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Yan Qijun was roaring furiously. He leaped forward and gave Ma He several dozens of slaps on the face, wanting to force the eunuch to tell the truth. Suddenly, the Primordial Runes on the surrounding cave wall which Wu Qi cast just now shone with a faint light. Amidst the crackling noises, these runes revealed themselves on the wall, with tiny electric arcs darting out from them, brightly lighting up the pitch dark underwater cave.

Powerful divine will swept across the sea floor one after another, crazily darting back and forth. When they ran across the cave under the coral reef, the Primordial Runes deployed by Wu Qi were activated immediately, concealing everything within the cave and preventing these divine will from sensing anything. However, the powerful impact from the divine will shook these runes, causing them to nearly explode. The gap between Wu Qi's cultivation base and these Heaven Immortals was too huge!

Everyone shut their mouths and made no noise. Zhao Kuo's face turned deadly pale, as he sat cross-legged on the ground, rolling his eyes and staring at the cave ceiling. His lips were twitching. At the same time, He Qianqiu and Xiong Wanling slowly rose to their feet, getting ready to put up a desperate strike. If Wu Qi's runes were destroyed, their traces would be exposed, and they would be hunted by seven Heaven Immortals. How were they going to have any chance to survive?

Luckily, using divine will to perform a blanket search was something that cost significant energies. After wheeling the surrounding sea floor for less than one breath of time, the few divine wills quickly went away. With that, the runes on the cave wall dimmed down, then faded away completely. The surrounding natural energies slowly injected into these runes, helping them to restore their power.

Wu Qi took a deep breath and said with a low voice, "They are gone. We are safe now..."

After a moment of silence, Wu Qi said with a cautious manner, "Don't make too much noise. We are currently hunted by seven Heaven Immortals and one Nascent Divinity of a Heaven Immortal, whose fleshly body is destroyed. Tsk, with the void around the entire Xue Yuan Planet completely locked down by them, we can't even leave the planet with Grand Universal Teleportation Formation. And, if we use a planetary ship to escape, with seven Heaven Immortals chasing behind us, there is no way we can escape."

Zhao Kuo said gloomily, "Then, we can only wait."

Wu Qi threw Ma He to the ground and said coldly, "Yes, we will have to wait. We will wait until those Heaven Immortals become impatient, waiting for them to show us any weak spots. Or perhaps, we can wait for the arrival of Great Yan's rescue army. Nevertheless, we shall find something to do during the wait. Well, let's extract their souls and interrogate with tortures."

Waving his right hand, Wu Qi exercised an extremely cruel mystic technique of soul extracting, which was one of the techniques among the Art of Ghost and Deity Princess Zhang Le taught him. Slowly, his fingers became withered, and the flesh became transparent, revealing five pale finger bones. Then, these bones abruptly turned dark, with faint dark mist emitting from the fingertips, which transformed into several dozens of tiny, ferocious-looking ghost faces that were dancing ceaselessly in his palm.

Slowly, he moved the palm closer to Ma He's head. At the same time, Wu Qi pried open his mouth and pulled off the tooth that contained deadly poison. "Interrogating a soul could potentially rip it to shreds, and I might not be able to find out all the secrets we wish to know." said Wu Qi with a deep voice, "Therefore, to avoid any further suffering, it is better for you to tell me now: who sent you here to murder Crown Prince?"

Ma He clenched his jaws tightly, staring at Wu Qi coldly and indifferently.

Sighing deeply, Wu Qi shook his head and said, "I'm telling you the truth. By having your soul interrogated alive, it is very easy to cause the disintegration of your three physical and seven spiritual souls. Once your soul is disintegrated, you will lose the chance to be reincarnated. I am not a cruel person. Obey me and confess… That is the best situation for everyone. What do you think?"

He casually dispelled the restrictive spell on Ma He's body, with his right palm hovering less than one inch away from Ma He's forehead. The tiny ghost faces were twisting and jumping on his face, emanating a biting coldness that penetrated straight into his brain. Vaguely, when those ghost faces touched Ma He's face, one could see there was a half-transparent figure inside his body, which looked identical to Ma He. The incorporeal figure was twisting and struggling restlessly, yet it just could not escape from the shackles of the fleshly body.

"What is the point of talking so much with someone who betrayed his own Master? Just extract his soul and interrogate him with torture!" snapped Yan Qijun furiously.

Even as Wu Qi was pressing down his palm, Ma He smiled proudly. Wearing a smile that looked holy and solemn, a smile that usually found on a martyr, Ma He closed his eyes slowly and said, "Interrogating my soul? No matter how you are going to torture us, none of us will yield!"

Yan Qijun was taken aback. Wu Qi shook his head as he looked at Yan Qijun.

Yan Qijun's face turned blue with wrath. He fixed his gaze on Ma He's lower body, as the expression on his face kept changing. As Great Yan's Crown Prince, one of the Chief Eunuchs in his palace actually did not get castrated. If this were spread, how many people would make him into a laughing stock? And perhaps some nasty rumors might soon spread across the entire Great Yan. With that, how was he going to set his footing in the Imperial Court? Worst of all, the bloodline of his many descendants would be doubted by everyone!

Burning with a frenzy of rage, Yan Qijun sprung to his feet, then gave Ma He a powerful kick in the lower abdomen. Yan Qijun exerted too much of his strength in this kick, which made Ma He howl miserably, his body leaping up from the ground like a big prawn. Blood kept spraying out from his mouth, which soon drenched his entire body.

Ma He kept laughing in a bizarre manner. With both hands holding his abdomen and coughing blood, he stared at Yan Qijun and said, "Crown Prince, no matter how you torture us, we will never tell you who our true Master is. Hehe, even if you torture our souls, we firmly believe that we will never let you know any valuable information."

Wu Qi frowned. Judging from Ma He's behavior, he was no different from a man of sacrifice!

Although Wu Qi could make these people confess by interrogating their souls with a mystic technique, but generally speaking, the information obtained from tormenting one's soul was usually broken and incomplete. And if their souls were protected by some kind restrictive spells, it was almost impossible to obtain any useful information. Judging by Ma He's behavior, it seemed he really had no fear of having his soul tortured. Also, with his solemn and holy smile which looked like that of a martyr, Wu Qi had a feeling that the Master behind them was someone extraordinary!

After a brief moment of pondering, Wu Qi retracted the soul extracting technique. Without saying anything, he went ahead and pulled out the poisonous tooth in the mouths of the other four men and girls, then dispelled their restrictive spells. "I'll give you a chance now. Tell me who sent you here, and I'll spare your soul and let you reincarnate. Or else, don't blame me for being ruthless!" Wu Qi cried in a deep voice.

However, no matter how he tried to convince them, both Yan Xiaoqi and Ma He just did not say a word.

Shaking his head helplessly, Wu Qi turned to Zhao Kuo and whispered to him. Zhao Kuo was taken aback, then he cursed under his breath. He frowned and came right next to Yan Xiaoqi. Deftly, he stripped off her pants and underwear, lowering his head and began to give her some examination. Then, he raised his head with a cold snort. "Hmm, she is not a virgin anymore. Elder Brother, according to my two thousand years of experience in sleeping with countless of girls, this girl has lost her virginity at least for a few years!"

Yan Qijun was dumbfounded. Knitting his brows in a tight frown, he said, "Impossible! These lady officials are elites trained by Great Yan's Imperial Palace, and will be given to the clan members of Imperial Clan in the future. Since a very young age, they have been living in Imperial Palace. How is it possible for them to do that?"

Zhao Kuo glared at Yan Qijun, pointing his finger at Ma He and said with a cold grin, "Even a Great Yan's eunuch has that thing, so why can a lady official secretly trained by your Imperial Palace not have her virginity taken away by someone? Aye, I've gained some knowledge today. It seems Great Yan Dynasty is a place filled with all kinds of strange things!"

"Ugh?!" Both Yan Qijun and Wu Qi were taken aback, and cried out nearly at the same time, "Damn it, Lao Ai!!"

Yan Qijun stomped furiously as he growled, "Lao Ai, that villain!! He... he actually... rascal!!"

Wu Qi stared at Ma He and Yan Xiaoqi with a grumpy face, then said coldly, "Ma He, you joined Great Sun Sect because you want to regrow your male part, aren't you? As for Yan Xiaoqi, as you grew up in the Imperial Palace, if there is a man who can..."

Wu Qi did not finish his words. For a girl who was sexually awakened, it was a very easy job for Lao Ai to control her with his incredible skill. It was even highly possible that Yan Xiaoqi was personally subdued by Lao Ai. The Imperial Palace that secretly trained these lady officials did not have a strict security. With Lao Ai's overall strength, he would not find too much of trouble to enter and leave freely.

Upon thinking of that, Wu Qi smiled wryly, "He is able to make eunuchs regrow their male parts, and subdue palace maids and lady officials with his incredible skill in bed. Among the countless eunuchs, palace maids, and lady officials serving in the mansions of various Princes and clan members, how many of them are Lao Ai's disciples and apprentices?"

Yan Qijun's face turned blue, and his body trembled with anger. Suddenly, he roared and charged forward, thrusting his leg and kicked Ma He flying away.

A series of bone cracking sounds could be heard coming from Ma He's body. The kick threw him onto the cave wall, and produced a loud banging noise. Many parts of his skin were torn, with blood spraying out and staining the cave wall.

Upon hearing Wu Qi's words, suddenly Yan Xiaoqi said coldly, "Now that you know we are sent by Sect Master, do you still dare to kill us?"

Wu Qi was stunned. He frowned and stared at Yan Xiaoqi for a long while, then suddenly shook his hand, releasing Gold Horn and Silver Horn from Spirit Breeding Ring. Both pythons slithered excitingly within the narrow cave, gazing at the six men and girls lying on the ground and cried, "Are you feeding us humans? Aye, there are men and girls! Men are chewy, girls are tender… Both are equally delicious!"

Saliva kept dripping down from their mouth onto Yan Xiaoqi's body, making her soaking wet.

Wu Qi squatted down, pushing away Gold Horn and Silver Horn's big heads that kept approaching Yan Xiaoqi's body. "I've changed my mind," said Wu Qi with a deep voice, "Although you are from Great Sun Sect, but... I don't think Lao Ai sent you here. He is not this stupid. If he really sent you here, that's no different from telling us straightaway that he is the mastermind. As long as Crown Prince is not killed, it is highly possible that we will find you through the traces. And with the unusualness of your condition, it is very easy to trace everything back to Lao Ai."

Yan Qijun and Zhao Kuo frowned.

Zhao Kuo thought for a while, then nodded and said, "Although Lao Ai is not a clever man, he is not stupid either. If he really is the mastermind, he will never use his own disciples and apprentices. The flaws on these people are too obvious. A eunuch who has his male part regrown, a lady official who lost her virginity a few years ago... With this evidence, any person will just link back to Lao Ai..."

Grinning coldly, Wu Qi said, "And when they were captured, they immediately tried to commit suicide with a deadly poison, leaving us with only dead bodies."

Yan Qijun cried fiercely, "In addition to that, restrictive spells are cast on their souls in advance. Once we use any soul extracting technique to interrogate them, their souls will disintegrate immediately."

In a daze, Xiong Wanling asked, "If that is the case, isn't that so that we can only take Lao Ai as the mastermind? How are we going to investigate further?"

Slowly Wu Qi pulled out a dagger. "Who says we can't investigate further? There is a method under the heaven which we call - cruel torment!"

A white light flickered on Spirit Breeding Ring, amidst which came walking out tens of tall and burly Long Bo men. Immediately, the narrowed underwater cave was fully packed.

Pointing his finger at Yan Xiaoqi and the other two girls, Wu Qi said cruelly, "Rape them, and make them confess. Use the cruelest method to deal with them... I don't care how you do it, I just want their confession."

Shaking his head, Wu Qi drew out Sword of Greedy Wolf, and began to cut and slice the cave wall. He was expanding the cave.