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Chapter 286: You Cover Me in Shit, I’ll Drop You in a Cesspool Part 2
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Star Rank Hunter
Author :Chen Ci Lan Tiao
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Chapter 286: You Cover Me in Shit, I’ll Drop You in a Cesspool Part 2

Chapter 286: You Cover Me in Shit, I’ll Drop You in a Cesspool [Part 2]

Cillin told Hei Dou about his intention to head out before finishing his tasks and giving out all the necessary instructions.

“Are you going to search for the guy who ambushed you?” Gu Xin asked.

“Mm. I can do this alone, but if I need your help I’ll send you a signal. Just make sure to keep the base safe. Show no mercy if you notice anything suspicious.”

“Of course. However, are you sure you can do this by yourself—ahem, with Wheeze? Isn’t it a little too dangerous?” Gu Xin fixed his mistake before Wheeze could unleash its wrath on him.

Cillin was certain that that person who lured twelve mice into their base was plotting something for the past few days, so he was going to take them out before they made another move. It was his policy to treat those who treat him well better, and drop those who covered him in shit in a cesspool.

“Don’t worry, I know my limits.”

“Alright, if it’s too much then send us the signal. We’ve enough manpower to take out those people now.”

Cillin shook his head and said, “They have a hypnotist who can control the animals. Numbers won’t solve the problem.”

Gu Xin didn’t know how Cillin was going to do this alone, but the latter had proven himself to be a resourceful person. So he stopped prodding and said with a smile, “I would’ve liked to witness their downfall.”

“That’s not a problem. If everything goes smoothly, I’ll send Hei Dou a connection request and live stream everything. It would make good material to keep the troublemakers in line.”

Gu Xin shivered. He hadn’t known Cillin for too long, but the young man was pretty high up in his book. Even Tu Ba and Erty was deeply wary of Cillin; the young man hadn’t failed to surprise them yet.

“Alright. I’ll be waiting for the good news.”

Cillin and Wheeze’s departure didn’t draw too much attention because the new bases were still in construction. There might be five days left before they reached the end of the time limit, but it was no reason to stop building, not even if there was only one day left. Every second spent on the construction was an added chance of survival.

There was a group some distance away from Neo’s base. They were far enough that not even Cillin’s new scanners could detect them.

The group was made up of three people, and one of them was the guy who had ambushed them. The other two people following him was brainwashed—or more accurately, deeply hypnotized—beyond the point of recovery. This technique was banned in the empire because it left the victims retarded and impossible to recover. Their memory cells were rearranged, and their original memories were forcibly replaced with new memories. In short, they were puppets that obeyed the puppeteer’s every whim.

The hypnotist had left their skill-related memories untouched. This way, they would still be able to fight for him. However, every other memory besides that were completely foreign.

The hypnotist also had were several animals, white mice and even high level bio-soldiers under his command. There was no denying that he held a sizable advantage in his own lair. At the minimum, wild animals could do nothing to harm him.

This hypnotist was the one who had tried to ambush Cillin and Hei Dou with twelve white mice that day. He never thought that Cillin would kill them all in a second, however. Right now he was taking a break because deep level hypnosis took a lot of mental energy to perform. The stronger a person’s willpower was, or the greater a creature was, the more mental energy he had to spend to hypnotize them. He had just performed deep level hypnosis to three white mice, and the effort had left him breathing heavily.

Cillin’s force had grown to the point where it was starting to grow famous throughout the zone. Most people chose to join and cooperate with him, but this hypnotist wanted to claim the whole base for himself. That was why he was preparing a new troop of bio-soldiers and animals to attack the place. He would then hypnotize the core members ruling that base and claim it for himself.

Cillin and Wheeze split up before they reached the hypnotist’s lair. The newly synthesized drug had the ability to excite the white mice and draw them toward the source, and they had just scattered it all over the area. All that was left to do now was wait for their plan to come to fruition.

The best way to deal with an animal was to set another animal against it, right?

The hypnotized white mice couldn’t feel stress or excitement because their brain regions were altered, so all they stayed put exactly where the hypnotist wanted them to be. Just the same, they didn’t react to the drugs Cillin and Wheeze scattered at all. Moreover, the drug was specifically engineered to work on the white mice only, so it didn’t affect the bio-soldiers or the wild animals at all. The hypnotist was very confident in his “pets”, so he was completely relaxed while he rested inside his lair.

Wheeze’s ears moved before it sent a message to Cillin: they’re here!

Cillin also noticed the approaching footsteps. He and Wheeze watched the hypnotist quietly from their hiding spots.

A short while later, the hypnotized white mice and animals finally noticed the intruders. They immediately let out a shrill cry of warning.

The hypnotist woke up from his sleep and looked around him. He pulled out a gun from a hypnotized person and retreated to the back, leaving it to his puppets to protect him.

Behind him was a cave. If the intruders was too much for his puppets to hold off, he’d seal off the cave and plot his next move later. He wasn’t worried about losing his forces. His puppets might be killed, but he could always hypnotize more. He just have to spend a bit more energy.

The first white mouse ran into the lair, and it was clearly in a state of berserk. The hypnotist shot it a look of puzzlement. Obviously, this wasn’t one of the mice he hypnotized, but he couldn’t understand why a wild, white mouse would run straight into his lair while berserk.

Anyway, that doesn’t matter right now. He could always think later after killing the intruder.

The hypnotist sent three white mice to take it out, and they didn’t disappoint him. The berserk white mouse was quickly bitten to death by its kin.

This was just the beginning, however. More and more white mice showed up in the lair, and it wasn’t just because Cillin’s drug had led them straight toward the hypnotist. The screeches and sounds of fighting were like a drug to these creatures. The bigger the commotion, the bigger faster they became. It was almost as if the act of waiting would kill them.

Cillin shot Wheeze a look, and the gray cat immediately sent a connection request to Hei Dou.

At the base, Hei Dou took out a projector and clicked “accept” after receiving Wheeze’s signal.

The video displayed by the projector was what Wheeze was seeing right now.

At this point, the puppet was panicked and confused. He didn’t understand why the white mice were charging his way, and he had had to send out all twenty or so white mice, bio-soldiers and animals he accumulated to deal with the invasion. The brainwashed people were the only ones still by his side.

The bio-soldiers and wild animals were completely powerless against a berserk white mouse. All they were good for in this battle was being torn apart or stomped to death by giant claws.

The real eyecatcher here was the battle between the white mice. Both sides were in their berserk state, but the hypnotized ones had poorer skills because their brain regions were affected. In a one on one scenario, a natural white mouse was slightly more skilful than a hypnotized white mouse. At first, the hypnotist’s white mice had the numbers advantage, but the amount of white mice pouring into the lair was ever increasing. Ten… twenty… thirty…

The sight of the white mice biting and tearing each other was chilling to say the least. Everyone already knew this, but the battle made everyone appreciate how excellent they were as bio-weapons. Every attack sent spikes flying everywhere, and it wasn’t long before every wall was covered in broken spikes.

The situation was starting to become one-sided, and the hypnotist decided it was time to hide inside his cave. He felt something hitting him right before he got in, but since there were no injuries he decided that it wasn’t worth the attention. He didn’t realize that Cillin had shot him with a soft bullet, and the drugs inside it spilled out and clung to his body.

Thanks to that, the hypnotist became the target of every white mouse that had invaded this lair.

The hypnotist and his two human puppets sealed off the cave and retreated to the back, but mice was a race that excelled in digging, much less the berserk white mice.

One… two… After all the hypnotist’s puppets were dealt with, the white mice started digging into the cave.

Wheeze seized the opening to slip right through the hole. The reason it was so focused was because it was burdened with a very important task—live streaming.

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