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Hiding inside the artificial hill, Wu Qi huddled himself up as he was greatly bewildered by what he saw. His mind was severely distracted and baffled, as he nearly forgot where he was right now.

Right after Princess Ying Chuan entered the courtyard, Lao Ai, who had a masculine and tall body, immediately pulled off the golden wheel from his little brother, laughing out loud while dragging Princess Ying Chuan to his side. Impatiently he then removed all her dress, and brought the petite and delicate body of hers into his arms like carrying up a baby. Then, with a push of his lower body, he penetrated deeply into her body.

When Lao Ai penetrated Princess Ying Chuan's body, Wu Qi had a peek at his extra large little brother. Seeing the petite body of Princess Ying Chuan which seemed to hardly endure the torment, Wu Qi couldn't help but feel numb on his scalp. He had no idea how Princess Ying Chuan could endure that frightful monster. However, when he heard the moan coming out from her mouth, Wu Qi realized that she was currently indulging in a great excitement and joy. Whenever Lao Ai moved his lower body ever so slightly, Princess Ying Chuan's body would tremble and shiver crazily like a fish that had just been pulled out from water.

In just three to five seconds, the once fair and tender skin of Princess Ying Chuan was flushing crimson. Sweat with a pinkish hue was seen breaking out from all over her body, flowing and dripping down to the ground and forming a little puddle of sweat underneath her. Both her hands were tightly clutching Lao Ai's arms as she kept scratching on his skin desperately using her fingernails. However, as Lao Ai's silky smooth skin was at least one hundred times tougher than the raw cow leather, although Princess Ying Chuan had a few of her long crimson nails broken off while scratching forcefully, not even the tiniest scratch mark could be left behind.

At last, Princess Ying Chuan's body was seen tensed up rapidly, and the muscles all over her body were shivering violently. Weird noises could be heard coming out from her throat, as she exerted all her strength and threw her upper body back. Her eyes were rolling and twitching, showing the whites constantly; her body was contracting endlessly like a frog who was skinned and connected with some electric current. It was a bizarre and erotic scene.

A gleam of four colors was flickering within Wu Qi's eyes. Clearly, he saw a thread of powerful yet heterogeneous energy essence surge and burst out from Princess Ying Chuan's lower abdomen, flowing through Lao Ai's d*ck and entering into his body. The long hair of Lao Ai were all standing up, and from their tips, countless tiny wisps of white mist were seen soaring up into the sky. Chunks of his muscles poked right out, and from a lean and smooth shape, they now turned into pieces of muscles with sharp edges, which made him look like a statue hewed with axes.

"Heh! Heh!" With utmost strength, Lao Ai exhaled breath after breath. From near his dantian, a bizarre pink flame was seen shooting out, with a slight hue of orange-red mixed within the flame vaguely. The flame was now purifying the heterogeneous energy that surged out from Princess Ying Chuan's body, portion after portion, and eventually turned them into the purest energy that was absorbed by that tiny thread of orange-red gleam. As for those impurities that came together with the energy essence, they were quickly turned into white mist and shot out from Lao Ai's hairs.

"Ying Chuan, you little bitch! Though we merely parted for a few years, your cultivation base has improved significantly!" In approximately fifteen minutes, Lao Ai had finished absorbing all the powerful energy essence stored in Princess Ying Chuan's body. He had purified all of it, then returned nearly one percent of it back to her while the rest had turned into the purest energy and became a part of his own cultivation. Although it was only one percent, when it was fully absorbed by Princess Ying Chuan, her cultivation actually took a great leap, from Respiration tier to straightaway the Physical Strengthening tier of Xiantian realm.

While pressing her body tightly against Lao Ai's chest, Princess Ying Chuan chuckled and said tenderly, "Your Hierarch, it has been five years since we parted. In these five years, Ying Chuan had had intercourse with 43 cultivators of Xiantian realm, and 1759 warriors of peak Houtian realm. Hehe, the miraculous skill that Your Hierarch taught me is really amazing. Although Ying Chuan had harvested the innate energy of kidneys from them, none of them every discovered that!"

Wu Qi felt a numbness was creeping over his scalp. No wonder Maiden Rongyang cursed this Princess Ying Chuan as a promiscuous bitch. In just five years she had slept with 43 cultivators of Xiantian realm and 1759 warriors of peak Houtian realm. Such frequency was simply awe-inspiring. And no wonder even though she was only given a tiny bit of purified energy by Lao Ai, it could make her cultivation improve by two realms. As for the enormous energy essence solely enjoyed by Lao Ai himself, perhaps it was equal to the amount of energy that a Gold Core realm cultivator gained through an arduous cultivation of more than one hundred years.

Besides Princess Ying Chuan, nearly one hundred beautiful ladies were standing in this very courtyard, and the aura emanating from them was exactly the same as Princess Ying Chuan. If these beautiful ladies were all serving the same purpose as Princess Ying Chuan, the 'bees' sent out by Lao Ai to harvest the energy, then by using such approach, how incredible an energy had he accumulated?

Perhaps, the cultivation that Yan Dan, Jing Ke, and a few other of their brothers cultivated over the last two thousand years could not even be compared to Lao Ai, the peerless man of evil. Nevertheless, the cultivation gained using such evil skill could never bring him a stable and solid foundation. Wu Qi believed that no matter how strong this Lao Ai's cultivation was, it was needless for him to be feared. As for all the cultivators who formed their Gold Core or even Nascent Soul through harvesting energy from the opposite sex, it was like a castle built on sand; the foundation was loose and did not worth much of his attention.

Judging from Lao Ai's behavior, he should have formed his Nascent Soul. However, up to this point in time, he still hadn't discovered that Wu Qi had sneaked into his courtyard. Apparently, the cultivation of his Nascent Divinity was not really that strong. No matter how enormous his innate energy was, regardless how formidable was the strength of his Nascent Soul, when he was a cultivator with a weak Nascent Divinity, his achievement would always be limited. It was just like trying to erect a pillar with no proper foundation.

From the corner of his eyes Wu Qi gave a glance at Lao Ai and Princess Ying Chuan, then he suddenly swallowed a lump in his throat. It was worth mentioning that their position right now could make one easily get lost in wild and fanciful thoughts. The toughness of Lao Ai and the tenderness of Princess Ying Chuan was like the Yang and Yin. Although they were sending off an air of evilness, at the same time, they also gave out a vast temptation. If Wu Qi didn’t have the Divine Flame of Order in his Spiritual Ocean that helped calm and stabilize his mind, or if it were some other cultivator who saw such scene, he would have long had evil thoughts grown in his body, being invaded by evil flame and burning all his foundation of Dao to ashes.

Lao Ai panted for a few moments, then slowly placed Princess Ying Chuan back to the ground. He straightened his back and asked with an indifferent voice, "Ying Chuan, why are you not staying in the Lu Kingdom but came all the way to Ji City? I've told you to come back to Ji City once every ten years and submit your harvest. But why did you come in advance?"

Kneeling on the ground, Princess Ying Chuan placed both her arms around Lao Ai's thighs, then gently stroke her chin against his little brother. With a pitiful look on her face, she looked at Lao Ai and said in a seductive tone, "Your Hierarch, it is not Ying Chuan's will to disobey your order, but Ying Chuan was forced to come for help. Ying Chuan fears that soon I'll be homeless!"

She then squeezed out a few drops of tears, and continued saying with the same seductive tone, "Your Hierarch, in order for Ying Chuan to rush over to Ji City, Ying Chuan had used up all the energy stones of supreme tier in the treasury deposit of Lu Kingdom and activated the 'Minor Teleportation Array' which Great Yan Dynasty had constructed in the Lu Kingdom, such that Ying Chuan could save time from traveling the long distance."

What she said made Wu Qi twitch his lips instantly. There were energy stones of supreme tier in the treasure deposit of Lu Kingdom? And Great Yan Dynasty had built a Minor Teleportation Array in the Lu Kingdom as well? Now that was a real misstep. If he knew this earlier, he would have paid a visit to the Imperial Palace of Lu Kingdom before he left.

With a surprised look on his face, Lao Ai stared at Princess Ying Chuan, then his brows frowned slowly. Casually, he waved his arm and pressed in the air, producing a large bed made from jade out of thin air. He laid himself on the bed and called up a few beautiful ladies standing under the eave of the abode to join him for fun on the bed. Then he said, "Tell me everything in detail."

Without the slightest hesitation, Princess Ying Chuan hastily told him everything. She told him that Lu Chengfeng was the love child of Yan Buji, and had now inherited the title of Duke Yan Le and the official post of West Supervisor. She also mentioned about Maiden Rongyang, Lu Chengfeng's mother, and the Tie Clan where she came from, who was now gathering their armies under the command of Marquis Yuanyang, getting ready for a revolt in order to seize the control of the Lu Kingdom. And lastly, she also told him that after she arrived at Ji City, she had gone to seek for solutions from one of her lover, Qin Qingshui.

Lao Ai smiled. He was now lying on the jade bed and letting a few beautiful ladies work freely on his body. During the short ten minutes of Princess Ying Chuan's narration, he had made three ladies collapse beside him with their eyes rolling. However, his body was still as tough as before, like the strong pine tree that stood aloft on the top of a mountain. No sign of softening nor weakening could be seen. He smiled evilly, then said with an indifferent voice, "So you've gone to look for Qin Qingshui, and the advice he gave you is asking you to look for Yu Xuan?"

Princess Ying Chuan responded with a deep voice, "Yes, Qin Qingshui asked Ying Chuan to go look for Yu Xuan, the Duke of Yanxing. He asked me to bring a suit against Yan Chengfeng, the Duke of Yan Le and West Supervisor, accusing him of violating all the heavenly laws of morality and filial love, as not only he did not try his best in finding out the truth that caused the assassination of his birth father, but instead he had colluded with the clan of his mother and schemed to seize the property that belonged to the lords of Great Yan."

For a moment, Lao Ai pondered, then waved his hand and asked the few beautiful ladies to leave them. While remaining sitting on the jade bed, he smiled at Princess Ying Chuan and said, "Fortunately you have come to me. Or else, although that Yan Chengfeng would have a great trouble to face, you on the other hand, will have to face a certain death. Hehe, Qin Qingshui, this descendant of Qin Wuyang does have a treacherous and mean approach. But what a pity, he is after all, too young, and that had made him anxious before a severe issue. How could he ever come out with such idea?"

Before Princess Ying Chuan could say a word, Lao Ai continued saying coolly, "By looking for Yu Xuan and bringing up a suit, you'll be facing certain death."

While sneering, Lao Ai continued, "Since Yu Xuan became the Grandmaster of Imperial Clan Court, I've planted some spies around him. Thus, all these years, I've gained a deep understanding of his character. He is a man who covets both wealth and women, is hypocritical and showy. But he has one good quality: when he accepts money from someone, he will definitely help the payee to settle the matter properly. Yan Chengfeng had bribed him with the ownership of one whole province, asking him to help in the issue of inheriting the title of Duke Yan Le. Yu Xuan will never mess around with his employer, as he had accepted the ownership of that province. So, Yan Chengfeng can now sit firmly and untouched on the position of Duke Yan Le."

Letting out a strange laugh, Lao Ai shook his head and continued, "If you bring up a suit against Yan Chengfeng, that Yu Xuan will most probably ask his men to chase you out with wooden sticks from the Imperial Clan Court, and will never listen to your babble. But once you leave the boundary of Imperial Clan Court, Qin Qingshui will definitely send someone to kill you. Then, in the time of less than a proper meal, the news of Duke Yan Le hiring some assassins and killing you will be spread throughout the entire Ji City. The West Supervisor of Great Yan Dynasty is scheming to seize the ownership of a vassal kingdom, and had sent someone to assassinate Princess Ying Chuan, who tried to bring up a suit against him. This was more than enough to cast him into a situation that could never be recovered from."

Princess Ying Chuan's body suddenly trembled and cried out with a shrill voice, "That son of the bitch Qin Qingshui! For what does he want to lead Ying Chuan into a trap?"

Lazily, Lao Ai had his eyes rested on Princess Ying Chuan's face, then he said indifferently, "For what? To protect himself! Yan Dan had scolded him during the palace banquet and given him three months to thoroughly investigate the assassination of Yan Buji. Hehe, how is he going to investigate the case? He doesn't even have the slightest clue to start! So, by using you to chase Yan Chengfeng away from the position of Duke Yan Le, that means the title will be vacant!"

Princess Ying Chuan's expression turned extremely unsightly. "When the title of Duke Yan Le is vacant once again, no matter who it was that assassinated Yan Buji, no matter who the mastermind behind the entire case was, tiny traces and clues will be floated to the surface by then. He will then prepare an escape-proof net, and once the mastermind has any movement, he will be able to catch him in one go. Hmph, that will be his great achievement then, but Ying Chuan would have been killed by the assassins sent by him, and that unlucky Yan Chengfeng would have driven off from the position of Duke Yan Le."

Lao Ai shook his head, breathed out a long sigh and said, "I've always held contempt for Qin Wuyang. Not only he himself could not accomplish great achievement, but all his descendants are also just worse than him. It is true that Qin Qingshui's plot is malicious, but after all, he is just too young. Does he really think that the mastermind behind the murder will expose his identity so easily?"

He sneered, closed his eyes and pondered for a while. Suddenly he beckoned at Princess Ying Chuan and said, "Come, now you listen to me… You will go and look for Yan Chengfeng later to make a deal with him. Let your father give a few provinces in the Lu Kingdom to Tie Clan and allow them to establish their own kingdom, but never mess with your clan again. And the terms of exchange will be..."

Princess Ying Chuan leaned her ears toward Lao Ai and listened carefully to his words. Not far away from them, Wu Qi too was having his eyes flicker, remembering every single word that was said by Lao Ai.