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Scouts had returned from their journey to check on the Tulpaa. What they found was something entirely unexpected. The two tribes had always fought over resources and technologies, competitively going at one another. Now, one of them were gone.

Was this a wish come true, or was this a bad omen?

Debris and death littered the space above the planet of Tulpaa. Remains of unidentified fighters had been found. The force sensitive pilots also felt that they were being watched, they had sensed many lives nearby. Yet, they couldn't pinpoint where they had been.

Flying towards their orbital platform, the squadron commander's sensors started going off. "I'm picking up at Hyperspace vector opening up near the Star of Makatak. What's going on?!" The entire squadron turned as a unit and began moving towards the area where the space stations were settled.

Suddenly a massive twenty two kilometer long wedge shaped vessel came out of hyperspace. It was massive, larger than any vessel that have conceived.

The squadron unit leader would stare with a gaping mouth, his Rakata hammerhead shark like eyes blinking endlessly. 'Had their ancestors returned?' Was the first question that came to mind until suddenly a brilliant blue beam ripped through the Makatak tribe's stations, tearing them apart in a blink of an eye.

These were not their ancestors, they were clearly not friendly. "All fighters, form on–!!!" The blue beam didn't stop, the entire vessel began to turn and the entire scout unit was vaporized as the beam began to dissipate.

Valad stood on the command bridge with a light sigh, shaking his head. "You know, this would be more entertaining if the Clone Wars had already begun." Even though this was only the beginning, he was rather annoyed that all he had to do was destroy the station.

These people of the Makatak tribe probably didn't have a single force sensitive, since according to the people of Tulpaa, only the Warrior Priest was capable of using the station to its maximum effectiveness.

"So," his eyes wandered over towards Rin Gan who was standing beside him, having seen the spectacle.

He had just wiped out several people, if not thousands of them, without a single warning. He destroyed stations used for making ships and collecting resources, probably even refiners. His attack could be seen as unwarranted.

"You wanted me here as a strategist... It seems you don't really need another strategy. You cut off your enemies means of generating their space supremacy fighters and collecting extra-terrestrial resources." Rin Gan huffed with somewhat of a disappointment. This seemed to be a brutal attack, not something that really impressed her.

At least she had a good night's rest. She didn't even have to study anymore. Though she did miss Gris and her mother dearly, this was just another new experience.

"Hm.." Valad let out a low groan of boredom and narrowed his eyes on the orb which was following an elliptical orbit around the star. He watched as the person controlling the helm turned the ship and began to set a course for Makatak itself. "How about dealing with the enslaved inhabitants?"

Rin Gan had stared at him when he groaned, he seemed bored? However as he asked the question she could only drum her fingers along her thigh. "Just do what you did last time? Give them an ultimatum. Free your slaves and surrender your sovereignty to us." She responded dryly, she didn't sound too into this idea of war.

Valad's lips curled into a smile as he reached over and grasped her left cheek with his right hand, using his two fingers, he would repetitively pull and tug at her cheek. Causing it to make a sloshing sound every time he let it settle back into place.

When she tried to speak, it somewhat sounded like someone trying to speak while they were underwater. Hearing herself, she actually burst out laughing, tears forming in her eyes as she squeezed her mouth shut. The hardness of her laughing made her stomach hurt.

Maddie was standing over by the door beside the portside entrance to the main bridge. She was watching the interactions with a small smile across her lips. He had surrounded himself with friends, possibly future family members.

She also always felt him feeling out for her. He didn't want her out of his sight it seemed. She felt warm because of this. She was living a nightmare for the past fifteen years. Yet she didn't truly tell him that she had been here for all these years. How would he react to that? Would he be angry that he hadn't been able to come and save her?

She sighed at the thought and walked over to the two of them as he was playing with Rin's cheek and grinned at them both, "Hitting on the new girl already, huh?"

Valad looked at the one who had suddenly embraced them from behind with her arms wrapped around their shoulders after speaking.

Rin Gan slowly stopped laughing and held her stomach as she looked over at Maddie who randomly appeared. Unlike Valad, she had no idea that Maddie had even entered the bridge. "H-hitting on?" Her hazel eyes looked over the Zabrak's somewhat serious looking face, before noticing the dimples twitching with that grin of hers.

"Are you... trying not to laugh?" Both Rin and Valad actually said this in sync, overlapping their voices which sounded rather electronic.

"Shouldn't we be going to war?" Maddie asked, knowing very well this had been one of Valads antics for entertainment since he was bored with the current state of events.

Valad sighed and groaned, looking back out of the viewport, he saw little dots forming into a swarm near the planet. He could sense some of them, but it seemed most of them were Rakata. Slowly he pursed his lips, "There aren't that many non-Rakatas."

"Really?" Maddie asked as she gazed forward towards the direction he was looking. "Well, we have thirty minutes until we can fire that big beam you got. So may as well release the droid fighters?"

Valad shook his head, "I'll do something else." Both of them just rested their gaze on the side of his head. Rin Gan was curious, but Maddie had a general idea what he was going to use even though she wasn't knowledgeable about his previous rewards.

Opening his inventory, he highlighted his Navy Vouchers which he had a total of eight. He wanted to know what it was used for since he didn't look at it immediately. Though due to its name, he was going to assume that it was not naval facilities, and he was correct.


[ Navy Voucher ] A single one of these Vouchers allows the user of the System to generate a fleet of ten ships of varying proportions of choice below three thousand meters in length. The user can also determine what kind of crew the ship consists of and the deployable compliments.


Seeing the description, he grinned a bit. This meant he didn't have to fight directly with the massive Imperious. Instead he could have other ships doing that, and even fill them with a consistent crew.

Activating the voucher, a screen appeared in front of his view which listed what choices he had. He scrolled through the choices until he found the Resurgent class Battlecruiser. It was just within his limits when it came to size.

After he chose that, it also asked what kind of crew compliment he wanted for the ship. When he selected Clone, an extremely long list appeared below for him to choose from. Most of them were notable mercenaries, soldiers or even revolutionaries. The corner of his lip twitched seeing all the choices, however he began to narrow it down.

There was one certain individual that he had in mind, one of the individuals who had trained the Clone Commanders in weapons use. Vhonte Tervho, a female Mandalorian Warrior.

Once he chose the individual he wanted another selection screen appeared asking what age range he wanted them to be in. Logically speaking, it would best to have them older, but at the same time he wanted them to be around longer.

Pursing his lips, he would set the range around sixteen to nineteen years of age. This way they were young enough to be recruits and could learn.

The crew compliments were taken care of, yet there was still more to choose. The deployable compliments such as fighters and ground forces. He pretty much copy and pasted the ones from the Imperious so that they would have TIE predators and Command shuttles, while at the same time having the similar ground forces available.

With that finished a sudden feeling washed over the entire fore sensitive members of the crew on board the Imperious. It was like a sudden shift in the force as ten resurgent class battlecruisers came out of hyperspace, taking up an escorting position on either side of the massive dreadnought.

Suddenly it started to sound like the communications array was going to explode with so many incoming messages. All of them began checking in all at once, all with similar if not the same tone of voice.

"This is the Iscarius, reporting in!"

"This is the Jinnin, reporting in!"

"Annihilator here!"

"Runtic Checking in!"

"Valis here!"

"Devastator Enroute!"

"The Venatan has arrived!"

"The Utinni is at your service."

"Demistar here!"

"The Outlast is here to destroy your enemies, your Majesty!"

Rin Gan and anyone who had been looking out the windows at the time were completely confused, scared and afraid. Where did these ships come from? Hearing these voices over the communicator, Rin slowly looked over at him.

"Where did these guys come from?" Her eyes were wide while she tried to keep her brows furrowed and straight in a line. She pointed weakly out towards them.

"Hm, I didn't tell you I had reinforcements?" His head slowly tilted to the side as he looked her over. She just stared back blankly before letting out a light sigh.

"This is overkill," she muttered to herself and shook her head, "Well, time to devliever that ultimatum you were asking for. Might as well throw in some 'annihilation' threats while you're at it." She joked, referring to the ship known as the Annihilator, a name which had been used for a Star Destroyer in the Galactic Empire.

Shrugging lightly, Valad would walk over to communications interface and sent a mass message down to the planet below. There was holograms and a more primitive version of the internet. He decided to throw the similar message at them as he did the Tulpaa.

"This is the Imperial Federation, Free your slaves and surrender your Sovereignty or face annihilation. You have one standard hour to comply. We will only accept your unconditional surrender, Rakata." No matter what the planetary government tried to do, this message was sent to every active terminal, holographic communication and entertainment devices.

Within thirty minutes multiple locations across the planet began to riot. Much like on Tulpaa the slaves outnumbered their masters. And within the forty five minute mark, the government decided to surrender as their entire collection of attack squadrons were attacking each other due to a large portion being of mainly slaves in the first place.

"And this is why you don't turn your slaves into an army..." He muttered quietly to himself, rather happy that they had no one to use their mind prisons. Those were a threat, and something he wanted to collect for insurance.