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161 Attack by Force

The jade slab underneath the feet of the middle-aged man was called 'Green-Shadow Wind-Slaughtering Talisman'. It was a natal talisman treasure crafted by a Gold Core Elder of Heavenly Spirit Sect using a secret technique. It was made out of a huge amount of rare and precious materials, tempered with one's blood essence and soul, and eventually becoming the only and the most powerful magical item for the Gold Core Talisman Master of Heavenly Spirit Sect.

Among all five elements, the characteristic of Green-Shadow Wind-Slaughtering Talisman tended to the Wood element. It could attract the most violent wave of wind under the heaven, turning it into countless wind blades to kill the opponent. If it were a natal talisman treasure crafted by a Gold Immortal, then it would be elevated to the grade of Immortal Item, and the wind blades would become dimensional blades, an attack of using spatial cracks to hurt and kill the enemies. It came with a fearful power that was nearly invincible.

Talisman treasures had only one weakness: they required the talisman master to control them at all times. Only then could it provide offensive and defensive strength. Once the talisman master did not have his attention on the talisman treasure, it would become a mere lifeless object, no different from ordinary rocks or wooden poles. That was the reason why after the middle-aged man loosened his vigilance, Wu Qi was able to pierce through his body with the sword.

The deadly blown of Wu Qi had wiped out all the life force in the middle-aged man's body. Tongues of scorching hot flame kept darting and leaping out from his body, and within a blink of an eye, the raging flame had burned and turned him into a pile of ashes. The Sword of Greedy Wolf gave a loud cry and flew out from the ashes together with the man's Gold Core, bringing it back into Wu Qi's hand. But, before the man was killed, he had exerted all his blood essence and activated the Green-Shadow Wind-Slaughtering Talisman, transforming it into a huge, bright green clump of wind. It rolled up a gigantic wind dragon that stood several miles tall and stretched several hundred feet in length, thrusting towards Wu Qi together with a loud whistling noise.

Wu Qi was caught unprepared, and was immediately drawn into the wind dragon. He steadily set his foot on the ground while circulating his innate Earth energies, and kept drawing the Earth element energies from the ground underneath his feet, injecting them into all over his body. With that, his body became heavier than a small mountain. At the same time, with his left hand, he formed the finger incantation of 'Earth Spirit Three-Mountains Spell', which made the gravity force effective on his body to increase by three times. Now, no matter how the wind dragon kept wheeling around him, ripping and tearing him crazily, his body did not move even a little bit in the fierce wind.

Tens of thousands of wind blades, each the size of a human palm and shimmering with a bright green glow, came thrusting toward his face. They wheeled around his body and stormed him with rounds of hacks and slashes, tearing and ripping all his clothes. The wind blades ceaselessly impacted on his skin as fair as the finest jade. But even though these wind blades were many times tougher and sharper than steel blades that went through hundreds of times of tempering, they could only produce sparks that splashed into all directions on his body. They were unable to leave behind even the tiniest scratch mark.

With his near indestructible body that was several times stronger than that of an Earth Immortal of Nascent Soul realm, unless he was attacked by an Earth Immortal personally using a magical treasure, or besieged by several hundred Human Immortals with their magical treasures, nothing could harm him anymore. Paying no attention to the hacks and slashes from countless wind blades, Wu Qi sneered, unleashing a thread of divine sense. He kept forming Spirit Searching and Secret Probing Hand Incantation with his right hand, and carefully probed and examined the secrets of the Green-Shadow Wind-Slaughtering Talisman.

Under the probing of Wu Qi, everything about the Green-Shadow Wind-Slaughtering Talisman was completely exposed before his eyes. All the materials used to craft it, the arrangement of the runes inside it, the trend of the formation and the flowing routes of energies, nothing could be kept secret from him. In just a very short amount of time, Wu Qi had learned all the profound secrets about the Green-Shadow Wind-Slaughtering Talisman, one of the five elements talisman treasures which Heavenly Spirit Sect never taught any outsiders. If he were given sufficient materials, he could reproduce an identical Green-Shadow Wind-Slaughtering Talisman.

Nevertheless, Wu Qi currently did not have enough rare and precious materials to replicate a talisman treasure. He opened his mouth and spat out a glittering gold coin, then spat a mouthful of energy onto it, followed immediately by the recitation of a mystic incantation. He casually threw the gold coin into the sky, and in an instant, it expanded to the size of a water tank. There was a bright gleam flashing from the center hole of the coin, as a large curtain of bright light kept bursting out from the hole. The Green-Shadow Wind-Slaughtering Talisman hovering in the heart of the wind dragon swayed, and the green, bright light surrounding it was smashed into pieces, before everything faded away. It turned back into a huge, heavy jade slab and fell from the sky.

The gold coin was robbed from Wei Xiaoxiao, and was able to capture all kinds of flying swords and magical treasures. Wu Qi was merely giving it a try today, and indeed, it was an incredible treasure.

He clutched the large talisman treasure with hands and began injecting innate energies of five elements into it. Within a blink of an eye, he had eliminated the blood essence and divine sense which the middle-aged man injected into it before he was dead. Now, Wu Qi had full control of this talisman treasure. But, before he cultivated the mystic technique of Heavenly Spirit Sect, although he now owned the talisman treasure, Wu Qi could not use it at his will. He had no other choice but to place it into his storage ring.

Even though he could not use it right now, a single talisman treasure was an assemblage of numerous rare and precious materials, which weighed several tens of thousands of kilograms. It would be worthwhile if he dismantled it and recycled all the materials. As the person who inherited the Scroll of Stealing, naturally, Wu Qi would never give up on a treasure like this.

The wind dragon disintegrated and faded away, revealing Wu Qi, fully naked as all his clothes were ripped apart by the wind blades, before Ling Wuju and the other men.

With a panic-stricken expression Ling Wuju stared at Wu Qi and roared out with a hoarse voice, "Little guy, what have you done to junior brother Haoying?"

Junior brother Haoying? Wu Qi narrowed his eyes. So, the middle-aged man was from Haoying clan? No wonder he excitedly followed Ling Wuju in hunting Wu Qi. Not only did Wu Qi ruin a great deal of business for Heavenly Spirit Sect, as Yan Dan had carried out a great purge on numerous prestigious members in Ji City, it made him offend many prestigious and influential clans as well. One of them was Haoying clan, and judging by the aggressive look in the eyes of the other three yellow-robe cultivators standing beside Ling Wuju, obviously they were from some influential clans as well.

Wu Qi breathed out a long sigh. He was too lazy to explain anything to Ling Wuju. He suddenly sprung and streaked through the air, thrusting towards them in top speed. A jarring noise of wind breaking echoed out, as Wu Qi flipped his palm and threw out a dazzling gold ingot, which transformed into a shoe-shaped gold ingot several dozens feet in circumference while slamming forcibly towards Ling Wuju. The gold ingot was also one of Wei Xiaoxiao's treasure. With its incredible weight of over tens of thousands of kilograms, a Human Immortal would have to surely suffer if he were hit by it.

On top of that, Wu Qi even injected a thread of innate Gold energy into it, allowing the gold ingot to absorb a huge amount of Gold element energies into its own body. Because of that, the gold ingot possessed the power a few times stronger than when it was in the hands of Wei Xiaoxiao. With one hit, it could roughly cause an impact of over five hundred thousand kilograms.

Realizing that his junior brother was killed and even had his talisman treasure taken away by Wu Qi, Ling Wuju put up a high vigilance. Right after the gold ingot was thrust out, he immediately let out a loud cry. The jade slab underneath his feet suddenly emitted a dazzling yellow light. Beam after beam of yellow light shot and penetrated into the ground, extracting powerful Earth element energies and injecting into itself. The talisman treasure of Ling Wuju was named 'Yellow-Energy Mountain-Suppressing Talisman', an Earth element talisman treasure. It could communicate with the earth, move mountains, ridges, and underground energy veins. It was truly a powerful talisman treasure.

As he was a cultivator who had attained mastery stage of Gold Core realm through the several hundred years of meticulous cultivation, the talisman treasure had been repeatedly tempered several dozen times by him. It had been leveled up a couple dozen times. Initially, it was only an upper-grade magical item, but now had almost touched the grade of middle-grade magical treasure. The Earth element energies kept being injected into it, condensing into a yellowish mountain, several hundred feet tall and several thousand feet in circumference, hovering right above Ling Wuju. Layer upon layer of yellowish Earth element gases kept erupting from the small mountain, turning into waves of powerful energies that greeted upon the gold ingot.

*Clang!* A loud ringing shook the air. The gold ingot was knocked back several thousand feet up into the sky. Wu Qi's heart trembled, as his divine sense was shaken by the massive impact, causing a mouthful of blood to rush into his throat. Indeed, his body had reached the state of being nearly indestructible, and no magical treasure driven by Human Immortals could cause any damage to his corporeal body. But when his divine sense was shaken by the attack, the body could not provide an effective protection to it.

The tiny divine sense of his in the gold ingot was nearly shattered by the little yellow mountain. Wu Qi's divine sense was shaken by the impact, and he nearly fell to the ground.

While letting out miserable cry, the gold ingot returned to his palm. Without hesitation, Wu Qi tossed the gold coin out, which had just contributed a great merit moments ago. This time, he exerted all his strength in controlling the gold coin, turning it into a glinting gold coin, several hundred feet in diameter. From the center hole of it, an over ten feet long stream of bright light burst right out. It thrust forward aggressively and greeted the Yellow-Energy Mountain-Suppressing Talisman.

There was a tremendous difference between a talisman treasure which had been functioning and one that did not. The junior brother Haoying was killed with one single sword strike by Wu Qi because his talisman treasure had not yet been functioning. As of now, as Ling Wuju had exerted all his strength in controlling his own talisman treasure, his body was enshrouded by a dense layer of Earth element energies. The bright bream unleashed by the gold coin wheeled thirty-six times around the talisman treasure, slicing it and causing it to emit a dazzling glow, filling the air with ringing of weapon clashing. Yet, it only made the talisman treasure become shaky and unsteady, but failed to disperse its energies and bring it down to the ground.

However, that alone had greatly frightened Ling Wuju. His face turned deadly pale, and his body was swaying while riding on the talisman treasure. He roared furiously, "Have you all become dead men? You yelled and screamed at me saying that you wanted to follow me in killing this little kid, but why are you standing there and doing nothing? Are you going to just watch how I get killed, so you can help collecting my corpse later?"

Only now did the other three talisman masters react. Hastily, they formed their respective finger incantations and activated their own talisman treasures. Three bright beams shot out: one black, one red, and one white. As Wu Qi had expected, the talisman treasures were of Water, Fire, and Gold element, that was the reason why they could work together with Ling Wuju and junior brother Haoying just now in deploying the Minor Energy Sealing Array of Five Elements. Now, they joined hands with Ling Wuju and deployed another array of four elements. Energies of four elements interconnected, and their bodies were enveloped in a strong four colored light, while the ground was shaken by the incredible power and cracked with numerous slits.

Using their talisman treasures to guard their surroundings, all four talisman masters took out plenty of talismans.

As the talisman masters from Heavenly Spirit Sect, they never ran out of powerful talismans. With a casual throwing motion, the sky was immediately filled with countless Explosive, Lava, Lightning, Rolling-stone, and Golden-dagger Talismans. All sorts of powerful talismans blotted the sky and earth while thrusting towards Wu Qi.

Wu Qi pointed his finger at the gold coin, making it keep shooting out large curtains of bright beams, wheeling around four talisman treasures and rapidly cutting on them. The bright beams wiped out energies that clustered around four talisman treasures ceaselessly, while he ignored all the middle and low-grade talismans that filled the entire sky, using his body to forcibly endure the massive attack of talisman and leaping aggressively forward. Fireballs exploded on his body, lave rolled and flowed down from his skin, thunderbolt smote on his body, while huge rocks and countless golden daggers smashed and crushed every part of his. Yet, none of them could stop him from going further, and none of them could leave a tiny scratch on his skin.

"An indestructible body, the Dharma Body of Earth Immortal!" After all, Ling Wuju was a Human Immortal who had attained the mastery stage of Gold Core realm, only one step away from Earth Immortal realm. He was able to recognize the secret of Wu Qi's body. He roared furiously, "Which damn fellow told me that he is merely a little Xiantian Daoist? B*stard! Is he trying to get all of us killed? My junior brothers, lend me your hand, I need to exercise the Heavenly Star Positioning Disk with full force. Or else, all of us would be killed in this place!"

A green jade disk with three feet and six inches of circumference, four inches thickness, matching perfectly with the number of the stars in the sky, was seen slowly shooting out of Ling Wuju's head. Upon the appearance of the jade disk, the sky suddenly turned dark. Even though it was broad daylight, a few stars actually showed up in the sky above them.

Ling Wuju gave a loud roar, pressing one of his palms onto the jade disk. The other three talisman masters exchanged a glance, then stretched out one of their hands and pressing against Ling Wuju's back. The energies of four men now merged into one, and were being injected into the jade disk.

A long and sonorous cry came out from Wu Qi's mouth. His eyes went wide as the silver lotus shot out from his temple, bringing together countless rings of five colors around it. It spun like a wheel of blades while thrusting toward the enemies. After that, he opened his mouth, and the Fire element Acquired Pearl floating in his dantian turned into a ten feet huge fireball and shot out, hitting forcefully onto the formation constructed from four talisman treasures before the silver lotus.

A loud boom rang out. Wu Qi was knocked flying back several hundred feet by the explosion, while scorching hot fireballs shot and flew in all directions. On the other hand, the formation of four elements was smashed and broken into pieces.