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Chapter 287: The Top Decision Maker? Part 1
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Star Rank Hunter
Author :Chen Ci Lan Tiao
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Chapter 287: The Top Decision Maker? Part 1

Chapter 287: The Top Decision Maker? [Part 1]

There was no light source inside the cave, and nothing from outside made it in either. But Wheeze could see everything clearly, which meant that Hei Dou and the others could also see everything clearly. In fact, the live stream was so clear that they could spot even the tiniest detail, making the viewers feel like that they were inside the caves themselves.

Ah Shou and Hei Dou were completely pale. Everyone else was more or less used to bloodshed, but their scalps still tingled when they saw the rampaging mice horde. At the same time, Cillin’s threat level rose like a rocket in everyone’s heart.

While it might be difficult to estimate how effective Cillin was in their group, no one could deny how impressive he was.

Gu Xin and the gang might know more about Cillin’s method, but the rest of the strangers couldn’t possibly know how he drove the white bio-creatures into attacking the hypnotist. Because Cillin had spent the past few days building and guiding them through the process of constructing a base and defense system, most people thought that he was an expert in those fields, but not the field of medicine. Cillin probably wasn’t the absolute best of the best, but he was definitely a high-skilled worker compared to these people.

“A powerful hypnotist can hypnotize someone with any gesture, and this Majik loves turning people into puppets. That’s why his technique is dominating and completely irreversible. The only way to avoid being hypnotized into a retard like those two is to have a stronger willpower than him,” Gu Xin said quietly.

Gu Xin recognized the hypnotist. His name was Majik. He had never met Majik in person before, but he had read about him in a couple of classified files. The hypnotist was listed as a high risk threat within the military.

Everyone felt cold as they watched Majik’s victims rushing forward to block the white mice despite bleeding all over the place. In fact, two of the viewers had the misfortune of running into Majik before. One had strong willpower and managed to extricate himself out of Majik’s influence, and the other was saved by his companion and narrowly avoided a terrible fate. Out of all the people watching the live stream, they were the ones who felt for Majik’s victims the most.

Inside the cave, the puppets obeyed Majik’s order and held back the tide of white mice until they were completely consumed. Their faces never changed even when their limbs were bitten off by their enemies. Majik was trying to escape through an escape tunnel his puppets dug earlier, but the first thing he saw after poking his head out were two mice running straight toward him.

Majik had surrendered to despair at this point. He tried to hypnotize the white mice, but the only thing he got for his efforts was a massive headache. He was in too much of a panic to perform his skill, and it came with certain side effects due to its forceful and irreversible nature. Him not being at his best and the dire situation being pressed into his lap caused him to explode into full blown panic.

Bloody footprints were left on the ground as one of the white mice inside the cave charged toward him. Majik pulled out his gun and opened fire at it, but both the weapon and the ammo were completely useless against a berserk mouse. Moreover, his shooting skill was utter shit compared to his hypnosis technique, and he aimed at the mouse’s blood red eyes only to hit its scaly toes instead. It was so bad that Wheeze’s whiskers were shaking as it crouched on a rock at the roof of the cave.

Majik kept shooting randomly and screaming. It sounded like the last cry of a dying man, and the echoes inside the cave made the viewers felt even more afraid.

Finally, a deadly white claw struck Majik. If he was anyone else, the white mice would eat him immediately after a bite or a claw swipe, ending the life of their prey immediately. However, he was marked by Cillin’s drug, so the berserk mice didn’t treat him like the human puppets that tried to stop them earlier. Instead, they surrounded Majik in a circle and scratched at him curiously. The scratches was bone deep but not immediately lethal. But the mice was plenty, and they all wanted to take a swipe at him.

Majik’s screams lasted for a very, very long time even as more mice made their way toward him from both inside and outside the cave. Eventually, the scream subsided until all that was left was the scratching sounds.

The hypnotist Majik had died due to blood loss. It was a very cruel way to go because he could clearly feel his life and blood leaving his body every passing second. It was to the point where Majik had wanted to apply his own hypnosis on himself, but he didn’t manage to do it until the moment he died.

Cillin himself didn’t foresee this happening to Majik. In his imagined scenario, the white mice simply pursued the drug’s scent and kill the hypnotist in a single blow. Instead, they killed him in a way that could only be described as bloody as torture.

Gu Xin closed his eyes. Who would’ve thought that the infamous hypnotist, Majik would pass away like this? He wondered what kind of expression some people in the military would make if they learned of Majik’s fate. After all, they were the ones who categorized him as a high risk threat.

After this, a thought entered the minds of everyone who watched the stream: do not provoke Cillin no matter what the circumstances.

There were some people who were planning to take it easy and let the group carry their weight before this, but they all changed their minds after watching the stream. No one here was an idiot, and everyone was aware that Cillin was taking out their enemy and warning them about the consequences of undesirable behaviors. If they dared to step out of line, their fates would probably be the same as Majik.

On the other side, Wheeze closed its eyes and cut off the signal after Majik was dead. After a yawn it licked its lips and stared hungrily at the mice—so many…

Cillin sighed mentally when the sound of fighting started inside the cave. Some of the white mice were even tossed straight of the cave. There’s a time and place for everything, you know. He sent a message to Wheeze and told it to cut it out and leave. Wheeze played for a moment longer before escaping. Not even a berserk white mouse could catch up to Wheeze if it escaped at full power.

Cillin fired another three drugged bullets into the cave and waited until the white mice were all inside. Then, he tossed in a couple of timb bombs and ran away like the wind. When a mushroom-shaped cloud rose from the distance, Cillin let out a small sigh of relief. He took out the hypnotist and trimmed the white mice’s number a bit. All in all, the result was worth all the valuable materials he used to create the time bombs.

Cillin then lifted his head and looked at Wheeze, who was licking its paws on a tree branch. Its mouth was covered in thorny bits from the white mice.

“Remember to wipe your mouth.”

“I got it!”

Back in the building where the supervisors were watching. Guan Feng’s colleagues were singing Cillin’s praises as they watched the bright dot that represented the white mice disappear from the screen, and everything that the satellites captured so far.

“Guan Feng, you raised a good student,” Kristi. Lang said.

Guan Feng curled his lips but said nothing. Raised a good student my ass, it wasn’t even too long ago since I ran into the little bastard, much less raise him.

In this case, he was a Bo Le* at most.

*someone with an eye for talent

“So, are we still deploying those things or what?” someone asked.

Kristi. Lang thought for a moment before drawing a circle around the area Cillin was in. “We proceed as planned except this area.”

“Are we just going to ignore this area?”

“Yes. It’ll just be a pointless waste of resources. Anywa, this area is Cillin’s now. Everything else will still proceed as planned.”


Gu Changan smiled at Kristi. Lang after hearing his orders. “Someone out of the loop would’ve thought that Cillin’s your candidate, not Guan Feng’s.”

Kristi. Lang accepted the dig easily. “It can’t be helped. There just aren’t many people who can succeed my position.”

“That’s true. Still, whether the boy makes it is still up in the air.”

All three heads fell silent at the same time. He was right. They still needed the approval of one important decision maker before Cillin’s succession was truly decided; the approval of the founder of Black Viper.

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