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47 Unexplored Territory

Vaylin tasted the sweet palate his fingers left on her lips, deviantly staring up at him as she felt an emotion she barely understood. Desire, lust. She was burning up, her deep blue eyes dilated as this particular hangar door slammed shut, the lights outside the Delta-12 instantaneously shut off. They were surrounded by darkness, an illusion of a starless vacuum.

Completely stimulated, she turned onto her stomach and took her hands onto his shoulders, taking them into her grasps and pulling herself up.

Unexpectedly, Valad leaned forward, his free hand pushing down on the side of her abdomen. She found herself pinned vigorously against the pleather seat. Her hands strung out away from her sides.

His shadow consumed her as he knelt above her chest, her arms trapped at his sides. She could feel the unfamiliar sensations of lust and desire emanating off of him, but they were at least ten times more potent than her own.

Her blue eyes stared up at him innocently, kissing and touching, this was new territory for her. Only a month ago she was tucked away in a dark room, tortured and kept isolated.

It came no surprise to Valad that she had no idea what was coming, nor how to sate this urge. He pulled her tunic free of her body, revealing her ritualistic tattooing.

She wanted to hug herself, but she felt her arms hammered down, restrained, by an internal force. Was this panic? No, she let out a, deep, loud exhale in the form of a moan. He wasn't putting any weight on top of her, yet she could tell, he wanted her down

Her legs pushed out from beneath her and rested hanging over the center console between the two seats. Her eyes couldn't help but follow his moist hand illuminated by the ship's interfaces. She took her lower lip into her teeth, watching as his fingers shuffled his baggy trousers down his hips.

Releasing her lower lip, she shivered slightly as she felt the wet substance that followed his fingers against her cheek. The fragrance smelt just like herself, intensified, self-pleasing. Her lips split apart, pursing ever so slightly as she felt the same hand grasp the top of her head and pressing it back as she was leaning her body up to him.

She felt him oppressing her and closed her eyes partially, tracking her eyes on his face. His eyes were glowing almost a bright green within the darkened surroundings. They were ominous, mischievous and yet solicitous. Blinking, her view was obstructed before a warm-blood staff reminiscent of a legless, toothless, dewback.

It was flesh colored, warm, far from the cold blooded lizard she knew. There was no eyes. She turned her head slightly from it as it almost grazed the tip of her nose as he leaned closer to her face.

A tangy fragrance took her attention as her nostrils flared curiously. Her eyes stared at it, it was stiffening up even more. Moving on its own, pointed out straight at her.

The silence between them was awkward, she had no idea what to do. She felt his hand which was on her head finally pull her towards it. At first it pressed against her lips, a moist substance sticking to them. She took her lips in and tasted them, a sweet citrusy flavor like a Tangerine.

She raised a brow, curling her lips up to one side as she looked up at him cluelessly. She just felt his hand move behind her head, pressing the tip of the lizard's face against her now dampened lips. Reluctantly opening her mouth, her teeth grazed the head, her tongue tickling under the hood.

The fleshy flavor was seasoned by the tang and sweat, it was sweet but salty.

Valad wasn't waiting, a grin more devious than before took form. His blood was pumping fast, he was fueled by the sexually activated adrenaline. The idea, the imagining, of making every little bit of her his.

He groaned as he pushed the length slowly into her mouth. He could hear her trill against it, her mouth vibrating around him. Her lips closed on the flesh, but as she went to lull her head back against his hand, he pulled her head closer. He could feel, hear, her gurgle against him. All he could sense was the warm back of her throat.

Relaxing his grasp on her head slightly, she felt her tongue slither up against him once more as the stiff dragon began to retreat from its hold. Her big eyes remained on him, drool dripping onto her chest.

Slowly her arm began to raise, pushing against the internal pressure which once kept it down. Her hand grazed his thigh, and traced along his pelvis. A tingling sensation ran throughout his body as he bit his lower lip. Her hand grasped his hilt and began to tour his shaft.

Her eyes fluttered slightly, before she sent her hand against him, taking the obstruction out from her mouth and flicking its tip with her tongue. It had grown longer, and it shined with her own saliva. Her eyes looked over its form, it was shaking in place. It had veins that acted as ridges to the touch.

That's whens she grasped the end of it and began to pull it downward. She could feel the resistance and grinned hearing him groan, it felt like she was doing something right. She then let it go, saliva slapping her in the face as it shot right back up into place.

Closing one eye, she looked up at him with furrowed brows.

Valad couldn't help but snicker at the sight, muffling the sound behind his lips. He then grasped her by the wrists and let himself fall back into the pilot's seat. His legs trading position with hers as he brought her straddling into his lap.

She blinked several times in surprise as she felt the large obstruction resting flat against her boxers, touching the lower area of her abdomen. She moved her lips slightly, causing him to moan. She stopped, startled before giggling and grinding against him.

He could help but let go of her wrists and grasp her thighs. The polyester fabric of the boxers tightly grasped her closed outer lips, which tickled his stiff membrane like that of a plush feather.

Both of them shook with anticipation. The touching was euphoric, even without dialogue they communicated their sensations. With Valad propped up against the side of the cockpit, he grinned up at her as he pinched the polyester fabric of her underwear and tore in two separate directions.

A distinct rip could be heard, skin contact between her chastity and his carnivorous shaft felt unreal. She immediately leaned forward on instinct, pressing down on his shoulders with her softened hands. A look on determination washed over her, moving her hips side to side as she pressed herself against the standing tip.

She put a little pressure on it and winced. It was a slight pain, but the tip wasn't even in. She reached down with one of her hands and guided the peck. She let her weight push harder as she relaxed her legs. Her chest shook, pain shot up. Her fingers dug into his shoulder, her other hand grasped at his chest to catch her balance.

Valad could feel the heat welling up inside of her, wrapping around himself slowly, strangling just the head as it delved into unexplored territory. He was completely ambushed, but he wasn't going to surrender. Soaking in fresh blood, the hands on her hips moved without his permission, pressing down ceaselessly.

"Aaah...Aahhh..." Vaylin let out slow painful gaspes, even though her nails weren't sharp, it definitely felt as if her fingers were digging into his flesh. Trying to draw his own blood.

Valad reached up and caressed her cheek, before bringing her down and nipping her lower lip. Kissing her as she shifted on top of him in pain. His other hand wouldn't let her lift, only descend, no matter how she tried to spring back up in recoil.

She winced into the kissing, she was trembling at the conflicting feelings of pain and pleasure. It was as if she was being torn apart. Molten lava had entered her core, she felt as if she was overloading. As she tried to spring her hips, she felt herself only being pushed right back down. Her hips tightened around him, her insides hugged him, sucking him deeper in.

Vaylin screamed into his mouth, reverberating with his pleasured moans. He wanted more, yet all she was able to concentrate on was the burning sensation. The only thing that kept her relaxed with his scent, his powerful arms wrapping around her.

The ship powered down as it idled and he quickly shifted to press her against the dashboard. Her ankles instinctively crossed behind his back, she hugged her face into his collarbone as he broke the kiss. She screamed into him, muffling herself.

It was like they had first met, before he had promised that he would never directly harm her. She knew this wasn't what he meant. She gripped in tighter, closing her eyes as tears strung down her face. A smile though, a smile was on her lips, one without regret for the pain she felt as he thrusted heavily each time.

He held no remorse for what he was doing, yet she could still feel that he undoubtedly cared for her. She rested her head back against the dashboard after several minutes of his unyielding movements. He was hitting an itch, everytime he collided with it a sense of pleasure shot through her entire system.

What was this?

She gasped with pleasure, he was hitting it everytime. The one spot, her arms began to laxen, until she rested them on the dashboard as support as for her body. She began to roll her hips, abide painfully, against his own subconsciously.

Shivering, Vaylin grasped at the dash, pointlessly scratching at it with her finger tips. She curled her lips in and muffled her moan as she arched her back. "Aaahhh..Ahhh..."

Valad leaned in, bringing his face into her neck. Taking in her scented sweat, nuzzling into her jaw, pressing the side of his head against hers. His chest meeting partially with her modest bust, brushing against her stimulated and sensitive nips.

Vaylin let out a whimper, biting into his shoulder once he was close enough. It wasn't hard, but it allowed her to attach herself to him briefly. He moved back onto the seat and she clung to him, pushing him all the way inside, all the way down to the hilt.

His muscles tensed, a light headed feeling splashed through him. He felt euphoric, the same was written on Vaylin's face as she squeezed him for all his worth. He immediately pressed her up against the canopy's cold viewport as he stood up, her legs still wrapped around him.

This time however her arms were draped over his shoulders, her chin resting on around his neck. She wore a decently pleased expression on her face, her eyes were closed and there was just this subtly smile painted across her lips.

He used the companion tab, opening her application, he chose the equipment option. He requipped her items, but he didn't leave her be.

As the items were re-equipped, her pants were around her ankles, held into place by her boots. Her tunic was perfectly pressed to her torso.

Valad smirked slightly, seeing how this whole thing worked. So since he was inserted inside of her, the system couldn't phase the pants over his shaft. That was good to know, he was rather thankful for that.

Jumping from the inside of the cockpit as he requipped his own attire, his junk hanging out as it was still being used. He heard her let out a high pitch squeak, the sound of an 'air fart' was heard when the duo landed. The jump had made him pull out slightly and thrust in rather quickly, pushing the air out.

Valad chuckled quietly to himself as she clung tighter around him with her knees almost crushing his sides. He began to carefully make his way over to the hangar exit, revealing a long corridor which stretched almost the entire length of the ship. Thankfully as he arrived, a supply tram pulled up, allowing him to board. He used the wall beside the control panel to rest her back against while he selected the residential zone.

The tram would hum as it shuttled down the length of the portside and into the main residential zone of the twenty two kilometer long Star Dreadnought. The entire ride was estimated to take about an hour.

So he sat down on the operator's stool with Vaylin's ankles crossed behind his back. Her eyes were closed and she seemed to have begun to doze off. Slowly he began to lift her up, liquids slowly being squeezed out along the surface of his shaft. Some even dripping to the floor. Her lips twitched in pain, but she didn't make a sound.

He wiped it on the remaining ripped boxers coating her thighs, then tucked his junk away. He let out a satisfying sigh, the tip was extremely sensitive to the touch. It gave a strange feeling as he brushed against the interior of his trousers.

Still he didn't say a thing, just sat there. caressing her legs which remained at his sides; causing her to shake at his touch. Her body was much too sensitive. He could even see her nipples creasing out against the fabric of her tunic.

She still hadn't cooled down...