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402 A Complete Victory

"This is absurd! It doesn't make sense at all!" Reverend Huilin cried loudly with his saliva hurling around, "Immortal Monarchs, look at the wings behind the back of these two great pythons! They definitely possess the bloodline of some extraordinary ancient beast. And with their incredibly huge bodies, it is obvious that they have become flood dragons! Furthermore, they have formed their Nascent Divinities. They are two Demon Immortals of Nascent Divinity realm! How could a mere Nascent Soul disciple own such powerful demon pets?"

"Cheating! Yuan Hua Sect is cheating!" Reverend Huilin said sternly and justly, "They know they can't defeat us, which is why they are using such a dirty approach!"

Even as he was shouting and protesting at the top of his voice, Gold Horn and Silver Horn had already shot out tens of red and white beams continuously, killing seven of the Nascent Divinity cultivators from Huiling Sect, while seriously injuring the other three, who seemed to be at the verge of collapsing. Even Daoist Mo Luan's Smoke Luan Shield could not withstand the power from the scorching flame and biting coldness shot out by the brothers, let alone the spirit items controlled by these Nascent Divinity cultivators!

Wherever the white and red colored beams went, spirit items would be broken and fleshly bodies would be wounded. Gold Horn and Silver Horn had shown an invincible might by launching attacks that sent blood and gore flying everywhere, causing the disciples of Huiling Sect to flee for their lives. The brothers and Catfish-flood-dragon opened their big mouths and kept swallowing the blood and gore that filled the sky. However, little did they know that while they were feasting happily here, Reverend Huilin had already protested high up above them.

Nevertheless, what Reverend Huilin did was just protest. He was too lazy to rescue his disciples from the match. For him, they were just a bunch of useless fools, and it would be better if all of them were killed. As long as he could prove that the disciples of Yuan Hua Sect were really cheating, he would have won the match. So, why should he be bothered with the death of some disciples?

Wu Qi was following closely behind Gold Horn and Silver Horn, with two flying swords wheeling and dancing around him that cast a dark light to the atmosphere. Abruptly, the sword beams flickered, as one of them pierced through the defensive magical treasure belonging to an early-stage Nascent Soul cultivator before him, then continued piercing through the cultivator's forehead. In the next instant, Gold Horn rushed over, and downed the cultivator with a roll of his long tongue.

Originally, Wu Qi only had one flying sword, the Sword of Greedy Wolf. But, as he managed to win Patriarch Yuan Hua's favor, he was given another flying sword - the 'Xuanhao Sword', an upper-grade spirit item. The sword was crafted using freezing jade from under the ocean, and was quenched with ten thousand years old dark ice. That made it a water element flying sword with pure Yin characteristic. Also, as he just obtained innate Yin energy not long ago, all the innate five elements energies in his body now possessed a pure Yin aura. By controlling Xuanhao Sword with the technique found in Dark Yin Water Scripture, it allowed him to command the sword with ease as he wished.

On one side, the Sword of Greedy Wolf was darting back and forth in the void, slamming head-on into the flying swords operated by those Huiling Sect's cultivators and breaking them in half with every strike. On the other side, the Xuanhao Sword brought up streams of water and produced several tens of vortexes of different sizes, dragging one Huiling Sect cultivator after another into them. Then, with a twist and crush from a powerful force within those vortexes, some of the cultivators' defensive magical treasures were crushed to a mess, while some of them could not withstand the tremendous pressure, having blood oozing out of their seven apertures and passed out completely.

Whether it was the defensive magical treasures or those cultivators who had lost their consciousness, their final destination was Gold Horn, Silver Horn, and Catfish-flood-dragon's stomachs.

But, the one with a higher efficiency than even Wu Qi was none other than Princess Zhang Le. The five-colored divine ray was flickering in her eyes, and there was an invisible, strange force lingering in the air around her. Frequently, some of the Huiling Sect's cultivators would become transfixed as she controlled them with a mystic technique, making them retract their defensive magical treasures like obedient children. And, when that happened, a thunderbolt would always smash down from the sky and smote the cultivator, turning him half-cooked and emitting a fragrance of baked human flesh that could make one's scalp creep.

Surprisingly, these lightning-struck cultivators were much preferred by Gold Horn and Silver Horn. In the end, both of them simply followed Princess Zhang Le around, and only ate these half-cooked cultivators.

In just fifteen minutes, the disciples of Huiling Sect suffered a crushing defeat, with over seventy of them slain by Yuan Hua Sect's disciples. When they tried to put out a desperate counterattack, their attacks were all rendered useless by the lower-grade defensive spirit items possessed by Yuan Hua Sect's disciples. Throughout the entire battle, not even one Yuan Hua Sect's disciple was hurt.

"Immortal Monarchs, now you can see the irrefutable evidence! The disciples of Yuan Hua Sect are cheating!" Reverend Huilin cried sternly.

Even as he said that, the Immortals around looked at him in utter disdain. 'Since you claimed that the disciples of Yuan Hua Sect are cheating, why don't you go and rescue your disciples? After all, they are all disciples of Huiling Sect. If you had saved them, at most, only a dozen of them would be slain, which could have made the situation completely different! Now, as you are doing nothing, most of them have been killed, leaving only twenty-odd lucky disciples still fleeing in a flurry!'

Now, all the Heaven Immortals present could tell that Reverend Huilin intentionally used the death of his own disciples to reinforce his accusation. The more these disciples who he regarded as ants were killed and wounded, the more sympathy he would get. Perhaps, that could even hit the soft spots in the hearts of the five Immortal Monarchs, who were the judges of the match, and make them decide that Yuan Hua Sect had lost the match. Of course, as they were the Immortal Monarchs from the Heaven, could the death of those disciples really hit the soft spots in their hearts, that was not something Reverend Huilin could have decided.

In any case, he wanted to let all the Immortals present witness how a Nascent Soul disciple from Yuan Hua Sect brought two extraordinary ancient pythons of Nascent Divinity realm to the match. According to the rules they set prior to the match, this was cheating, and could be ruled as defeat!

In fact, there was one more thing that Reverend Huilin did not say, and most probably felt too ashamed to say - 'The disciples from Huiling Sect are all carefully picked elites. If not for Wu Qi's cheating, there is no way that we, Huiling Sect, would have lost the match!'

However, as he looked at the shabby lower-grade magical treasures used by his disciples, then turned to look at the glinting lower-grade spirit item level outfits of those disciples from the Yuan Hua Sect, as well as the powerful spirit items used by them, he just could not say that out loud, despite his thick facial skin.

Standing not far away, Daoist Chi grinned coldly and said, "Senior Huiling, although I have to address you as a senior, I hope you don't talk irresponsibly and accuse us without any proper reason! The two great pythons are really our disciple, Wu Qi's personal demon pets. Half a month ago, they just transcended their Heavenly Tribulation at the Green Cliff Mountain and formed their Nascent Divinities. Yuan Hua Sect is not cheating!"

Not waiting for Reverend Huilin to talk, Daoist Chi continued, "As the few Immortal Monarchs have decided the rules of the match, how could we be so stupid and do something that would give our opponent the reason to accuse us?"

Immortal Chuan pondered for a brief moment. Then, he exchanged a glance with the other Immortal Monarchs, and they all nodded slightly at the same time. Laughing loudly, Pilgrim Gu He waved his hand and cast out a golden Buddhist light, which moved across the landmass like a wall, splitting Yuan Hua Sect's disciples, including Wu Qi, apart from Huiling Sect's disciples. "By the compassion of the Buddha, Yuan Hua Sect has gained the absolute advantage in the first match. There is no reason to create more sin by killing. That's enough."

Instead of announcing that Yuan Hua Sect won the match, Pilgrim Gu He only mentioned that they had obtained the absolute advantage. Obviously, they wanted to examine the relationship between Wu Qi, Gold Horn, and Silver Horn, making sure that Yuan Hua Sect did not cheat in the match. Only then they could decide who won the match.

Currently, Huiling Sect was left with only three Nascent Divinity cultivators, and all three of them were bathed in blood. After Pilgrim Gu He split them apart, the three of them immediately sat down on the ground, panting heavily like mortals.

All the Immortals landed on the landmass one after another, surrounding Gold Horn and Silver Horn with great interest. They frowned as they observed the brothers, while some of them were stealing glances at Wu Qi with a thoughtful expression. Wu Qi could sense the evil thoughts in these people's mind. He knew they were coveting the python brothers. Nevertheless, Wu Qi did not fear them. As long as he did not leave Green Cliff Planet, nobody could touch even a single hair of his.

After walking two rounds around Gold Horn and Silver Horn, Immortal Chuan nodded and said with a smile, "Truly amazing! I reckon they are Dragon Pythons of Fire and Ice who we have only heard from the ancient legends! I've read their introduction in the rare species records in the Heaven. Wu Qi my little friend, you are a man with a great fortune."

Wu Qi cupped his fist and bowed to Immortal Chuan. "You are flattering me, Immortal Monarch. I was just lucky." He said with a smile.

He knew these Immortals wanted a proof. Hence, he beckoned at the python brothers, "Gold Horn, Silver Horn, reveal your Nascent Divinity, and show all the senior Immortals the relationship between us!"

Then, with a sway of his body, a large column of cloud burst out, amidst which came flying out a white cloud carrying his fake Nascent Soul. As this fake Nascent Soul was cultivating the White Cloud Immortal Sect's Energy Unity Script, it was surrounded by many clouds. Two wisps of red and white light could be seen hovering above the fake Nascent Soul's hands.

Meanwhile, Gold Horn and Silver Horn bowed their heads. Then, from their foreheads came flying out two beams of light, red and white respectively. Upon making their appearance, both beams of light transformed into two great pythons, slithering rapidly around Wu Qi. The brothers' Nascent Divinities looked very fierce and strong, one shrouded in scorching flame while the other had icy wind swirling around it. Countless restrictive runes could be vaguely seen both inside and outside the two Nascent Divinities. As all the Immortals here were knowledgeable experts, they could tell with just one glance that Gold Horn and Silver Horn's Nascent Divinities were echoing with the wisps of light hovering above Wu Qi's palm. Evidently, Wu Qi had a total control over the brothers.

"This can't prove that Wu Qi is the one who subdued the two great pythons!" Reverend Huilin cried out fiercely.

Wu Qi sighed lightly, shook his head and said, "Junior can swear to the heaven that I am the one who personally subdued Gold Horn and Silver Horn. Actually, you can suspect me of being cheating if both of them are Demon Immortals of Heaven Immortal realm. But, they have just formed their Nascent Divinities not long ago, and I believe all the senior Immortals here can easily tell that it just happened a few days ago... Cheating? Could that be called as cheating?"

Daoist Chi snorted coldly, gazing at Reverend Huilin from the corner of his eyes as he taunted, "Senior, is it because that you couldn't afford to lose, thus causing you to make such a lame argument?"

Reverend Huilin bellowed, "I can't afford to lose? Daoist Chi, how dare you!"

Immortal Chuan exchanged a glance with the other Immortal Monarchs, and they all shook their heads at the same time. Obviously, Reverend Huilin was acting like a bully here. Instead of admitting defeat after his disciples failed in the match, he just went ahead and accused Wu Qi of cheating. No matter how they looked at it, there was nothing worthy of suspicion to be found with the two great pythons subdued by Wu Qi. The only reasonable explanation was that Wu Qi had a great fortune, thus allowing him to bring the victory for his sect.

Not wanting to give Reverend Huilin any more chances to nag, Immortal Chuan shouted in a deep voice, "Yuan Hua Sect has won the match! That is our final decision!"

After giving Reverend Huilin a glance, whose complexion turned pale with anger, Immortal Chuan said coldly, "The second match will start now! Patriarch Yuan Hua from Yuan Hua Sect and Reverend Huilin from Huiling Sect, please prepare yourself!"

Reverend Huilin's face flickered, and he suddenly broke out into loud laughter, "Yuan Hua, you old fogey, where are you?!"

Reverend Huilin became bloated with pride again, with a smile returning to his face. It was as if the crushing defeat just now had never happened.