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It wasn't long before Panaka finally arrived at the door in which was sealed. He had found all of the Maidens standing outside as if they had been ordered to guard. Yet as he approached the door, they did nothing and allowed him to enter.

Both the disguised Padme and the undistinguished Valad immediately snapped their heads to attention. Her eyes locking onto the man before her who had just come into the room.

He gave the boy a cold look. "You shouldn't be alone with him, Your Highness. His intentions may not be pure. You don't know who he is, nor where he is from." Panaka was well aware of the Queen's previous love life with the opposition. The last thing he needed was this pure queen to be corrupted by selfishness.

Yet he never knew that her selflessness was what defined her. It was the reason why in two months' time she would have gone to Coruscant and sought aide from the Republic, only to return in order to Liberate her people personally.

The Irony that all they needed was an army of Gungans to stand beside them, would definitely change his thoughts against the native alien population.

"I know who he is, Panaka." A determined and unwavering tone escaped her lips, her dedication to the people was immense. "He is Valad of House Katsure. He has offered me his honor bond as a bodyguard, after I found him dying outside on the steps of our very palace." Her words were without hesitation, as if she had rehearsed them. Not even a Jedi could sense a lie within those words. Her heart was as unwavering as the tone of her voice.

While not everything was incorrect about what she had said, it was definitely one way to interpret it. Saving him definitely made sure he would live longer in the long run. Though he had a feeling that things were going to go awry at some point.

Panaka's stern look remained on the boy who was on the bed, clearly older than he looked due to his composure. Though it was mainly due to Valad's introverted personality, he didn't talk much. He wasn't verbally assertive often unless he had to make sure he was heard.

He let the Queen speak for him, even if it was a Constitutional Monarchy of some kind, she held absolute rule for the next two years once she made it so the terms didn't last as long. She was still trying to do that, and he on the other hand didn't mind the idea. Within two years he planned to be able to insert himself somewhere within the Galaxy which would allow him to live comfortably, or with immense power.

He could steal Plagueis and Palpatine's plan to take over the Republic and Reform it into the Empire. Or he could completely expose the Banking Clan's head as a Dark Lord of the Sith. It would definitely lead down some interesting paths.

Taking the injector out of his inventory, it appeared on his arm and he immediately equipped the experience points liquid injection. It looked just like another injection of Bacta. The soft sound of air being released turned Padme's attention back to him.

Her eyes stared at the bacta injector as the blue liquid vanished into his body. Her eyes then moved to see his facial expression as he took in a deep relaxing inhale, followed by a slow exhale.

[ 2,500,000 EXP gained. Level 25, High Ranked Jedi Knight Equivalent. ]

[ Successfully Reached Level 1. Vibroblade Rewarded. ]

[ Successfully Reached Level 2. Lightsaber Construction Manual ]

[ Successfully Reached Level 3. Novice Lightsaber Kit Rewarded ]

[ Successfully Reached Level 4. Seven Lightsaber Forms Manual ]

[ Successfully Reached Level 5. Freighter Pilot's License ]

[ Successfully Reached Level 6. X10 Thermal Grenades. ]

[ Successfully Reached Level 7. Protocol Droid Voucher ]

[ Successfully Reached Level 8. Astromech Voucher ]

[ Successfully Reached Level 9. Communication Disk ]

[ Successfully Reached Level 10. Tedryn Holocron (Copy, Untradeable) ]

[ Successfully Reached Level 21. Ocean Green Barab Ingot Rewarded ]

[ Successfully Reached Level 22. Sith Alchemy Skill Book ]

[ Successfully Reached Level 23. Mechu Deru Skill Book ]

[ Successfully Reached Level 24. Art of the Small Skill Book]

[ Successfully Reached Level 25. Phase Skill Book]

[ Would you like to allocate all 100 Stat Points? ]

'Yes, please distribute them evenly.' He responded to the System's question with a small smile printed over his lips. He paid little attention to those which surrounded him.

"What was that?" Panaka he took a step forward, staring at the vial attached to the injector strapped to his forearm. It was as if he was about to arrested him for the use of narcotics.

[ All Stats have +10 ]

"Bacta injection," He responded with a light chuckle at his reaction. As if it was meant for looking down on the guard, but it was more so out of his nervous disposition.

He wasn't going to take out all those objects which he had gained for each level he raised in power. He consumed all the skill books however which pertained to the force, and took in the manual's information.

He started putting the force abilities on skill pad in the lower area of his hub for quick casting. He wanted to be able to use them in a split moment should he ever have to.

When he went to come over and try to inspect him, Padme automatically stood up which made him pause as if he believed she was getting in his way. However, she wasn't she was just tired of sitting.

The two men stared at one another before Panaka would nod his head respectively before casually marching out of the room. 'I have to be careful of this guy… Something doesn't feel right about him.'

These were the thoughts of Panaka, though it was mostly the fact that he could feel the mutual dislike that the pair had for one another the moment they saw each other.

Once that was done with, Valad would examine the clothes he was wearing since he hadn't known what he was wearing when he first woke up. It seemed it was just a plain white night gown which stretched to his knees. It smelled of fabric softener, so it obviously wasn't something previous worn.

Now thinking back to what the system had told him before about Darth Plagueis going through with his plans from before, his eyes narrowed forward.

Padme could see he suddenly had something on his mind and twisted her neck slightly as she eyed him for a moment. "I'm going to attend to my duty as Queen. The previous regime had a very… Corrupt Administration." She gave an awkward smile and left the room.

From what Valad can remember, this would be around the time that Dooku had changed over to the Order of the Sith Lords. He was going to assume that he became apprenticed to the Muun instead of Palpatine, considering the scenario of Palpatine being dead before even attaining Sithhood. "So the Clone Army is going to happen anyways…" He muttered to himself as he narrowed his eyes forward.

Opening his inventory as he stripped himself of the nightgown, he equipped himself with a custom white double breasted tunic with a black satin trim. He wore black cargo pants with knee guards, shin guards with a pair of combat ready armored boots. These items were some things he had gotten through the advancements in his levels.

Walking over to the mirror near the side of the bed, he would look over himself as he fixed his collar. "Valad Katsure, huh?" His eyes narrowed towards his hair which had a soft undercut with a messy layered top. No matter how he wore it, it just looked right. His head was a rounded diamond shape, his eyes were almond shaped and hazel blue with a splash of a brownish green surrounding the pupil. He was rather handsome for his age, being mature with a light sign of fuzz on his chin.

Chuckling at the sight he turned to walk towards the door, but just as he made it to the door he heard the simple voice of the system speak in his head.

[ Quest Added: Indoctrinate Padme Amidala. Naboo Influence. ]

[ Quest Added: Indoctrinate Padme's Handmaidens. Faction Management. ]

[ Quest Added: Indoctrinate Panaka. Income Generation. Standard Issue Set. ]

[ Quest Added: Indoctrinate Royal Advisory Board. Naboo Influence. ]

[ Quest Added: Indoctrinate Naboo Administration. Naboo Influence ]

[ Quest Added: Reestablish Hereditary Monarchy. Deed of Naboo. ]

[ Quest Added: Create Naboo Military Forces before the Invasion. 500 Renown. ]

While a large portion of this was a doable set of quests, the last one was a bit iffy. Especially since the invasion of Naboo is now in around two months. The only way he would be able to form a military force would be to form special operations groups by using the already trained royal security forces. That was a problem though, since that would leave a large portion of security unattended.

Though what came across his mind as he was on his way out of the room and began walking down the corridor. One of the handmaidens seemed to be following him and being his silent guide. He knew that he could get a large surplus of droids, but the question was, would he be able to get them in time?

His ability to use mechu-deru which he had obtained through his level ups would be helpful in this regard. With his own overall knowledge of force powers from his previous life, he knew of many others and how they worked. Such as electronic control and various other alter powers.

He found that his Indoctrination Technique was based off of all the mind altering abilities such as Alter Mind which allowed one to alter the perceptions of other people and shape the minds of others.