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476 Vanished In Chaos

The item spirit of the Heavenly Outfit of Gale woke from its deep slumber suddenly. In an utter panic, it sent a hurried but extremely clear message to Wu Qi.

"A Primordial Gold Talisman! It is a Primordial Gold Talisman! Be careful!"

The shapeless, invisible force came smashing onto Wu Qi's body. Immediately, a blinding green light burst from the Heavenly Outfit of Gale. Its item spirit gave a sharp screech as a shadow of Gale soared out from within Wu Qi's body, wheeling rapidly around him. The power which the item spirit had accumulated through countless of years in deep slumber was unleashed in that instant, transforming into thirteen green talismans about the size of a head each. They hovered around Wu Qi, glinting with a bright green radiance while emanating an energy wave so powerful that it could make one suffocate.

But, all thirteen talismans were shattered in just a flash, while the true form of the Heavenly Outfit of Gale crumbled abruptly. Only a single thread of its True Spirit managed to survive, which fled back into Wu Qi's body together with its Source Core which was formed from all the restrictive formations. Before this Primordial immortal item left behind by Reverend Gale could recover its original look, it was destroyed by a Primordial immortal item crafted by another Primordial Immortal.

The Heavenly Outfit of Gale had sacrificed itself to eliminate forty percent power of the Primordial Gold Talisman. However, the remaining fearsome force that was capable of destroying anything continued to approach Wu Qi. He gave a panicked cry, and all of a sudden, the earth element dragon scale shield issued a sharp cry as it released all 36,000 golden scales at once, transforming them into a golden dragon that circled around Wu Qi.

Right after the golden dragon took shape, the destructive force from the Primordial Gold Talisman smashed down brutally. One after another, the dragon scales were shattered to shreds, and the true form of earth element dragon scale shield produced a sorrowful cry before it violently exploded, turning into a clump of innate earth element energy essence that fled desperately back into Wu Qi's body. It was then quickly absorbed by Wu Qi's earth element meridian, while a large column of yellowish mist was sprayed out of his body. His fleshly body was strengthened a few times in just a twinkle.

Wu Qi stood aghast as he sensed the fearsome force that could turn him into powder approaching. He gave another cry, unleashing the spirit-restricting rope and Flaming Magpie together. The rope transformed into rings of purple light that winded around him. However, it was turned into nothingness in just a flash. And, it was even worse for the Flaming Magpie, as it vanished instantly right after it was unleashed, before it even had the chance to show its power.

In a great panic, Wu Qi unleashed all his magical items, magical treasures,, and spirit items. But, when faced with the irresistible power of the Primordial Gold Talisman, it was as if a few tiny ants were trying to stop an army of million soldiers from marching forward. All the magical treasures were shattered before the despairing force.

At that moment, it was as if colorful fireworks had just exploded next to Wu Qi. One magical item was unleashed and vanished after another. The destructive force produced by the Primordial Gold Talisman still kept approaching Wu Qi, and was about to hit him.

As he was forced into a hopeless situation, Wu Qi laughed a miserable laugh, unleashing both his favorite weapons at the same time, the Sword of Greedy Wolf and Cold Electric Mirror.

Being as loyal as it always was, the Sword of Greedy Wolf transformed into several dozens of black wolf heads and thrust forward. But, when they were pressed by the tremendous force, the sword vanished abruptly. Meanwhile, the Cold Electric Mirror gave a miserable cry, and it soared up into the sky suddenly, ignoring Wu Qi and wanting to flee based on its instincts. But, too bad that the frightening force of the Primordial Gold Talisman had completely locked down the surrounding void. After fleeing for just less than ten feet, the Mirror of Cold Electric suddenly blinked and turned into a clump of tiny electric arcs that sprinkled down.

All the magical treasures which Wu Qi had brought with him had been completely destroyed. Apart from the Dark Yin Hassock which he could not control, his last hope was on the Chariot of Eight Horses.

He projected his divine will into the chariot, trying to muster its force to help him escape from the great calamity. But, as he was in a hurry, he had forgotten to disguise his divine will into the aura of the Human Emperor. The Chariot of Eight Horses did not respond to Wu Qi's command. Instead, a powerful backlash erupted and destroyed Wu Qi's divine will.

A rainbow light flickered on Wu Qi's right arm. The Chariot of Eight Horses had sensed a force that could destroy it coming from the outside. Abruptly, it transformed into a beam of light and soared up into the sky. The eight heavenly horses neighed with panic, dragging the chariot and quickly galloping into a far distance.

The Primordial Gold Talisman briefly swept across the chariot. Immediately, the bright light shone from the chariot dimmed down, and the chariot turned rusty, as if it were a shabby object made from bronze. Desperately, it transformed into a beam of faint light and sped away into the horizon. Wu Qi could clearly sense that over 99% of the enormous willpower stored in the chariot was gone, destroyed by just one single strike from the Primordial Gold Talisman.

Wu Qi roared furiously, not willing to accept the fact. However, apart from celestial fiend puppets which could never withstand the frightening power of the Primordial Gold Talisman, and the Dark Yin Hassock who would never obey his command now, he did not have any other weapons.

A despairing roar kept echoing out from Wu Qi's mouth. Left with no other choice, he made a last desperate effort, releasing ten thousand Long Bo men from his Spirit Breeding Ring.

"Hey! Ha!" Amidst the loud roars, the people of Long Bo Kingdom charged out of the ring, forming a huge formation immediately. It was an army of ten thousand people from Long Bo Kingdom who had almost broken through the Nascent Soul realm, each possessing an overall strength that could fight head-on with a Nascent Divinity cultivator. When their energy fusing into one, they transformed into an almost corporeal killing intent that towered into the sky.

But, when the killing intent had just risen, it was immediately shattered by the invisible force. The tremendous force unleashed by the Primordial Gold Talisman had shattered everything. The people of Long Bo Kingdom howled tragically as their bodies vanished inch by inch, turning into nothingness inch by inch. They could see how their bodies disintegrated with their own eyes, a disintegration without any pain. But, with every inch that was vanished, a part of their soul would be taken away. Eventually, when their bodies were completely disappeared, their souls were turned into nothingness as well.

When facing the remaining force of a Primordial Gold Talisman, the people of Long Bo Kingdom who Wu Qi had painstakingly raised with countless herbs were still too weak to withstand even a single blow.

He howled. With only the last hope he could count on, Wu Qi unleashed the Heavenly Water Dark Palace. The palace once belonged to Lady Dark Gold Water, and it was ready with countless restrictive formations. Wu Qi could only hope that the palace could help him to neutralize a part of the lethal power of the Primordial Gold Talisman. Even if it were just a little bit, that would give him a chance to fight back!

But sadly, just like everything he had thrown out previously, the Heavenly Water Dark Palace vanished after a few silent blinks.

He heard Daoist Min's laughter. "Why is this fellow still struggling? But, I'm curious about where he found so many good treasures!" Daoist Min's voice was filled with a strong tone of irony, as well as a jealous that went deep into the marrow. A plain jealousy.

'Why am I still struggling?'

Wu Qi's eyes went wide abruptly. He turned his head and cried sternly at Daoist Min, "Why am I still struggling? If I manage to survive, I'll definitely have my revenge!" An unprecedented air of viciousness rushed straight into his heart, making it pump several times faster. He kept howling and roaring, and the corner of his eyes cracked with blood seeping out.

Daoist Chi clenched his jaws and turned his head away. He did not wish to look at Wu Qi's ferocious expression that seemed like a foul ghost.

Wu Qi gave a strange laugh. A desperate technique recorded in Scroll of Stealing suddenly leaped into his mind, a technique that could kill both the caster and the enemies. Even as he was laughing viciously, five Acquired Spirit Pearls flew out of his body followed by the few fake Nascent Souls which he had cultivated, including the Dark Yin and the Nether Fiend Nascent Soul.

A huge amount of energy and immortal stones stored in Black Dragon Spirit Ring flew out at the same time. Mouthful after mouthful of blood was being coughed out by Wu Qi, which condensed into several hundred bizarre-looking Primordial Runes in midair. Each of the runes was full of sharp edges, and sending forth a threatening, as well as extremely desperate and vicious, murderous aura.

And, not only did he produce all the energy and immortal stones he had, everything that contained some amount of natural energy, such as ordinary ores to rare metals, ordinary herbs that one could easily find on the street to rare spirit herbs, everything stored inside Black Dragon Spirit Ring was being produced, except the Fragrant Ganoderma which he found in the passage that led to the Heavenly Water Dark Palace.

Five Acquired Spirit Pearls hovered in midair according to the position of five elements. The Primordial Runes formed using Wu Qi's blood came quickly and merged with them. Instantly, a five-colored light enveloped Wu Qi, and it seemed as if the surrounding void was completely locked down by it. The light darted back and forth like a serpent, devouring all the energy and immortal stones, as well as all the spirit herbs that flew out of the Black Dragon Spirit Ring. An enormous energy was drawn from all these objects, then turned into five element energy that fused into the five different Spirit Pearls.

A dangerous aura spread across the scene. Both Daoist Min and Daoist Chi stared at Wu Qi with great fear, and Daoist Min cried out in a stern voice, "They are Acquired Spirit Pearls of Five Elements! What are you trying to do? B*stard! From where did you find so many immortal stones and energy stones? Where did you find so many spirit herbs? You... you damn b*stard! You... what are you trying to do? Stop it! Stop it right now!"

Wu Qi slapped his chest with one hand, forcing out five drops of his blood essence from the heart, which transformed into five fist-sized runes and fused with five Acquired Spirit Pearls. Right at the moment when the five runes fused with the Spirit Pearls, all the immortal stones, energy stones, as well as the ores and spirit herbs had returned to the most fundamental energy of five elements.

"The crumbling of five elements, the Great Destructive Chaos Unity Spell!" Wu Qi shouted an incantation that made everyone's flesh creep. After that, he gave a strange laugh and said, "This is what you forced me to do! Hahaha, this is what you forced me to do!"

Within his Seven Stealing Heaven Meridians, all ten Innate Nascent Souls shrunk abruptly, from about one-foot tall to the size of a fist. A great amount of innate energy rushed whistling out of the meridians in his arms, transforming into a five-colored strange light that was injected into five Spirit Pearls. Like the primer of an explosive, the innate energy detonated all five Spirit Pearls in an instant. The innate energy had detonated the Primordial Runes, forcibly reversing the acquired energy into innate energy. As a result, a massive power that could send a chill down a Gold Immortal's back was unleashed, just like the chain reaction of a nuclear bomb.

A loud boom echoed out, and an invisible ring of shockwave rushed to several tens of thousands of miles away in just a flash. It leveled all the mountains and ridges along the way, turning all living beings into nothingness. A dozen of cities with over a million population each, as well as countless small towns and villages, vanished soundlessly amidst the explosion. The sky was blotted with wandering spirits.

The force of Primordial Gold Talisman clashed head-on with the explosion created by Wu Qi. Two massive forces formed a strange balance at the center of the explosion. Cupping Supremacy Three Flame's head with his arms, Wu Qi was lucky enough to survive within the strange balance. However, Daoist Min, Daoist Chi, and all the Immortals they brought here had turned into nothingness without making a sound, just like all the magical treasures and spirit items that belonged to Wu Qi.

The sky, the earth, the void, everything had turned into chaos. The innate and acquired energies had blended into a mess, rolling and rocking violently like a pot of porridge on a raging flame.

Wu Qi coughed violently as he transformed into a gust of wind and brought Supremacy Three Flame out of the great explosion.

On the far distant Green Cliff Planet, a few soul jade slips placed on top of an altar exploded suddenly. A few disciples who took care of the soul jade slips gave a shocking cry and rushed hurriedly out of the palace.

Before long, Patriarch Yuan Hua's furious roar echoed out, causing the entire Green Cliff Planet to tremble.