said my cultivation base is not likely to help and refused to let me rescue Princess Zhang Le with him. Well, while he's going to rescue them, we'll be here to figure out how to occupy more land! Feng Lingling has fallen from power, and Zhong Province is in a mess now. We'll be fools if we don't take the advantage of it!"

Yan Bugui laughed, and a group of elite Scouting Officers joined him and Su Qin, the wily old fox, to discuss the matter.

Wu Qi had turned into a beam of starlight, and was flying at high speed ten thousand miles above the ground. His whole mind was sucked into the innumerable secrets of the Seven Luminaries Star Gazing Technique. With the insane ability of his innate Chaotic Divine Soul, he had almost instantaneously grasped the essence of the technique. After transforming into a beam of starlight, he could sense an enormously powerful gravity coming from above, from the stars that existed since the ancient times.

As his body swam through the boundless forces of the stars like a fish, Wu Qi found an extremely powerful force of star which went in the same direction as he was going. Without hesitation, he immediately fused himself into it, turning into a dazzling beam of silver light that pierced through the sky. Almost instantaneously, he had traveled billions of miles and crossed the territories of two large provinces.

"This is amazing!" Wu Qi nodded to himself. Traveling with this technique was definitely much faster than the technique of magnetic force he had robbed from Zhang Yi. However, it also consumed more energy, as in just a very short time, half of his energy was gone! It was no wonder that Su Qin had never used this technique when he was touring around. Not that he did not know it, but the consumption of energy was simply too great for him to use at the moment.

In a flash, the anxious Wu Qi had crossed a dozen large provinces with the power of the star, while avoiding the regions that might have affected by the chaotic situation in Zhong Province. Finally, he entered a county city of a major province, using the teleportation formation there to travel to the place where Princess Zhang Le and Li Qinghua had met.

The place where Princess Zhang Le arrived on Pangu Continent was 'Dark Valley Immortal Pass', a separate town located at the border of three large provinces. Just like Qing Xu Immortal Pass, it was a gathering place of itinerant cultivators from hundreds of nearby provinces. It had an immortal market, where itinerant cultivators could trade various spirit herbs, rare minerals, and treasures, offices where itinerant cultivators obtained their identity certificates, and the teleportation formations used to travel between Pangu Continent and outer heavenly realms.

Wu Qi went straight to Dark Valley Immortal Pass by teleportation formation. When he arrived, he immediately bribed an immortal officer who guarded the formation with a large sum of money, and asked him about the way Princess Zhang Le fled that day after she fought Li Qinghua. As soon as he got the general direction, Wu Qi transformed into a beam of starlight and followed Princess Zhang Le's track in a great rush.

While flying at a great speed, Wu Qi cursed some people's ancestors with exasperation.

For the past few days, as he had to digest Mu Bai's immense divine energy, he did not have the time to craft himself a few handy weapons. As a result, he had nothing but an ordinary storage ring now, which he had robbed from someone. Now, if he ran into some powerful Immortals who were chasing Princess Zhang Le, he could only fight them with his bare hands.

And so, the journey was full of swearing, while Wu Qi had taken out the communication talisman and kept performing a hand incantation gesture and reciting the spell, releasing the information that he was near.

Princess Zhang Le had no reason not to tell Yan Dan that she would be traveling to Pangu Continent, and it was absolutely impossible that Yan Dan would not give her a communication talisman which was used to communicate with the people of Great Yan. Wu Qi firmly believed that he could find her with the talisman.

As he was flying in the direction where Princess Zhang Le had fled, Wu Qi found that more and more strangely dressed itinerant Immortals were gathering in the same direction. The arrest warrant issued by Myriad Immortal Alliance had described in details the causes and effects of the conflict between Li Qinghua and Princess Zhang Le, as well as the location of the conflict. The itinerant Immortals of Myriad Immortal Alliance were not stupid. With all the information, they had arrived in the vicinity of Dark Valley Immortal Pass, and were following Princess Zhang Le's trail.

Wu Qi even saw some Immortals, who appeared to be well versed in divination, standing on clouds and performing divination with tools such as tortoise shells, trying to find out where Princess Zhang Le and her company had gone to. However, as somebody who possessed the innate body of God, Princess Zhang Le's aura had blended well with the heaven and earth, so it was almost impossible for anyone to find out her whereabouts through divination. Yet, Wu Qi also realized that apart from her, the traces of those who had accompanied her could easily be predicted.

His rage went out of control when he finally saw an Immortal had set up a large altar on a cloud in front of him, and was predicting Princess Zhang Le's current whereabouts with a dozen of other Immortals by means of grand divination. He threw his head back and let out a sharp howl. All of a sudden he had transformed into a Gale, rushing toward the cloud with a blast of wind.

It was a known fact that the Gale was the divine beast that commanded all storms under the heaven. And, as Wu Qi had devoured the insight relating to the Law of Wind from the seven Wind Gods a few days ago, when he brought out the storms, gusts of black wind immediately swept across the land thousands of miles in diameter. As soon as any ordinary Heaven Immortals were caught in the storm, they were torn to pieces.

His eyes were shot with blood as he smashed the altar to a complete mess with an immeasurable powerful black storm. A dozen or so Heaven Immortals, whose cultivation base ranged between twenty-seventh and twenty-eighth tier, were ripped into pieces by numerous wind blades without even uttering a single howl. Afterward, a stream of chaotic energy rushed out of his body and absorbed the vast immortal energy and blood essence of these Heaven Immortals, turning them into his own.

The black storm swept far and wide, turning into a shadow of death as it advanced further and further.

Wherever it passed, all the Immortals along the way, whether they were Immortals and cultivators from the Myriad Immortal Alliance, or just some innocent passersby, over ten thousand of them were killed by the storm, all ripped into pieces. Wu Qi had absorbed a small part of their immortal energy and blood essence, while eighty percent of the Immortals were swallowed up by the delighted Ao Buzun.

After following the trail for one and a half month, one day, a bright light suddenly burst out from the black talisman in Wu Qi's hand.

Not far away from him, someone from Great Yan had received the message he was sending out.