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368 A Secret Talk Late in the Nigh

"Yu clan!" Yan Dan said with a sneering smile as he nodded his head thoughtfully.

"Yu clan!" After remaining thoughtful for a long while, he said, "Since Great Yan was founded, there have always been people trying to incite others to rise in rebellion, creating all kinds of conflicts. I've once handled the situation with brutal approaches by eradicating a few influential clans. However, only after the incident of Yu clan have I finally confirmed that someone has been kept stirring up troubles behind our back."

"Are they in some ways related to that almighty expert?" Wu Qi asked coolly after a brief moment of pondering.

Yan Dan frowned, then clapped and said, "True enough! Yes, they are related to that man."

Staring into Yan Dan's eyes, Wu Qi said deeply, "With the overall strength of that almighty expert, if he really wants to overturn Great Yan..."

"The divine abilities and magical power of that man are simply unfathomable. If he really wants to overturn all six dynasties, it is as easy as a flip of his palm." Yan Dan said without the slightest hesitation, "In order to plant a fear into our hearts, before he brought our souls to Myriad Immortals Planet, he once showed us one of his technique. With just an ordinary Palm Thunder, he instantly turned several tens of planets having the size similar to Myriad Immortals Planet into nothingness."

Wu Qi smiled and said, "So, although Yu clan is related to that man, they are not here to really overturn Great Yan. Perhaps, they treat Great Yan as a blade grinder, a place where they can send their clan members to be tempered. Therefore, even though we've killed everyone from Yu clan, and murdered that Yu Heling and Yu Hetian who appeared out of nowhere, I don't think we need to worry too much."

Yan Dan closed his eyes and sunk into a deep ponder. At last, he nodded slowly and said, "When I met that man for the first time, I found his manner of speech and behavior rather ancient, and there was something strange about him. He seems like he doesn't have a good understanding of the ways of the world. Rigid, yes, he is a very rigid man, who doesn't know how to be flexible, and only knows how to make people submit by force."

"Lack of astuteness, lack of experiences," said Wu Qi with a deep voice.

"Yes! Lack of astuteness and experiences!" said Yan Dan with a laugh, "From what I can tell, he should be coming from a background of lofty privilege, and has received a very good education, or he won't be having that awe-inspiring power of his. However, he must be staying in a very rigid environment, which made him a man ten thousand times more rigid than Old Mister Xun. When comparing to the people of six dynasties, he is lacking the vigor of a human. Yes, he lacks the vigor, and he looks just like a puppet crafted by Mo Sect."

Wu Qi nodded and said, "Therefore, the people of Yu clan have come to Great Yan, and most probably, someone with the same background as them are here in Great Yan as well. I reckon there are people like them in the rest of the dynasties also. By scheming and plotting against one another in the imperial court of six dynasties, despite the result of their schemes and plots, these people have gained a vast experience in the process."

Yan Dan slapped the floor excitedly, retracting his tightly sealed Nascent Divinity that was shrouded in a layer of dense, dark smoke. Then, he asked with a deep voice, "The question is, what is he up to exactly?"

After that, Yan Dan and Wu Qi cried out in one voice, "Talents! He needs a great number of talents who are worldly-wise, experienced, and full of resources and astuteness!"

"If he really comes from a rigid and dull place, then most probably, apart from his awe-inspiring cultivation base, he knows nothing else worth mentioning." Wu Qi added, "So, not only does he need talents full of resources and astuteness, he also needs managers who can run businesses, generals who can lead an army in war, assassins who can scheme and kill someone from the dark, and..."

Yan Dan nodded and said, "All kinds of talents!"

Yan Dan gave Wu Qi a praising look, patting his shoulder as he said, "Your observation has woken me up in a start. For over two thousand years, I've been pondering what this man really wants. But looking back now, what he needs are the talents that we've trained. Although this might not be 100% accurate, but it should be close enough to the truth."

Both men exchanged a glance, then nodded heavily at the same time.

Taking a deep breath, Wu Qi asked, "Your Majesty, by summoning me into imperial palace at this late hour, what are the things you want me to do?"

Having his eyes rested on Wu Qi's face, Yan Dan pointed at Princess Zhang Le and said, "Zi Xuan is the only member of Great Yan's imperial clan who isn't bound by that restrictive spell. If anything happens in the future, the lives of all the members of Great Yan's imperial clan will be held in other people's hands. Help me take good care of Zi Xuan. Protect her with your life, and allow the bloodline of Great Yan's imperial clan to be passed on. In the future, when you and Zi Xuan have children, do let Great Yan adopt half of your boys!"

Sighing lightly, Yan Dan continued, "Ji is my surname. However, as I feel I've failed my ancestors, I've been using the title of my dynasty as my surname. Zi Xuan's real name is supposed to be Ji Zi Xuan. So in the future, half of your boys should be given the surname of Ji."

Wu Qi gave Princess Zhang Le a look, nodding his head lightly as he said, "I will do that. If all of you are dead, I'll let Great Yan adopt half of our boys, and let them bear the surname of Ji. With that, even if Great Yan is destroyed, they will also rebuild it in the future."

Upon hearing Wu Qi's promise, Yan Dan breathed out a sigh of relief instantly. "Great! As long as Great Yan's bloodline does not end, that's all I want."

Then, Yan Dan turned to look at Princess Zhang Le and said gently, "Zi Xuan, the reason your grandpa told you so many things just now is to let you understand one thing... That for the sake of Great Yan, your mother's death is... inevitable. If not because of her bloodline and blood essence that broke the restrictive spell in your soul, you would have your life and death control by someone, just like your grandpa and your father."

Princess Zhang Le gave Wu Qi a look. Upon seeing Wu Qi nodding lightly at her, only then she bowed three times at Yan Dan, her eyes red while she did not say a word.

Yan Dan smiled bitterly and helplessly. Taking a deep breath and throwing his head back, he gave a long sigh and said, "Well, this matter is settled then. Wu Qi, now that you've learned our origin, the root cause for the relationship between six dynasties, we've roughly guessed the background of Yu clan, as well as the motive of those people behind them. However, by telling you all this, I just want to let you know that we are controlled by someone, so that you can be extra cautious in everything you do. Actually, apart from asking you to protect Zi Xuan, there's another thing I need your help with..."

Yan Dan turned to look at Wu Qi, as a vague anticipation filled his eyes.

Wu Qi was not stupid. After fusing with Le Xiaobai's soul, his intelligent had reached a monstrous level. And by consuming a Heavenly Wit Fruit later, it made his intelligence leap to a higher level. By just exchanging a glance with Yan Dan, he had already known what Yan Dan was trying to tell him. Nodding his head, he held up one finger and said, "Your Majesty, if you can guarantee the safety of my people and properties in Great Yan, I'll comply with your request."

Yan Dan stared amazedly at Wu Qi and asked, "Do you know what I am trying to say?"

"Well, I can roughly guess that." Wu Qi said with a nod, "The present six dynasties cannot compare with the past anymore. With the number of Heaven Immortals you have, the six dynasties will no longer be bound by the two immortal sects. Since you have begun to expand your power beyond this planet, I can safely assume that all six dynasties will definitely further develop their own influence and territory in the near future. As Heaven Immortals are rare in Liyuan Galaxy, once the six dynasties go into full power mode, in less than several hundred of years, Liyuan Galaxy, or even the entire Minor Heavenly Circle Realm, will surely fall into the hands of the six dynasties."

Yan Dan kept nodding his head as he listened to Wu Qi. "You are absolutely correct. The future is as you've predicted."

Sighing lightly, Wu Qi continued, "The power and influence of six dynasties will only get greater and stronger. As a result, that nameless almighty expert will definitely place more attention on six dynasties. Just like the pigs keep in a pigsty, the small and skinny piglets will never attract the attention of their master. However, when the piglets grow up into big, fat pigs that weigh several hundred kilograms, their master will start pondering of whether he should slaughter and eat them."

Narrowing his eyes, Yan Dan waved his hand and said, "Go on."

Wu Qi remained silent for a moment to organize his thoughts, then continued, "According to Your Majesty, all the six dynasties' emperors, ministers and generals, and the members of imperial clans have their lives controlled in that man's hand. On top of that, as there are people similar to Yu clan existing in all the six dynasties, every act and move of the six dynasties can never be hidden away from that man."

"How is it possible for us to hide anything from them?" said Yan Dan with a long sigh.

Wu Qi said in a flat tone, "In the meanwhile, as Your Majesty, general Jing Ke, senior Mo Di, old mister Xun Kuang, are all extraordinary talents of the generation, how can you allow someone to control your life and death? Also, men such as Ying Zheng, Qu Ping, Xiang Yu, and many others are all mighty existences who had their name sung by the people under the heaven in those years. As such, how can they tolerate the fact of being twisted around someone's finger like some puny insects?"

Wu Qi caught a breath and said quickly, "I think Your Majesty is asking me to find a method to resolve this restrictive spell?"

Yan Dan fixed his gaze on Wu Qi, nodding his head slowly as he said, "Yes, I want you to find a way to resolve this restrictive spell. I don't care about the other five dynasties, but in Great Yan Dynasty, you're the best candidate to do this. No matter it is your character, conduct, or overall strength, they are of excellent quality. In addition to that, you are in love with Great Yan's princess, who is not bound by the spell, and your elder brother, Chengfeng, is also the member of Great Yan imperial clan... I feel relieved by having you carry out this mission."

Wu Qi smiled bitterly and said, "And I will carry out the mission with all my ability and strength, not only for my elder brother, but also for Zi Xuan, for my father-in-law, the Crown Prince of Great Yan... and you..."

Yan Dan broke out into a loud laughter. "Excellent, excellent! That's the way it is. You are the best candidate, because you are Great Yan's son-in-law. Therefore, I don't have to fear that once you have found the solution, you will threaten Great Yan with it. Well, I'm sure Ying Zheng and the other emperors will definitely send someone to carry out the same mission, but I wonder, who could they send? Hahaha, do they have any candidate that they can trust?"

Wearing a wry smile on his face, Wu Qi gave Yan Dan's question a careful pondering. It seemed like Ying Zheng and the rest of the emperor really did not have any suitable candidate to use. Could they send the members of their own imperial clan? With that restrictive spell in their souls, there was a high chance the person they sent would alert that almighty expert. Or, could they send someone unrelated to them? But could they really trust those people? Would they really have the courage to use those unrelated people?

Laughing loudly, Wu Qi rose to his feet as he gave Yan Dan a few respectful bows. "Wu Qi agrees to carry out this mission. I hope Your Majesty can take good care of my elder brother, Chengfeng, and the people that are close to me."

Yan Dan waved his hand and said vigorously, "You can rest assured, I'll guarantee them high position and a handsome salary. It just takes a word from me to grant them all the wealth and glory they ever wish for."

While Wu Qi was about to say something again, Yan Dan produced a Token of Nine Swallow and threw it over to him. "No matter what you want or need, Great Yan Dynasty will provide them. Now cut the cackle! You should start thinking of a suitable excuse to discuss this matter with White Cloud Immortal Sect's patriarch. Find a suitable excuse, then..."

Raising his head and looking at the ceiling, Yan Dan said in a low voice, "As we are in a boundless universe, it is unlikely for that man to be the strongest expert under the Heaven. I believe there will be someone out there who can break his restrictive spell. As long as Great Yan can be released from this shackle, Wu Qi, you will be treated as the number one meritorious minister of Great Yan Dynasty!"

Wu Qi took over the Token of Nine Swallow, and dragged Princess Zhang Le without uttering another word as he left the cottage.

While he was only a few steps away, he suddenly heard Yan Dan roar with laughter and say, "Ma Yi, Ma Yi! Announce my decree! I'm too lazy to keep on pretending with Lao Ai and those villains. I want a thorough examination to be carried out in the entire imperial palace. Examine all imperial eunuchs, imperial maids... Execute anyone who has their male organs regrown or are no longer virgins!"

Ma Yi answered, while Wu Qi turned his head back abruptly.

A thorough examination? Looked like in order to let Wu Qi focus his mind on the mission, Yan Dan had begun to deal with those people who did not get along well with him.

Well, that seemed like a good start!