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Ventress and Ky were now gone, they were off on coruscant within hours of leaving the planet of Naboo. Now he was free to use whatever abilities he saw fit to use on others.

Valad made his way out of the Palace, it wash is day off granted by the Queen of Naboo. His pace was slow, his mind was much faster. He was thinking of what he should do from here on out. The thoughts of Anakin Skywalker on Tatooine was definitely something he could do something about. Destroy the Hutt's hold on the planet, steal terraforming equipment from outerim facilities. There were plenty of things that he could do. Even talk with the Yuuzhan Vong, but he rather not provoke them so soon.

A war with the Yuuzhan Vong at this point would bring great harm to the Galaxy, leaving it weak enough to be conquered by the Sith Lords should they survive. The Jedi were in great numbers, but even then, they didn't know how to sense these beings through the force.

Letting out a sigh, he glanced towards the sky as he walked amongst the streets of Naboo. Maybe he could find himself an apprentice he could use? All he needed to do was learn how to transfer force knowledge into the individual to increase their capacity if they were in their early teens.

"An Orphanage would be a good idea..." He figured that he could probably use his indoctrination abilities to do this. If someone was force sensitive, he could teach them by indoctrinating them. Tailoring their thoughts, perception and knowledge to fit his own ideals. A young mind was a moldable one, an unprotected one.

Glancing to the side though, he noticed a small group of Security Officers were tailing him closely behind. He assumed it was for his own protection, or to make sure he gets back to the Palace on time, but he knew he didn't need it.

Shrugging, he made his way through the capital city situated on the cliff towards the nearest Orphanage. The moment he got within several meters of the building, he could sense a single force sensitive. Pursing his lips, he gently pushed the door open and peered inside.

He almost jumped as he heard the bell above his head and glanced up towards her with a brow raised. "Is this some sort of store...?" He laughed sarcastically to himself, then looked towards the woman who was sitting behind a reception desk reading a book. Completely ignoring his presence.

He stared at her for a few moments before walking into the building and looking around. He could hear the chatting of children in the back, playing games and reading. He even saw some of them laying on mats, taking naps.

As soon as he was about to walk around the receptionist desk, he heard the woman's foot drop to the ground with a heavy stomp.

Slowly turning his head slightly to the side, his eyes locked on the woman who was glaring at him. "Do you have an adoption appointment?" She asked, her eyes were ice cold and her hair made her look like an ice witch.

Tracing the wrinkles on her face, he could tell she lived a stressed life. "No? I'm just here to see if there is anyone force sensitive here." The woman blinked a few times hearing what he just said and squinted her eyes at him.

"Are you a Jedi?" She mused, thinking he was either a slaver looking for a force sensitive child to sell or a Jedi who was looking to abduct a child into their service.

Swaying his head side to side, "Non-Religion affiliated." He used the force to pull a bookmark from her very reading material and into his hand. Looking it over, he smiled lightly, his eyes locked back onto her.

She was taken aback by the use of the force in front of her, having not ever seen anyone use the force before. "Impressive," she made a raspberry like sound, before shooing him off. "Before I let you pass, where is your main residence situated?"

"The... Naboo Royal Palace. I am the Guardian of the Queen," When he said this, he could see the woman's face pale in shock and awe. Since when did the Queen pick up a guardian? Of course, him being there wasn't public knowledge, but he was free to disclose it to others.

Valad made his way into the back of the building and watched the children who were all gathered together, playing and the like. His eyes gazed over them, as if searching for someone. Some of them approached and examined him, but were almost completely ignored.

That's when his eyes narrowed on a single individual playing alone, dressed in lesser clothes than the others. The force surrounded her, she was around the same age as the Queen, fourteen years of age.

"Hey Kid," Within seconds the man seemed to appear before her. His eyes staring right through her as if brushing off the little active thoughts which were surfacing as she almost ignored his presence until now.

Immediately she snapped to attention, a sarcastic tone being brought to light. "Who are you calling a kid!?" She shouted at him and immediately stood up.

He could see the bruises on her and some other visible marks. Reaching forward, he would gently place a hand on her shoulder. She was about five feet in height, so there was almost an entire foot difference.

Suddenly his hand began to give a faint green glow and an almost pleasurable feeling washed over her. She felt the pain from bruises wash away, the mental and physical fatigue followed suit.

This girl's hair was cut short into a standard bob cut with her hair tucked behind her ear on one side, while a plain platinum ornament held a forward braid on the opposite side. Her hair was chocolate brown and her eyes were an electric blue. Her skin was that of pastel pink, with a porcelain tone.

"My name is Valad Katsure, I'm looking for an apprentice." He smiled widely, his hand moving from her shoulder to the side of her face as he took in more of her features.

Thin lips which matched her skin's tone with a faded red towards the opening of her mouth. Thick brows and big almond eyes. She was a head turner, and so was her sensitivity. "I'm surprised the Jedi hadn't snatched you up."

The girl's wide opened eyes hearing what he had said, only shook her head slightly when he made an observation. "The Head Mistress doesn't let Jedi into the Orphanage, even then, I'm too old to be taken into the Order."

Nodding lightly, Valad did recall this since the Jedi Order liked to indoctrinate their younglings at a young age into the ideals of the Jedi's service. However he also knew that within the several thousands of years of the Order's existence, age originally didn't matter as many older individuals gained training through the Jedi at older ages.

"I shall open your mind to the greater force..." Closing his eyes, he placed both hands upon her cheeks, pressing his forehead onto hers.

She stared up at the taller boy, feeling a tingling sensation in the back of her head. Her eyes began to close against her will and she simply allowed him to do as he willed. Her hands remaining lax at her sides.

"What is your name?" Valad asked, his eyes closed and his thoughts flowing into her.

She could feel things changing in her mind, she was completely disoriented. There was no pain, but she was definitely starting to feel dizzy. "...Riané..." Her name droned from her lips.

Walking into the back of the building to check on the guest, the elder woman paused seeing the two of them in the corner. He had gone directly to this child? Her lips puckered a bit seeing that the bruises on the girl's legs were mysterious gone from the brutal punishments due to being dishonest and unruly. 'So this was the force sensitive he came for? At least I'm getting rid of a troublemaker.' Her puckered lips began to form into a small smile across her lips.

"Where there is revenge, there is self ruin.

Where there is time, there is change.

Where there is dark, there is the light.

Where there is good, there is evil.

The Chains are a Lie, we are free.

In pursuit of the Force, we gain immeasurable knowledge.

For the Greater Good, with the Lesser Evils,

The Balance shall prevail, for the Force is Alive.

Self Regulating..."

The two of them spoke this cipher together in unison, an odd overlapping sense of compassion seemed to be felt from this.