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49 As calm as Riané

Not pure in the brain? Riané simply stared at him, she knew she had made advances early on, but this didn't make any sense to her. That's when she frowned slightly, reading his face. She was indeed being teased.

It had nothing to do with her being pure in the head, or in the mind. "Gah!" She yelled as she lunged forward and went to drop kick him, only to find herself being pinned to the ground. His fingers pressed against her chest and all the air pulled from her lungs.

She let out a gasp and just laid there. A tingling feeling running along her back and neck, followed by pain. He had intercepted her quickly, having used the force to accelerate his movement.

"Violent outbursts isn't the right idea," Valad said with a rather quiet tone as he stood up and stared down at her.

She simply turned her head away and squinted her sights. She didn't audibly cry, at least not from the pain. Her tears began to well up, they stuck to her short eyelashes. Rolling out of sight. She thought that she could beat him down if she were angry, yet that wasn't possible. She knew that anger clouded one's emotions, made them self-destructive.

A sharp breath escaped her lips as she looked up at him, with now bloodshot eyes. She quickly used the force to push herself up to her feet. "Understood," she muttered scrunching up her nose.

"Really?" Valad asked with a curious tone, leaning in and looking at her face from the side. "You're okay now?" He could see the beads of tears stuck to her lashes, the glossiness which clung to her eyes.

"Y-yes I'm fine..." Riané squeaked as she accidentally wacked him in the face when she went to wave him off. Not knowing he was so close to her and she paused, felt his face with the back of her hand before grasping at it.

He stood there motionlessly, his expression had completely deadlined. Her hand was soft, but still she had just accidentally slapped him in the face. "That wasn't very nice," his grin appeared on his lips, a guilt string voice struck against her.

Riané immediately without a second thought, grabbed his nose and squeezed it between her middle and index finger.

"That's not very nice either~!" Valad's voice was augmented into something rather squeaky, childish. He'd reach up and grasp her wrist, causing her to look over at him.

A warm feeling began to develop in the back of her head, following by a tingling sensation. Something she clearly remembered from when they had first met at the orphanage over a month ago. She pursed her lips slightly and smiled in a daze-like manner. Blinking as if she was going to fall asleep, her entire body felt as if it was swaying. Her perception of reality, it was bending?

Valad was using his indoctrination technique, but he wasn't changing anything other than prompting her body to fire off euphoric signals.

Her legs began to feel like Jello and she slowly lost her balance. Being guided to her knees by Valad who proceeded to remove her hand from his nose and gently nudge her to the ground. She just laid there smiling up at the ceiling, giggling as if she were high off of some sort of new popular drug.

He shook his head slightly with a grin across his lips, he then reached out with the force and plucked her off the ground.

Like a Korean horror flick, the body creepily hovered in the air as he brought her over to the nearby overseer's chair and placed her down into it. "If you were to get pregnant, and I die, I will wish I'd be dead again..." He snickered to himself, considering if he were to die he would inhabit her body for a duration until he could get a new body or better host.

His eyes then gazed over towards Vaylin, he could put his essence into her, but at the same time. He pretty much just had sex with her. If she were to have gotten pregnant from that, and he were to die relatively soon, he'd be stuck delivering a baby in her place.

"Oi... I really don't want that..." He needed to find someone else's body to put it in. Or to make clones and pull a Palpatine. Just he wouldn't put them all in the same place, nor anywhere near a galaxy cannon which could wipe out an entire star system with its antimatter warhead.

In the regard, Palpatine was an idiot after his first couple of deaths.

Stirring in her chair, Vaylin began to wake up. Her eyes blinked several times before just staring out into the space which was out in front of them. She could see the planet which was right in front of them. It was massive, larger than the incredibly unbelievable ship they found themselves living on.

That's when all of a sudden the alarms began going off over by the sensor station on the ship's bridge.

Valad raised a brow and looked over at the protocol droid who was attending to the station. "What's going on?" He'd ask with a chilled, yet louder than normal tone. As if he was somewhat irritated now as he was letting his mind roam about.

"It's not pirates, if that's what you're asking." The droid scoffed in a tense, yet sarcastic, tone which sounded as spiteful as a Felines.

Letting out a soft and quiet sigh, he walked over to the sensor station and looked over the readouts. A republic friend or foe transponder system had been detected.


A Consular Class Cruiser came out of hyperspace right outside the Trevi IV planetary system, right out on the edge of the shadow mass. There were a total of six souls on board. Two Jedi and four personnel from the Republic Judicial Forces.

They had just arrived from the Naboo System, from their second visit to the Chommell Sector.

"Master, are you sure this is the system you felt the disturba...n...ce.... Master, is that a ship?" Obiwan paused as he saw the gigantic super star destroyer which could very well be used to destroy entire fleets. He was almost mesmerized by the reflective hull.

Qui Gon Jin held his infamous thinker's pose, observing the massive warship. "I sense... Someone familiar, multiple people who are familiar... Over a hundred force sensitives." He stroked his chin, "Jedi Master Fay is here."

Obiwan blinked a few times hearing his Master speak of the Ageless Beauty which had gone off to roam the galaxy with the force as her guide. He couldn't believe that he was going to meet her.

"As are the two we met during our duel with the unknown Sith Lord, I feel we will get some answers here." During one of their visits to Naboo since the Invasion, Jin was able to find out that Padmé had been feeling a bit off. Depressed and even confused about something that was troubling her.

It seemed Jin began to believe that the one troubling her was the one with the very big guns. His eyes scrutinized the sleek structure and architecture. It reminded him of the Reconstituted Sith Empire's warships found in the Galactic Library and Jedi Archives. A massive version of a Harrower-Class Battlecruiser with a different paint job and a fancy dome.

"We're being hailed," the co-pilot stated as they glanced over at the Jedi Master and his freshly Knighted former Padawan.

"Put'em through," Obiwan answered rather quickly before his former Master said anything. Which made the old Master chuckle as he looked up towards the holographic video feed.

In front of them appeared to be the boy they had met on the planet of Naboo during the Invasion of Theed. "Welcome Master Jedi, Welcome to the New Aquilaean System." He was wearing the same tunic, the only difference was that it had a silver trim instead of a gold one.

"Valad, who is it?" Groaned a half asleep Vaylin as she waddled over beside him and looked over the Jedi from before. Her eyes remained partially closed, "Oooh... It's the monks."

"Qui-Gon Jin and Obiwan Kenobi," Valad corrected her as she called them monks. From his standpoint, they both were completely opposite of monks, well at least Jin was. Jin was a nonconformist, while Obiwan was a Conservative.

This was the reason why Obiwan was able to join the Jedi High Council come the time of the Clone Wars.

"So you know our names?" Jin asked with a cheeky grin across his lips, since he had just learned the boy's name. That was part of the information he couldn't get out of Padmé, even after attempting to use a mind trick on her, which she saw right through. "Just how much do you know about us?"

Obiwan watched his Master curiously, seeing how he believed he could probe information from the boy, who was likely willing to give away bits and pieces.

"Stewjon, Obiwan was born on Stewjon in Year 943 After the Ruusan Reformation. You were born in Year 908..." From Valad's knowledge it seemed that Qui-Gon Jin's homeworld was unnamed in the Lore of Star Wars. This would be rather confusing if there was actually a name to it. "Your homeworld is the host to the River of Light." He knew their beginnings, something most Jedi had left behind, or never really knew in the first place.

Jin was rather mused with this, the boy indeed had a lot of information. "I sense a familiar friend on board your vessel. A fellow Jedi Master, would it be prudent to allow us to join you for the time being, Valad?" He used his humble tone, his sly fox-like charisma.

If this was really Liam Neeson, Valad would have been completely taken in. "Yes, you may join us." He let out a soft chuckle, "We will be leaving the system in about a week. So you're in no rush to leave. However I'd like to inform you that a portion of our crew has decided to settle the planet below. They're former captives of the Kazarak Slaver Cooperative and Slavery Syndicate. I am hoping the Jedi or the Republic will protect them in our absence."

Jin and Obiwan Kenobi were suddenly finding themselves dumbfounded. About a week ago, they found that the slavery and abduction rate in the southern outer rim had gone down. While other syndicates and groups were moving in, many groups were curious of who in their right minds had attacked and looted the place.

They just found the answer, an unaffiliated force user with a large army. However that's when he noticed the coreship lodged into the center of the massive vessel as their cruiser was coming around. A Federation Coreship?

The Jedi's eyes narrowed on the surface of the star dreadnaught, the crystalline surface was integrating itself around the Coreship's hull, as if it was sinking into a dark reflective sea.

"Do you sense it, Master?" Obiwan asked as he looked over at Jin.

"Yes, I do..." His eyes wandered from his former Apprentice, and back to Valad who was on the screen.

"An area in the central hangar has been prepared for you." Valad informed the Master Jedis, giving them a light bow of the head and a 'courteous' salute, the transmission would end.

"Master, he seems a bit.. Cheeky, if you don't mind me saying." Jedi Knight Obiwan Kenobi stated blatantly, with his arms crossed over his chest. "And his gaze... It's like he's staring at celebrities."

Jin nodded slowly, "I do sense a great amount of power within him. If Master Fay is with her by her own volition, then it is she who has found the one chosen by the force.