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346 Fivethunders Immortal Zither

Compared to the past, the present Lao Ai was even eviler and menacing. His facial features still looked the same, and his stature looked identical to the usual him. He did not emanate any aura, and was flying across the sky leisurely. However, he gave forth a feeling as if a mass of dark clouds was slowly approaching, and was about to crush the city. It was an awful feeling that made one feel like coughing blood.

Jiang Xin and Jiang Rui protected Princess Zhang Le from both sides. Then, the delicate-looking Jiang Xin shouted, "Lao Ai, what do you want?"

Clasping his hands behind his back, Lao Ai flew slowly and arrived above the drill ground. He looked at Yan Xiaosan coldly, who had collapsed on the reviewing stand, then said in a flat tone, "The people that took me a lot of trouble to plant in the palace are sold off by you, a few bitches? Hehe! Interesting! Interesting!"

Wearing a complex expression on her face, Yan Xiaosan stared at Lao Ai, who was hovering midair. Suddenly, she extended her hand, using her fingernail to make a light cut on her neck. A fine bloody line appeared, but it was a strange fluid that burst out from the cut rather than blood, as clear as plain water. She gave a weird laugh, as her body tilted sideways and collapsed heavily to the ground. Her body twitched convulsively, then suddenly disintegrated into a puddle of clear and sticky fluid.

It was not only her fleshly body that disintegrated, Yan Xiaosan's soul had also shattered at the same time. Under the bright sunlight, her disintegrated soul turned into a wisp of smoke and drifted across the air. A few anguished howls echoed out, but only cultivators with powerful divine will could hear that. Just like that, Yan Xiaosan's soul vanished completely.

Yan Xiaowu and Yan Xiaojiu exchanged a glance. Then, they together used their fingernails to make a light cut on their necks. A fine bloody line appeared, and the same crystal clear fluid sprayed out from the wounds. Their bodies collapsed to the ground and quickly turned into a puddle of sticky fluid. Their souls were disintegrated completely just like Yan Xiaosan’s, not leaving behind even a tiny fragment that could allow anybody to investigate further.

Lao Ai gave a cold snort and snapped in a low voice, "What a group of daring traitors! Do you really think everything will go with the wind after you are dead?"

Smiling hideously, Lao Ai landed on the reviewing stand. With high vigilance, Jiang Xin and Jiang Rui quickly pulled Princess Zhang Le a few steps backward. Jiang Rui, who had a plump, well-rounded body, and a beautiful face, shouted coldly, "Lao Ai, what are you trying to do?"

Lao Ai tilted his head and stared at her. An evil smile spread out on his face. He swung his body back and forth lightly, then laughed nastily and said, "What am I trying to do? I'm going to do something that will bring great pleasure to me. Hehe, after following that lustful fox Su Mei'er, I've learned many amazing and magical techniques from her Enchantment Palace. Now I'm just lacking a few cultivation vessels. Since the both of you possess Nascent Divinity cultivation base, you make the perfect candidates who can help me break through the next realm."

Using the eyes that flickered with a faint pinkish, evil-looking gleam, he gave Princess Zhang Le a gaze. "As for Your Highness..." said Lao Ai wickedly, "…With that little innate spiritual energy contained in your innate bloodline, I reckon it can allow me to break through the Heaven Immortal realm. I never expected that Your Highness actually owned such a precious thing. It is a miraculous thing, and only someone like me who knows how to cherish a girl can enjoy it. Why should you benefit those inexperienced young lads?"

He gave an evil laugh. Not waiting for Princess Zhang Le to say a word, he extended both hands forward. Immediately, two huge pinkish palms, that were roughly several feet wide, thrust whistling out amidst muffled roaring of thunder. A faint aroma spread out, causing all the lady officials and eunuchs standing in the drill ground to fall to the ground. While laughing out wildly, Lao Ai said, "Three little pretties, be obedient and follow me now!"

With Princess Zhang Le under their protection, both Jiang Xin and Jiang Rui quickly retreated backward. "Lao Ai, how dare you?" The infuriated Princess Zhang Le glared at Lao Ai and snapped with a stern voice.

Lao Ai grinned coldly and said, "How dare I? Princess, you've killed so many of my disciples and beloved concubines, so who is the daring one here? Hehe, so what if I really rape all three of you today? That lustful fox Su Mei'er is going to break through Heaven Immortal realm soon. At the worst, after enjoying you, I'll get away to a far-away place with her, find ourselves a remote planet, and establish a sect there, living a carefree life!"

Two huge hands grabbed towards Jiang Xin and Jiang Rui at lightning speed. Even as they performed an incantation gesture each, about to fight with Lao Ai to death, a golden beam burst out from Lao Ai's palm suddenly. It pierced through the air and smashed heavily into both ladies' chests, piercing through their defensive energy barrier and knocking them flying away. A glistering talisman, one foot and two inches long, was seen flickering in Lao Ai's palm. "How do you find the taste of an immortal talisman? You're merely early-stage Nascent Divinity cultivators!" said Lao Ai with a hideous laugh.

As their defensive energy barriers were shattered, an evil force rushed into their bodies. It felt like the force of thunder, yet carried an itchy aura that could devour their soul and melt their bones. The force completely sealed off their meridians and trapped their Nascent Divinities, making their bodies feeble so that they could not even exert a tiny bit of strength. Worst of all, there was a queer and kinky thought that they never experienced before that rose in their hearts. A strange hot stream was circulating wildly in their bodies, turning their faces blush and eyes watery. Eventually, they laid down lazily.

Princess Zhang Le was aghast. Suddenly, a five-colored cloud emerged from underneath her feet, then she quickly fled into the sky after grabbing Jiang Xin and Jiang Rui. It was unknown what the exact origin of her innate five-colored divine ray was, as its affinity with the natural energy was extremely high. Although she was not riding a sword beam and just flying with a cloud instead, her speed could actually match Wu Qi's Acquired Magnetic Sword beam.

Lao Ai gave a few evil laughs. He retracted the two huge pinkish hands and murmured under his breath, "How can I let these delicious meats escape from my mouth? What a surprise! I never expected there is something so marvelous waiting for me in Myriad Immortals Planet! Tsk… the innate spiritual energy that can communicate with all living beings under the heaven, if those cultivators get it, it will be equal to a heaven-defying shortcut that leads straight to Gold Immortal realm! If I get it, I'll be able..."

Reckoning with his fingers, Lao Ai continued murmuring under his breath with a weird voice, "Amazing! After taking this Princess Zhang Le down and seize her virginity and true spirit, I can then increase the cultivation base of White Tiger Saint Soul by at least several tens of thousands of years, and my life can be extended for at least three more Periods 1 [1]! With the life of three Periods, who amongst all those brothers can challenge me? Marvelous! I thought this is just a routine secret inspection, but fancy that! I actually bumped into such an incredible treasure!"

He gave a wild laugh, then growled fiercely, "Princess Zhang Le, little Zi Xuan, don't run away from me! I'll cherish you with all my love!"

Without any energy ripples and without any flickering gleams, Lao Ai had already appeared before Princess Zhang Le with just a sway of his body, blocking her from going further. He spread his arms widely, causing Princess Zhang Le to nearly fly into his chest. While chuckling, Lao Ai told the panic-stricken Princess Zhang Le, "Come, be nice and obey me. I'll definitely treat you with tender loving care! We can't just let this innate spiritual energy become a luck out for those inexperienced young lads!"

Locking his eyes on Princess Zhang Le's exceedingly beautiful visage that one could only find in a drawing, Lao Ai said in a deep voice, "Be obedient and obey me, and I'll grant you an endless wealth and glory in the future. Countless benefits will be yours. This is not a lie… What I can give you exceeds the limitation of your imagination. If you refuse, then don't blame me for destroying you with a ruthless approach, raping you to death!"

Clenching her jaws tightly, Princess Zhang Le stared at Lao Ai. Her face was rigid, and she did not say a word as she was pondering something. A moment ago, when Lao Ai suddenly appeared before her, he was definitely not using the divine teleportation ability of Nascent Divinity cultivators. Instead, Princess Zhang Le reckoned that Lao Ai himself actually possessed such an incredible speed! The speed at which he ran and flew was just as fast as the teleportation of a Nascent Divinity cultivator!

Lao Ai sneered and extended his hand, grabbing towards Princess Zhang Le. While laughing evilly, he said, "Yes, be obedient and don't move! Since the scenery around here is pretty nice, let us do our thing here in the sky. Now, offer your innate spiritual energy to me, and I'll grant you endless benefits in the future!"

Suddenly, a five-colored gleam shone strongly from Princess Zhang Le's forehead, as a faintly discernible pressure spread out.

Lao Ai looked at Princess Zhang Le with surprise. "Are you still going to put up a stubborn resistance? What's the meaning of that?" Spreading both hands indifferently, Lao Ai laughed and said, "If that is what my little princess wants, I don't mind letting you unleash a full force strike. Let's see if you can hurt me!"

Princess Zhang Le gazed coldly at Lao Ai. She had injected all her energy into the Fivethunders Soul-Shattering Zither, which she kept in her spiritual ocean and had it nourished there all this while. The strings on the zither began to glow. Slowly, countless strange runes flew out from the zither, circling and dancing midair like phoenixes. They absorbed Princess Zhang Le's energy, transforming it into a peculiar but vast energy, then gradually fused with the zither.

The five-colored divine ray fluttered behind Princess Zhang Le's back. In just a blink of an eye, it spread out and covered an area ten miles in circumference. After that, the natural energies one thousand miles around her began to ripple. Like water being pulled into a great vortex in a deep ocean, an endless amount of natural energies was rushing into her body. Then, her Nascent Soul devoured these natural energies, transforming them into her own energies at full speed, channeling them into the Fivethunders Soul-Shattering Zither.

If it were any other cultivators or Immortals trying to control this Fivethunders Soul-Shattering Zither, as long as they did not have a cultivation base of Thirty-Third Tier Heaven Immortal, all their energy and immortal energy would be immediately sucked dry. As for Princess Zhang Le, relying on the unique power of her bloodline, she was able to let the zither keep drawing her energy, while transforming fresh energy from natural energy at the same time. As the cycle of transforming and channeling kept going on, in just less than fifteen minutes, the total amount of energy Princess Zhang Le channeled into the zither was equal to the combined energies possessed by ten early-stage Nascent Divinity cultivators.

Lao Ai had grown impatient after waited for fifteen minutes. He growled, "Little girl, are you done yet? When are you going to finish with your affectation?"

Princess Zhang Le rolled her eyes and cried out fiercely, "You're losing your patience? Then you can die now!"

A lightning bolt thrust out from between her brows, amidst which came rushing out the Fivethunders Soul-Shattering Zither. While playing a strange immortal tune, it hovered right before Princess Zhang Le, glinting with eye-catching gleams. Countless lightning bolts transformed into runes, circling and flying around the zither like phoenixes, filling the air with the deafening roaring of thunder.


An ear-splitting, unpleasant, indescribable sound rang out. With Princess Zhang Le as the center point, a ring of white sonic boom burst one thousand miles out in a twinkle. With a crackling noise, Star picking City's defensive barrier was activated, blocking off the sonic boom. However, in just a split second, all the defensive formations deployed on the top of the wall shattered at the same time, as large patches of wall crumbled and collapsed. Countless residents of the city were killed or seriously wounded, while the power of the zither ripped numerous tradesmen and merchants to shreds.

At that moment, the entire Star picking City had taken a blood red hue, stained by the blood of the people who had their bodies ripped to shreds and thrown high up into the sky.

Lao Ai, who was hit directly by the attack, had suffered an impact one thousand times greater than Star picking City. The enormously loud sound was echoing in his spiritual ocean. The shockwave struck his soul, making it tumble violently like a dandelion seed amidst a powerful typhoon, nearly ground to pieces.

A tragic howl rang out. Lao Ai's clothes were broken apart, and there were seven to eight huge wounds on his body. Fresh blood and even broken pieces of internal organs sprayed out from these wounds. His body swayed violently, and his facial muscles began to twist and wiggle. Suddenly, it transformed into the face of a handsome and stately man.

Princess Zhang Le was taken aback as she cried, "You are not Lao Ai?! Who are you?"

'Lao Ai' gave another anguished howl. Blood sprayed out from his seven apertures like fountains, and his brain was nearly crushed into a bowl of minced tofu. The heaven and earth had turned dark in his eyes, and he had no idea if he were still alive or not. Howling and growling frantically, a white mist burst out from behind his back, transforming into a white tiger soul with a pair of wings behind its back, standing one hundred feet tall. It soared up into the sky and then thrust down towards Princess Zhang Le with a killing intent that blotted the sky.

The heaven and earth shook. When the white tiger made its debut, the color of the sky changed. A vast and endless killing intent filled the atmosphere, pushing away all the surrounding natural energies. Period - According to "The Journey to the West" (西游记), a period consisted of 129,600 years.