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Within hours the entire facility and headquarters of the Kazarak Cooperative had fallen, the slaves were collected and brought back to the massive vessel for processing. They were given food and temporary housing by the droids on board orchestrated by Riané personally while Valad remained planet side.

"I wonder what Master is going to do with all these people..." Her eyes gazed over the children and beautifully groomed people. They were clearly slaves for the highest bidder.

Letting out a soft sigh she stood behind a fold out table by the Droid Factory, handing out bowls of nutrient-protein rations disguised as split pea soup and crackers. Children gratefully gathered the food offered to them and brought them back to their friends and probable family. Adults stood in line and did the same for their children.

Many of them chattered away, most of them not knowing what was going to become of them. Yet they were being supplied with comfort food and a place to lay their heads. They've been abused by their captors, some of them even used before processing.

They couldn't be malcontent now that they were free from it all. All that was there was confusion and gratitude.

A young man appeared before Riané, he looked like a carbon copy of Will Smith. He even wore a silly smile across his lips as he eyed the food. "Hm. You make this?" He asked with a teasing tone, chuckling to himself as he took a bowl into both hands. The warmth on his hands was welcoming as she poured him some.

"I gave it flavoring, yes." Riané didn't give much of a conversation starter as she looked at him with a curious glint in her eye. "I know plenty of you have stories, so what is yours, Mister...?"

"Right, the name's Jay. Pleasure to meet you kid," He reached out one hand to shake hers, which she gracefully accepted and shook lightly.

"Riané," She said as she reached out with the force, trying to sense if anyone here was force sensitive. It just so happened that the man in front of her and several others had the eligibility to use the force, but were too old for the Jedi Order.

"You said something about a Master? Are you a slave?" It appears that Jay had overheard what she had said earlier, but Riané just shook her head slightly and turned her palm towards the ceiling.

Suddenly the soup in his bowl began to float, keeping the shape of the bowl as it hovered a few centimeters above it, "I am an Apprentice."

The shock of seeing the force being seen for the first time in front of himself, was quite the surprise. Yet when he saw it, it was as if he could feel the force being used right there. He grinned wildly.

"Are you Jedi?" When his question was answered with a shake of her head, Jay blinked a few times. His wild grin vanishing rather quickly. "Then who are you people?" His eyes turned towards some of the fake Mandalorians who were still suited up.

"Mandalorians?" He asked as he looked back at Riané once again, who shook her head yet again. His mouth hung open slightly in thought, who were these people? "You're not Jedi, you're not Mandalorians... Yet you can use the force, and all of your 'soldiers' are dressed as Mandalorians." He walked over to one of the droids serving soup rations and took the helmet off, his eyes widening as he saw it was a droid masquerading as a person.

"Trade Federation?" He asked as he looked over at Riané for assurance, only for her to shake her head once again. This guy was entirely confused, as were the people whom were paying attention to what was going on. "Techno Union?" He was met with more denial. "Rival slavers?" He stuck his head out slightly only for Riané to deny this too.

"From what I've noticed from my Master's actions. We are acquiring wealth by conquering the underworld. I'm assuming he wants to found an Empire." Riané suggested with a robust smile across her lips.

Nodding slightly, he couldn't help but feel a bit sorry for her, having to guess what her master was wanting out of all this. Since he hadn't really shared all that much with her. "Would he be able to teach us? Those who can feel the force?"

"I am sure that is the first thing he wants to do when he returns from the assault on the Cooperative's headquarters. However I do not know what he plans on doing with everyone here..." Riané couldn't imagine her Master being ruthless and spacing the useless ones. Though he could see him using them as soldiers, officers and trainees in the Force. The question was, would all of them follow or only those who had nothing to go back to?


Meanwhile planet side the battles had died down and there were very view slavers left within the compound. The Commando droids were pushing them further and further back into the central command of the cooperative was located.

"What is the meaning of this!?" The chairman of the Cooperative growled in the Conference room, looking at the few filled chairs of a few officers. "Why can't we restore communications with our other locations?"

"Sir, it seems the invasion force came prepared. They're using Electronic Warfare against all of our efforts. However we have been able to locate the source... It's the unidentified class of Lucrehulk in synchronized orbit with the planet, above our location." A science officer seemed to state, dressed in some luxurious blue robes. "However they've already eliminated our onsite communication and our forward defenses. The Slavery Syndicate's forces here have also been eliminated by unknown space superiority fighters."

The chairman smashed his fist onto the expensive looking table, causing its surface to crack lightly. "Are there any ways to escape?"

Shaking their heads all of the people at the table seemed to deny the very idea of it. "The Vault is all that we have left. Whoever this person is, they've taken the processed and to-be-processed slaves." Another man said, dressed in an armored tunic. He had a red security visor over one eye.

"We are all that's left of the Central Coordinating Committee on Kazarak..." A young looking woman wearing expensive and luxurious wardrobe said with a meek tone, staring at the reflective surface of the table. "Are we really not able to call for an extraction?"

"Didn't you hear me the first time?" The blue robed man sneered and looked towards the door he could hear screaming and weapons fire closing in on their location. "Forget it. We're going to die anyways..." Each of the members reached under the tables and drew their repeating blaster pistols and flipped the table over, pressing it in front of the door. They then began to fall back towards the main office.

The droids would have to pass through the conference room to make it to the main office, in which they'd have access to the vault.

Mere seconds before they all entered the main office, the force was used to chuck the table against the wall on the other side of the room, crushing one of the committee member's silent assistants.

"Open fire!" The six members of the committee aimed their guns out the door from around the corner and opened fire.

Many of the droids returned fire, but what made the members hesitate was the sound of a lightsaber igniting and several blaster bolts finding their way back to them.

"Jedi!? Don't they talk first!?"

"He's not dressed like a Jedi!"

"He isn't acting like one either!"

"Maybe if we surren–" The chairman who's blood was just at the boiling point was cut off by a vibroblade piercing through the wall and into the side of his head.

"Oh my..." The only female member of the committee stated with a tone akin to that of a panicked protocol droid before slowly backing away from the door way. She then tripped over the rug and landed on her rump.

This distracted the others for only a few seconds.

"Shouldn't have stopped firing." The rapid swinging and whooshing sound of a plasma blade was heard. They didn't even have time to scream as a disembodied saber came flying around the corner and decapitated the members by the door. Leaving the one survivor panicking on the ground.

Walking into the room, he caught his saber in his hand and looked over towards the girl who kicked her pistol to his feet. He raised a brow and looked at her for a moment. "You expect me to let you live because you surrender?" His eyes traveled up and down her luxurious attire. The woman was in her late twenties, but looked to be in her late teens due to the amount of product she used.

Scrunching up his face as he saw her terrified expression. "Strip," He stated as he used the force to disassemble the pistol she had once used to shoot him with.

"Wh-what? You want me to strip for you!?" The woman sounded entitled, she didn't know humility and refused to be humiliated.

"If you don't I will strip your corpse and crucify it outside the facility." He stated which she didn't seem all that effected by. She'd be dead, she wouldn't live to see the humiliation. Yet what came next, made her almost release her bowls. "Then I will find your parents, your spouse, your children, your next of kin, distant relatives and do the same."

The cruelty and brutality of his threats were mostly just a bluff. He wouldn't go out of his way to track down her measly family. Yet it seemed rather effective as he watched the woman stand up, trembling as she began to remove each and every article of her clothing and tossing it to the ground. Her trembling movements were heavily reluctant, her face was pale yet blushing a furious red.

"Done yet?" After about ten minutes of removing her clothes and accessories, she was finally down to her undergarments which she was even more reluctant to remove. "I could always have the droids do it."

The girl almost puked blood and died right there and then hearing him speak of having the droids take the rest of her garments off. "N-no." She muttered as she removed the last pieces of clothing, covering her nether regions and abundant bosom with her extremities.

"Good." He turned to the droids, "Use Neural Cuffs and lock her in a processing cell."

"WAIT! YOU NEED ME!" She was now shaking profusely as she fell to her knees hearing him speak to the droids. He put up a hand as they went to march passed him.

"What do you mean I need you?" Valad asked as he stared down at her with amused thoughts, his eyes catching every curve, though he didn't seem to have a perverse gaze. His eyes always found their way back up to her face.

She cried as she continued to cover herself from being seen in her entirety, "It requires a bio-metric scan and vocal recognition codes to access the vault!"

Valad remained standing there for a few moments, sighing as he shook his head. "You don't have any Ysalamir around your vault. Your argument is invalid." He yawned lightly and the girl looked up at him with wide eyes.

Her eyes moved to the lightsaber in his hand as it suddenly changed from an icy cold blade to a translucent flaming one. The unstable heat could be felt from where she was standing. Her eyes widening. The blade was getting longer by about a foot.

"I said too much," Valad's voice sounded almost regretful. The last thing he needed was the slavery guilds to arm up on Ysalamir lizards to protect themselves and their belongings from the force he so cherishes.

He took a step closer to her, taking his time.

"PLEASE!" The woman gave a full blown kowtow, her face shoved into the hard ground of the office. "I'll do anything!" She was sobbing, not looking up at him as she spoke.

The blade began to shrink until it was about six inches in length, but he continued his advance. Reaching down, he grabbed the woman by her hair and forced her to look up at him. The smell of burning hair would soon fill her nostrils. He was cutting her hair haphazardly to the point that it was at an average of one inch in length with two to three inch patches here and there. It looked like it had been cut by a sword, abide the ends of her hair were burnt.

"You have learned humility, slaver." He let her hair rain over her from the hand that once held a bunch. "Now you will become what you once produced." He clubbed her head with his now empty hand, standing up as she fell onto her side. "You'll never make a slave out of another person again."

"You're... going to enslave me?" her hands crept up to her head as she felt her burnt hair, something she once held pride in had been burnt away.

"It's either that or kill you. Of course either way, I'll be liquidating all of your belongings, assets and properties either way." Valad was confident because he had the means to take all of her things and leave her without a crumb.

He stood there as she brought herself back up to her feet. Her eyes locked onto his until she suddenly grasped his wrist and plunged his blade into her chest on her own accord. "You're never getting into the vault," she hissed.

"I already told you, I didn't need you in the first place." Valad winced as the blade burnt her flesh, and as she began to collapse, it cut through her like butter. He stood there, staring, almost horrified as she had the uncanny resemblance of a partially split banana peal.

"Unclothe and Incinerate the Cooperative member's corpses, pack their belongings and personal effects into the transports. Collect all fallen droids, leave their helmets on the hollowed out hilts of vibroblades." He wanted to make it look like cheap Mandalorian marauders or something akin to that were assumed to take credit for this.

Once he left the droids alone to do their things, he walked off in the general direction of the central vault. The walls were labeled, it was hard to get lost in this place.

As soon as he made it to the vault however, he glanced around and used his abilities to sense the electrical currents within the facility. It was clear that there were several security measures from where he stood and until the front door of the vault. Yet he didn't need to get that close.

Reaching out with the force he used his abilities of mechu-deru and electronic control to bypass the security measures that kept the vault itself secure. First the alarm system was disabled. The deadly gas traps also found themselves defunct within moments. The large metallic door than shifted open as all the locks came undone as the bio-metric scanner and voice prints were forcefully accepted. It took him about fifteen minutes of focusing to do this considering the complexity of his surroundings and all the things he was manipulating at once.

Walking into the vault, he stared at all the physical credits, credit chips and other assets rested within. "There is billions..." He could barely speak as he opened his inventory, a window which popped up beside the screen asking if he wanted to 'take all' or exit. Without hesitation, he took it all and watched as the treasures filled empty boxes and the amount of credits rose like a slot machine.

[ Hidden Quest Achieved: Cripple the KSC. Kaiburr crystal. ]

[ Achievement: Become a Billionaire. 5,000 Renown. ]

[ Achievement: Cripple a Slavery Organization. 5,000 renown. ]

[ Kaiburr Crystal: Accelerated Healing & Force Sensitivity Buff +200% ]

[ Would you like to Assimilate this Kaiburr Crystal? Y / N ]

"Yes, of course." Valad said aloud which wasn't questioned at all since he was completely surrounded by his own droids. Though of course because of their little virtual intelligence matrixes, they were chattering about how their leader was a loony for talking to himself.

A warm feeling shifted through his body for a moment, similar to the feeling of taking in alcohol, minus the intoxication. His veins gave a light pink glow to them for a mere second or two. He let out a low groan as he felt a tingling sensation dissipate throughout his body following the warm feeling.

[ Kaiburr Crystal Assimilated. Augmentation Complete. ]

[ Bottleneck Complete. Level 26 Achieved. "The Star Wars" Companion Voucher. ]

[ "The Star Wars" was an original concept for Star Wars created by George Lucas. This Voucher allows the user to summon a character from this continuum as a Companion. Note: Be wary, there are mirror counterparts present in this continuum. The companion will be disoriented. ]

Blinking a few times, he stared at the new voucher which had appeared as well as its description of what it was for. He assumed he would be able to choose a Companion of choice from this continuum, as there weren't all that many to choose from since it didn't have many issues.

[ Quest Added: Return to Naboo in 1 Month. Hereditary Monarchy Restored. ]

[ Quest Added: Assist Qui Gon Jin. Replica of Darth Maul's Lightsaber. ]

[ Quest Added: Assassinate Anakin Skywalker. Clone Wars Postponed. ]

"Assassinating Anakin Skywalker... I can think of a few ways to do that, but how does postponing the Clone Wars help me?" His head tilted to the side slightly looking over his new quest.

[ Quest Added: Invade the Rakatan Archipelago. Empire Foundation Pack I. ]

[ Quest Added: Steal Makatak's Star Forge Station. Empire Structural Pack I. ]

[ Quest Added: Steal Tulpaa Star Forge Station. Empire Foundation Pack II. ]

[ Quest Added: Conquer the Rakatan Archipelago. Empire Structural Pack II. ]

[ Quest Added: Found a Force Sect. Force Sensitive Cloning Pack I. ]

More quests began showing up and he could only chuckle at some of them. He knew about these from the Star Wars Roleplaying Game regarding the Unknown Regions. If he were to invade these groups, he'd likely be going against the descendants of slaves to the Rakata. However he also knew that he wouldn't be going up against many other factions, unless he delved deeper into the Unknown; closer to the Chiss and other political divisions of the Unknown Regions.