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Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage

Author:Fat Bread

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Updates:Chapter 373: The Third Godlike Talent

Not everyone wants to live a life filled with fame, riches, glory, and honor. Some, just want the easy life. To live a life that simply plays itself over and over, with a hint of spice here and there. To our young hero Yun Xi, he felt his calling for bread. He did not want to be the Godly Swordsman of old, nor the Majestic Immortal Emperor. He just wanted to be a plain-old breadmaker. Yet, his dreams are crushed when he is given a revelation of the stars. From now on, how will his life change? 群星之子逃婚录
《Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage》 Text
Chapter 1: Young Yun Xi
Chapter 2: The Loving-Jealous Childhood Sweetheart
Chapter 3: Heavenly Dream
Chapter 4: The Three Spirits
Chapter 5: Frightening Girlfriends
Chapter 6: The Beginning of the Trials
Chapter 7: Novice Trial
Chapter 8: The Hippo Must Die
Chapter 9: The Gatekeeper of the Dark Forest
Chapter 10: Hua Huo’s Sword
Chapter 11: The Older Sister That Summer
Chapter 12: Hua Huo’s Weak Point
Chapter 13: Sleeping Beauty’s Kiss
Chapter 14: Three Seeds
Chapter 15: Hua Huo’s Seed
Chapter 16: Hua Huo Arrives at the Door
Chapter 17: Precious Mei’er
Chapter 18: Yun Xi’s Potential
Chapter 19: Accelerated Seeds
Chapter 20: Jealous Eyes
Chapter 21: Coming with Evil Intent
Chapter 22: To Kill
Chapter 23: Wood Chopper
Chapter 24: Different Worlds
Chapter 25: Instant Kill
Chapter 26: The Twin Saintess
Chapter 27: Captured Yun Xi
Chapter 28: The Dangerous Sisters
Chapter 29: Their Secret
Chapter 30: Poisoned Saintess
Chapter 31: Turtle Catching
Chapter 32: Let Go of the Turtle
Chapter 33: Love of the Stars
Chapter 34: Confession
Chapter 35: Love Letters
Chapter 36: Moon and Star Ring
Chapter 37: Regression
Chapter 38: Flocked
Chapter 39: Limit Practice
Chapter 40: Exit
Chapter 41: The Trial Reopens
Chapter 42: Stone Statue Legion
Chapter 43: Blood and Death
Chapter 44: Yun Xi’s Outbreak
Chapter 45: Kill!
Chapter 46: Forging
Chapter 47: Lancers
Chapter 48: The Five Great Generals
Chapter 49: Mighty Dragon
Chapter 50: Dragon Battle-Maiden
Chapter 51: Sky Sword (TianXiang Sword)
Chapter 52: Hua Huo Joins the Team
Chapter 53: The Third District
Chapter 54: Irresistible Force
Chapter 55: Title at End
Chapter 56: The Dawn of Victory
Chapter 57: The Three Childes
Chapter 58: Dancing Crane Swords
Chapter 59: The Tower of Song
Chapter 60: Princess and Guardian
Chapter 61: Tragic Asura
Chapter 62: The Primal Fire
Chapter 63: Huge Harvest
Chapter 64: Their Seeds
Chapter 65: Escape Plan
Chapter 66: The Fight Has Yet to Begin, Already Fleeing
Chapter 67: The Greatsword Maid
Chapter 68: The Killing Princess
Chapter 69: Helpless Choice
Chapter 70: Step Forward Hand-in-Hand
Chapter 71: Yun Xi was Surrounded
Chapter 72: Lucky Black Hair
Chapter 73: Cute Girls
Chapter 74: Bad Feeling
Chapter 75: Xiao Cao (Little Grass)
Chapter 76: The Girls
Chapter 77: Yun Xi’s Seeds
Chapter 78: Black Flying Swallow
Chapter 79: I’ve Got You in My Sight
Chapter 80: Victory! Victory!
Chapter 81: Instant Kill
Chapter 82: Air Battle Sword Skill
Chapter 83: Hua Yue
Chapter 84: White Gold Rose
Chapter 85: Their Seeds
Chapter 86: Blood-stained Skill!
Chapter 87: Obtaining The Twin Swords
Chapter 88: Yun Hai’s Legacy
Chapter 89: The Hidden Sword
Chapter 90: Elf’s Attack
Chapter 91: Hua Huo Goes Ballistic
Chapter 92: Sky Flying Sword
Chapter 93: Inexplicable Sense of Crisis
Chapter 94: The Black-haired Girl’s Legend
Chapter 95: Profess My Love
Chapter 96: The Childhood Sweethearts (1)
Chapter 97: The Childhood Sweethearts (2)
Chapter 97: The Childhood Sweethearts (3)
Chapter 98: Ye Li’s Allure
Chapter 99: I’m Looking for Your Growth
Chapter 100: Emptiness God
Chapter 101: The Dark Elf
Chapter 102: Elf’s Flower
Chapter 103: Dream or Reality?
Chapter 104: Dawn and Darkness
Chapter 105: The Evil God Comes
Chapter 106: The Girls’ Group Portrait
Chapter 107: The Girls’ Scroll
Chapter 108: The Evil God’s Sacrifice
Chapter 109: The High Wall
Chapter 110: Setting Sail
Chapter 111: The Big Big World
Chapter 112: The Door in the Clouds
Chapter 113: Intruder
Chapter 114: The Apostle Comes
Chapter 115: In Stranded
Chapter 116: Search and Rescue
Chapter 117: Xiao Cao In the Moonlight
Chapter 118: Bite
Chapter 119: Tropical Temptation
Chapter 120: Silver-haired Girl
Chapter 121: Abandoned Child
Chapter 122: Hunger Crisis
Chapter 123: Yun Xi’s Bread
Chapter 124: Enemies Forever
Chapter 125: Flying Swallow, and Flying Swallow!
Chapter 126: Innocent Paradise (1)
Chapter 127: Innocent Paradise (2)
Chapter 128: Girls’ Chat
Chapter 129: Synchronous Reaction
Chapter 130: Destiny Knot
Chapter 131: Starwings
Chapter 132: Invasive Creatures
Chapter 133: Upgrade
Chapter 134: Spread
Chapter 135: Flying Yun Xi
Chapter 136: The Scent of Milk
Chapter 137: Dark Shadow Gems
Chapter 138: For Bread! Rated Battle!
Chapter 139: Eye of the Storm
Chapter 140: The Tale of the Storm
Chapter 141: Mumu’s Expectation
Chapter 142: The Monster
Chapter 143: Transformation of the Stars (1)
Chapter 144: Transformation of the Stars (2)
Chapter 145: Water God’s World
Chapter 146: Mask
Chapter 147: Fake
Chapter 148: Water Mist
Chapter 149: Familiar Person
Chapter 150: The Second Apostle
Chapter 151: Water God’s People
Chapter 152: Lu Lu
Chapter 153: Tiger’s Power
Chapter 154: Lu Lu’s Sadness
Chapter 155: Proposal
Chapter 156: Separate and Go Different Ways
Chapter 157: The First Fiancee
Chapter 158: The Wedding Gown
Chapter 159: Ceremony
Chapter 160: The Gap Between Their Experiences
Chapter 161: Sky Sword
Chapter 162: Slime’s Legend
Chapter 163: Three Phases
Chapter 164: Yun Xi’s Decision
Chapter 165: Bride Expansion Plan
Chapter 166: Side Quest Four
Chapter 167: How to Propose
Chapter 168: Lu Lu’s Love Diary
Chapter 169: Yun Xi’s Gifts
Chapter 170: Upgrading!
Chapter 171: Imprint
Chapter 172: Twelve Candidate Brides
Chapter 173: Yun Que’s Anger
Chapter 174: Strategic Materials
Chapter 175: Terrible Non-combat Careers
Chapter 176: King of Spiders
Chapter 177: The Birth of a Queen
Chapter 178: Yun Que’s Warning
Chapter 179: Dangerous Target
Chapter 180: Ling Ling is Tempted
Chapter 181: Ling Ling Agreed
Chapter 182: Mei Lan’s Jealousness
Chapter 183: The Second Fallen One
Chapter 184: The Situation is Out of Control
Chapter 185: Water Mist Field
Chapter 186: Dangerous Encounter
Chapter 187: The Queen’s Satisfaction
Chapter 188: The Queen’s Threat
Chapter 189: In the Deep Dark Cave
Chapter 190: Silence and Hotness
Chapter 191: Save Yun Xi
Chapter 192: Jealousy and Impulsion
Chapter 193: Mist Souls
Chapter 194: White Emperor
Chapter 195: Phase Spider
Chapter 196: Retreat
Chapter 197: Jealousy
Chapter 198: Yun Que’s Decision
Chapter 199: Expansion Plan – A Million Brides!
Chapter 200: The King City
Chapter 201: Turning Point
Chapter 202: The Three High Priestesses
Chapter 203: The Girls Are Coming
Chapter 204: The Mysterious First One
Chapter 205: Familiar and Strange
Chapter 206: Will You Accept Me?
Chapter 207: The Unsuccessful Proposal
Chapter 208: Black Obsidian’s Choice
Chapter 209: The Birth of the King
Chapter 210: The 108th Bride
Chapter 211: Her Odour
Chapter 212: The Water Mist Field Is Expanding!
Chapter 213: Three Targets
Chapter 214: Lamia’s Game
Chapter 215: His Identity was Revealed
Chapter 216: A Small Promise
Chapter 217: The Excited Lamias
Chapter 218: Jealousy
Chapter 219: Their Hope
Chapter 220: Summon
Chapter 221: The Queen’s True Body
Chapter 222: Requirement
Chapter 223: Resonance
Chapter 224: Sweet Whisper
Chapter 225: The Sky Sword’s Footsteps
Chapter 226: Escape From the Mist Island
Chapter 227: The Mermaid Queen’s Requirement
Chapter 228: The Mermaid Queen Likes Immorality
Chapter 229: The Bell Is Ringing
Chapter 230: Her World
Chapter 231: The Door of Memories
Chapter 232: That Day
Chapter 233: The Origin of the Mist Tide
Chapter 234: Her Wish
Chapter 235: Canary
Chapter 236: Blessing
Chapter 237: The Three Queens’ Charm
Chapter 238: A Good News and A Bad News
Chapter 239: The Water God’s Song
Chapter 240: The Little Rabbit in the Morning
Chapter 241: Sailing Jellyfish’s Robe
Chapter 242: The Girls Who are Studying Hard
Chapter 243: A Million Brides
Chapter 244: You Will Be the Emperor
Chapter 245: The Broken Hearted Boys
Chapter 246: Embark on the Road
Chapter 247: The Frightening Army
Chapter 248: The Third Phase
Chapter 249: Hua Huo Arrives at the Battlefield!
Chapter 250: I Will Protect You
Chapter 251: Landing
Chapter 252: The Crimson Hound
Chapter 253: Continuous Attacks
Chapter 254: The Sword Is Broken
Chapter 255: Reforge the Sword
Chapter 256: The White Emperor’s Power
Chapter 257: Fierce Fighting
Chapter 258: At the End of Fantasy
Chapter 259: Crafting Mode
Chapter 260: Seal Hua Huo
Chapter 261: The World’s Enemy
Chapter 262: Burn With Rage
Chapter 263: Absolute Superiority
Chapter 264: See the Mist Tide Again
Chapter 265: The Flying Butterflies of Death
Chapter 266: The Guides
Chapter 267: The Mist Demon’s Real Appearance
Chapter 268: How to Strike Up a Conversation With a Dragon (1)
Chapter 269: How to Strike Up a Conversation With a Dragon (2)
Chapter 270: How to Strike Up a Conversation With a Dragon (3)
Chapter 271: Her Name
Chapter 272: His Smell
Chapter 273: Immortality
Chapter 274: The Decisive Battle Has Begun
Chapter 275: The Gears are Revolving
Chapter 276: Red Lotus’ Killing Intention
Chapter 277: The Last Phase
Chapter 278: Summon
Chapter 279: Descending
Chapter 280: The Water God’s Real Name
Chapter 281: Water God’s Bride
Chapter 282: Revive
Chapter 283: A Bigger Miracle
Chapter 284: For the World
Chapter 285: Furious Yun Xi
Chapter 286: Shaya’s Recipes
Chapter 287: Intertwine
Chapter 288: Yummy Time
Chapter 289: The Watcher
Chapter 290: The Last Marriage Contract
Chapter 291: The Battle God and the Guardian
Chapter 292: Fierce Fighting
Chapter 293: The Battle God’s Martial Arts
Chapter 294: Deadly Combos
Chapter 295: Adaptation and Evolution
Chapter 296: Rigidness and Flexibleness
Chapter 297: Destroy the World? Save the World!
Chapter 298: The Magnificence of Sky Dance
Chapter 299: Judgement
Chapter 300: The Truth of This World
Chapter 301: The Revived Sailing Jellyfishes
Chapter 302: Parting
Chapter 303: Rebuilding the World
Chapter 304: Yun Xi’s Choice
Chapter 305: What A Strange World
Chapter 306: Hua Huo’s Consciousness
Chapter 307: The Sorrows of Lu Lu
Chapter 308: The Melancholy of the White Emperor
Chapter 309: The Battle God Comes
Chapter 310: The Witness
Chapter 311: The Mermaid Girls Like NTR(1)
Chapter 312: The Mermaid Girls Like NTR(2)
Chapter 313: The Caelian Queen’s Whisper
Chapter 314: The Lamia Queen’s Gaze
Chapter 315: Do You Want to Be My Disciple?
Chapter 316: I Don’t Agree!
Chapter 317: Angry Hua Huo
Chapter 318: The White Emperor’s Fighting Stance
Chapter 319: Fight Hand to Hand
Chapter 320: The Disappearing Sword
Chapter 321: Hopeless Situation
Chapter 322: The Godlike Skill
Chapter 323: Desperate Fight
Chapter 324: The Water God’s Blessing
Chapter 325: Dream or Reality
Chapter 326: Two White Emperors (1)
Chapter 327: Two White Emperors (2)
Chapter 328: The Innocent Fantasy Creature Overlords
Chapter 329: Ouroboros’ Prediction
Chapter 330: On the Road Again
Chapter 331: The Firebird Who Is Chasing After Them
Chapter 332: Beneath the Moonlight
Chapter 333: The Practice of the Battle God Genre
Chapter 334: Treasure Ship Style
Chapter 335: A Small Temptation
Chapter 336: Sky Tower
Chapter 337: The Legend of Seven Towers
Chapter 338: Announcement
Chapter 339: Challenge
Chapter 340: Carry Them Out!
Chapter 341: Nobody Beats
Chapter 342: Nobody Beats
Chapter 343: The Sound of the Secret Treasure
Chapter 344: Awakening
Chapter 345: Talent
Chapter 346: Meet Elf Again
Chapter 347: The Princess
Chapter 348: Kingfisher
Chapter 349: The Legendary Hero
Chapter 350: The Figure of the Past
Chapter 351: Elf Illness
Chapter 352: Black Dog
Chapter 353: The Pleasant Princess
Chapter 354: The Aura of the Evil God
Chapter 355: The Prideful Prince
Chapter 356: The Evil God’s Power
Chapter 357: The Real Target
Chapter 358: Death and Rebirth
Chapter 359: This Is the Bud Garden
Chapter 360: The Star Spirit Team
Chapter 361: Triumph in the Skies
Chapter 362: The New Talent
Chapter 363: The Swing Style
Chapter 364: The Gravel of Time
Chapter 365: The Battle God’s Gift
Chapter 366: One Day in the Life of the Maid “Mei” (1)
Chapter 367: One Day in the Life of the Maid “Mei” (2)
Chapter 368: One Day in the Life of the Maid “Mei” (3)
Chapter 369: The Holy Beetle
Chapter 370: Dragon Plant
Chapter 371: The Girls’ Great Goal
Chapter 372: Mumu’s Change
Chapter 373: The Third Godlike Talent