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Ky Narec, Ventress and Valad were walking through the corridors of the royal palace after being escorted out of the hangar. They were being brought to the throne room where eventually they came across a room filled with around seven handmaidens and a woman who was on the throne believed to be the Queen.

Ky Narec and Ventress caught on pretty quickly that the handmaidens looked extremely alike, as if this was a deliberate way to protect the Queen by making her surrounded by decoys.

Valad gave the two of them a quick glance, sizing them up before stepping forward. Ventress attempted to follow, but with a gesture of Ky's hand, she came to a halt.

Among the people in the room were Sabé, Eirtaé, Rabé, Saché, Yané, Fé and Dané as the handmaidens, or at least that is what everyone was lead to be believe. Everyone who wasn't in on the whole decoy idea created by Panaka, would believe Padmé was the one on the throne.

Soon they would find Valad standing beside the one who was on the Throne, his eyes locked on the two of them with a warm smile across his lips. "Your Highness," Valad bowed his head lightly to her as his attention turned to his lady the Queen.

"Master Jedi," Padmé addressed the Jedi duo as the Queen. "My Guardian saved you on his own volition. In order to show our Respect for the Jedi, servants of the people and the force, I welcome you to stay in the Palace during your temporary residence upon our world. What say you?"

Ky Narec bowed his head slightly, Assajj Ventress imitating the same movement, "Your Highness, we humbly accept your offer." His eyes flickered over towards Valad for a moment before giving his gaze to the Governor seated nearby.

Things felt off. While it was all indeed formal, he couldn't tell what seemed different. Was it that he was not supposed to be here? Squinting in thought, he turned his head toward Ventress, gently reaching over and placing his hand on her head.

"My Guardian will show you your rooms, Master Jedi." She gestured towards Valad, while trying to hide a sneer as if this was some form of punishment for him.

Valad on the other hand gave her a narrowed once-over before nodding softly. "Of course, your highness." He gave a coy smile before folding his hands behind his back.

Shortly after the meeting was adjorned between the Master Jedi and the Queen. Dismissed, the Guardian known as Valad Katsure would lead the two Jedi towards their chambers in the right wing of the Palace. They were escorted by three other personnel of the Royal Security Forces, mainly because Valad never took a tour, and actually didn't know his way around.

About twice Ventress was able to point this out, and it only took the third time until one of the Officers lead Valad to the rooms which had been prepared shortly after Padmé had exited his ship earlier.

She was good a preparation, so it seemed.

When the three arrived at the designated corridor, the room closest to the entrance of the wing was designated to be the room for Assajj Ventress.

"I am not going to be staying with my Master?" Assajj asked as she looked at the man who had saved them. A glint in her eye as she could sense how powerful his connection was.

"You can be with him whenever you're outside of your quarters or adventuring and training. However, the Queen has prepared two different suites for a man and a girl. You will sleep separately. As is courtesy," One of the Officers of the Royal Forces answered for Valad instead of allowing the man to talk.

Valad gave the Officer an annoyed look before shrugging with a nod of agreement. "What he said," He gestured to the officer before looking over at Narec who was more interested in observing than asking a question.

"You will be fine, Little one." Ky assured his informal Padawan and patted her lightly on her shoulder before turning and following the other officers towards the other room which was prepared. He knew pretty clearly that Valad didn't know the Palace, he must be a new installment.

Valad watched as the Jedi Knight was led away, before glancing down towards Ventress who was looking up at him with her big captivating blue-grey eyes. "You just had to be a head turner, huh?"

Asajj Ventress didn't exactly understand what he meant, yet simply nodded, assuming it was some sort of compliment.

Without moving to open the door, he made a gesture with his hand and with ease the door would slide open for them to enter. Walking inside, there was a lofty bed and plenty of luxuries in the room. It was clearly molded to be for that of a girl around Asajj's age, but not exactly suited for a Jedi or a girl who had been stranded on a planet full of warlords and raiders. Plus it had all been rounded up rather quickly since they had only arrived shortly before.

"So how did you know where we were, and who I was?" Assaj quickly spoke up as she looked at him, now standing on the bed flawlessly. Her hand was on her saber, as if she were ready to draw.

"I foresaw…" He was interrupted as soon as he said that second word.

"Liar. I can sense you're lying! You're even letting me sense your dishonesty!" Her voice cracked as she withdrew her hand from her hilt and stared at him with a pouty face.

She had been told by her master the Jedi Code and what the Lightsaber is to be used for. It was only to be drawn if you're ready to kill or be killed. It was rather smart of her to let herself cool down.

"Oh… Are you sure it wasn't a suggestion rather than a sense?" Valad asked her with his brows raised as he spoke rather honestly.

She was suddenly confused, 'a suggestion?'

"As a Jedi is trained, they are trained to resist the force as they are also trained to wield it. The weaker to susceptibility, the more likely you'll fall prey to tricks." Valad knew if he tried anything with her master around, he would likely sense him and come running. If that happened, Valad really wouldn't be able to stay here.

Even though Plagueis had the general means to find his location, he doubted he would want to harm someone so promising. It would be more likely that he will find himself watched once he was found.

Ventress raised a brow at the man's words. "So you were using a trick…? Can you teach me?"

Smiling lightly, he tilted his head to the side. "Should you pass the Jedi Knight trials, if you continue on as a Jedi that is. I will teach you. On the other hand, if you decide not to be a Jedi, I will take you on as my companion and student." Valad was being honest with the girl, he knew that she was susceptible to the dark side especially if something overwhelming happened.

He doubted that the same problem would arise from the meddling, but still, he would like to keep her close to him. As close as the others anyways, if not closer due to her abilities.

Closing her eyes partially, Asajj would sit down cross legged on the bed. "I do not want to leave my Master." It seemed she had moved on from the questioning, either because she knew he wouldn't give her a straight answer or simply she didn't want to bother too much with it.

"I also have a Holocron with large amounts of Jedi and Sith knowledge imprinted upon it." This immediately made her eyes glow as she looked up at him with wide eyes once again. The temptation of knowledge was a good bargaining tool.

"I don't think my Master will let me go," the track had suddenly changed from not wanting to leave Narec to believing Narec wouldn't let her go. He understood this mindset, Narec was like a father she never had since he had saved and practically raised her after her home was raided.

"Time will tell your fortunes. Within ten years a war will be likely to start. By then, here will be many events. Depending on who's side you choose, you may be my friend or be my enemy." Valad's tone was rather sharp now, allowing her time to think over her decisions.

Ventress narrowed her thoughts for that moment. "And if I remain with the Jedi?" She wanted to know what path he desired.

"You will remain my friend for a time. Hopefully." Valad had a somewhat sorrowful face, as if he had something else on his mind. "You can leave the Jedi at any time. Remember that." His sorrowful face became a warm smile, yet she couldn't understand why he felt sorry.

That was when all of a sudden the monstrous growl would escape from not just Valad's stomach, but it sounded like a Krayt dragon's lair coming from within Ventress's tummy.

The blankly stared at one another, before Valad pretended to pull two puddings out of his sleeves, though really from the shop which he bought on the spot and took from the Inventory. "Bon Appétit," Valad said as he tossed one of the puddings to Ventress who caught it and lulled her head to the side in confusion.

"What's that mean?" She had no idea what that word meant, since it was in French and not High Galactic or Galactic Standard.

"It means 'Have a Nice Meal,' or something along those lines." Valad dismissed the inquisition as the girl pealed the pudding cup marked in high galactic letters, which was standard English rather than Aurebesh. "Kind of like Itadakimasu means 'lets eat,' which is generally the same thing."

Ventress simply stared at him as she scooped some of the chocolate pudding out with her fingers and ate it. "You know some weird words," she said as she suckled on the pudding.

Flicking a spoon in her direction, she caught it with the force and brought it into her grasp. "Should've given this to me earlier," Ventress let out a playful whine before digging into the pudding.

Shaking his head slightly, he looked towards the door as her Master was approaching. "Seems like your master's coming," Valad snickered and readied another spoon and pudding, placing it on the dresser of the room. He then proceeded to open his pudding and eat, sitting on the trunk at the end of the bed.

Coming to the open door, Narec peered in and raised a brow seeing Ventress eating a sweet smelling semi-liquid. His gaze then laid upon Valad who was doing the same thing, and was pointing to a dresser with his pinky.

Raising a brow he saw the same exact kind of sweet item waiting for him with a plastic spoon.