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Chapter 285: The Might of Purgatory Thunder Snake S Part 2

Chapter 285: The Might of Purgatory Thunder Snake S [Part 2]

This entire area was supposed to be under surveillance, but the white mice had somehow evaded detection by the scanners and appeared from the ground. They were even in an berserk state, which made them even more difficult than normal to deal with.

Hei Dou had turned on automatic surveillance mode instead of overseeing the base herself because of the new arrivals, and Neo was busy arguing with the two Black Viper locals. As a result, no one noticed if the defense system was working as normal. Although they hadn’t heard or seen any alarm or warning sign, that didn’t mean that the system wasn’t tampered with.

The change had been too sudden, and no one noticed anything until it was too late. Gu Xin and Tu Ba were still processing the meat, and Ert was chatting idly with the newcomers.

Cillin and Hei Dou were the ones standing the closest to the horde of white mice. Cillin could escape on his own, but Hei Dou couldn’t. What if he carried Hei Dou with him? He would be slowed down too much.

The dozen or so white mice shortened the distance between them to twenty meters in just the blink of an eye.

At this point, Hei Dou’s had turned completely blank. From the moment she saw the white mice, she had calculated the time for the white mice to catch up to her. The answer was less than two seconds. Even if she started running now, the berserk white mice were several times faster than before. Again, it would take less than two seconds for the white mice to kill her.


The twelve berserk mice—some had already leaped in the air, while the rest were sharpening their claws—suddenly collapsed to the ground. Every mice was shot in the head, and every bullet wound was shaped like a hexagon.


Despite being dead, the momentum still carried the white mice toward Hei Dou and Cillin. Everyone of them skidded to a halt just a step away from the duo.

The bio-creatures’ unique stench caused hei Dou’s stomach to churn, and combined with excessive shock the poor girl failed to control herself and vomited on the spot.

Meanwhile, Gu Xin and the others were still holding their guns. They were either too slow to line a shot, or fired a shot but missed completely. The berserk white mice were both too quick and too impervious to damage. A shot that didn’t hit a weak point was completely ineffective. So when all the white mice collapsed on the ground due to a shot to the head, they knew immediately that it wasn’t a product of their own attempt.

The group stared at Cillin like he was ghost, and Monde’s jaw almost hit the ground. A monster, this guy’s an absolute monster!

They didn’t even see clearly what happened just now. All they knew was that there was a bang, and all twelve mice dropped dead with a hexagonal shape gunshot wound on their heads.

Cillin was holding a white gun amidst the dead silence. The gun wasn’t big, and its shape was incredibly odd. Its proportion was also different from a normal gun. Still, it was difficult to imagine that a mere gun could produce such an outcome.

Twelve berserk white mice! They were moving so quickly that Gu Xin wasn’t certain if he could hit even one in the weak point and kill it while he was fully prepared, much less twelve.

Cillin looked at the white gun with a symbol and the character “S” on it.

The gun was of course Guan Feng’s Purgatory Thunder Snake S!

The gun wielder thought to himself with a sigh: this truly is the pride Guan Feng had given his blood, sweat and tears to create. It was also most destructive weapon of the PTS series yet.

Great people possess great temper, and the idiom was applicable to guns as well. The greater the gun, the harder it was to master properly. Suppose that the PTS S was a human, it would belong to the monstrous category. Not everyone could endure its temper.

Cillin watched the blood slowly drip off his hand. Although the shot had amazing power, Cillin himself was hurt by the recoil. Had his physique been any weaker, his whole hand would’ve been destroyed.

Cillin had expected this, but the PTS S was truly different from the PTS K. Each version in the PTS series had different tempers.

Cillin didn’t know that the higher-ups of of Black Viper including the three heads themselves were watching the scene in a faraway building. Of course, they hadn’t caused the incident, but they had been paying attention to Cillin even before he did what he did in the underground. That was why the epic moment was caught perfectly by an array of satellites from multiple angles.

Everyone including Guan Feng had sucked in a chilled breath when they saw the twelve mice. However, the seemingly impossible situation was turned around completely in less than two seconds.

For a time, the meeting room was dead silent as everyone stared at the twelve mice that was headshotted at almost the same time.

In the end, Kristi. Lang was the first to exhale and say, “That’s your proudest creation, isn’t it? I’m surprised you’d trust him to use it.”

Guan Feng had just created PTS S, so no one else should’ve had the chance to test it out yet. Guan Feng always set up a newly designed PTS for a long inspection period, and only those he acknowledged was given a weapon of the series. Every full student of Guan Feng’s who applied for the PTS must go through many tests, trials, exams; countless strengthening training and adaptability training before they were finally gifted a gun with the PTS logo on it.

The greater the weapon, the longer the tests and inspection period lasted. There would’ve been a lot more PTS K users otherwise.

Guan Feng wasn’t purposely making the bar too high and too strict for anyone to pass. He had to because the series had unique characteristics that demanded quality from its users. A PTS was incredibly powerful, but in the hands of an unqualified user it was no different from a suicide tool that might injure nearby innocents as well.

It was exactly because everyone knew this that they were impressed by Guan Feng’s preferential treatment toward Cillin and his uncharacteristically bold decision. Cillin was an amazing person. If he was incapable of controlling the PTS S and accidentally killed himself in the process of using it, what else could Guan Feng do except mourn his star student’s death?

The group was looking at Guan Feng in a new light, but they had no idea that Guan Feng himself was just as shocked as they were. The man bore the gazes, let out a low chuckle and wiped his forehead, noting how chilly they felt. That little bastard was the reason behind it, of course.

Although he allowed Cillin to keep the gun with him, he never thought that the latter would actually use it. It was because it wasn’t completed yet. Back then, Guan Feng had already told Cillin that he wasn’t finished with the weapon, and that reckless use could easily backfire on its user. Did Cillin not know this beforehand? Of course he did! He was the owner of a PTS K!

If everything hadn’t happened so quickly, if Cillin hadn’t taken out all twelve mice in the blink of an eye, Guan Feng would’ve privately contacted the little bastard who had no idea how big the universe was and stop him already.

This was without mentioning the three flaws Guan Feng had purposely left behind in his design. Anyone who dared to steal and use the PTS S without his permission would only be shooting their own foot.

No one knew just how frightened Guan Feng really was. Even now, his fingers were still icy. Thankfully, the fact that Cillin was able to take out all twelve berserk mice with the PTS S meant that he had finished the weapon already. He had to admit that Cillin had the talent for perfecting weapons, seeing that he had figured out immediately what needed to be done to complete his flawed design.

Of course, it was one thing to have the talent to perfect gun designs, and another to actually succeed.

Two things a PTS user was required to have among many other requirements to was a calm head and powerful calculation ability. Every time a new gun of the series came out, its demand for calculation power would climb to a whole new level. The S series was particularly demanding in this regard.

How much brain capacity must Cillin have to complete such a massive number of calculation in just an instant? He wasn’t just aiming at one target either. Every time a new target was added, the amount of calculation needed to perform the shot would multiply, and this guy took out twelve targets at the same time. Twelve! What kind of brain did it take to do this?

The idea of sniping over ten targets at once with the PTS S exists in theory only. Guan Feng might be vain, but even he knew that he couldn’t kill twelve targets with one shot. He could use the PTS K, but not power of the PTS S was something that he could only prove in theory until now. To be honest, he didn’t expect to encounter someone who could use the PTS S so soon after its inception.

Unfortunately, Guan Feng wasn’t even given time to bask in his emotions for a bit. He damn near choked on his own spit when Cillin started skinning the white mice with his blade.

The amount of energy necessary to perform the calculations needed to wield the PTS S was massive, so the shooter was expected to be exhausted, lose consciousness, or even die. The little bastard was clearly an anomaly, however. He was currently skinning the white mice so energetically it was as if he had never fired the weapon!

Cillin had no idea how many times he nearly gave Guan Feng a heart attack. The reason he decided to skin the berserk white mice was because its skin was very sturdy; perfect for making special protection suits and tools. Since the amount of available tools and materials in this place were limited, he saw was no reason not to use quality goods that had waltzed into his doorsteps on their own.

When Cillin was finished with one mouse, he lifted the used carcass and tossed it to the nearby ground. The creature slammed into the ground like a giant rock, shattered the ground and caused a puff of dust to spread in the air. It didn’t take a genius to figure out that these bio-creatures in their berserk state weighed at least several tonnes, if not more.

The loud crash broke everyone out of their shock. The first person to move was Hua Li, whose desire to dissect had skyrocketed after seeing Cillin’s movement. She immediately took out her own special scalpel and started operating on the skinned white mouse Cillin had tossed aside.

Gu Xin and the others still hadn’t put down their guns as they stared at Cillin and Hua Li blankly. Weirdos are a common breed, but this year especially so.

When Cillin finally informed them of his objective, everyone joined in on skinning the white mice as well. Over time, their shock was replaced by interest toward the dead bio-creatures.

“This berserk white mice is seriously powerful,” Erty praised while staring at a processed skin, running his hands up and down the spikes for a bit.

“This thing can make skewers out of people if it fell into a crowd.” Monde didn’t participate in the skinning activity because he didn’t have the strength, so he simply observed from the sidelines with Hei Dou and made comments from time to time.

Monde said thoughtfully, “Their final expression told me that they died in a state of ecstacy.”

“So, you mean they died before they got to feel anything else.” Gu Xin played with the hexagonal hole on a white mouse’s head for a bit before grabbing its tough whiskers. He pulled upward and brought its nasty-looking teeth to full view.

“Hey, can I borrow a knife? I’d like to use one of these as a dagger,” Gu Xin said to Tu Ba.

Tu Ba didn’t hand him a knife, but he personally helped cut a couple of teeth himself. It took a lot of effort.

“Tsk. It’s so tough!”

“Of course it is. I wouldn’t want to use it as a dagger otherwise.” Gu Xin nodded with a satisfied look as he played with a curved tooth for a bit.

Tu Ba also passed a processed tooth to Hei Dou and said, “Here, for self-defense.”

Hei Dou hurriedly accepted it and said, “T-thank you.”

Tu Ba waved a hand and continued cutting more teeth.

Inside the base, Neo finally couldn’t hold back his curiosity any longer and came out to watch the bizarre group activity. He also took a couple of samples for research.

It didn’t take long before all twelve berserk white mice were skinned, leaving behind a messy pile of smooth flesh. None of these meat could be eaten because the toxin inside their bodies were produced multiple times faster when they were in a berserk state. In fact, it was even more toxic than normal, and it contained a lot of unknown toxic protein. These randomly created toxic protein was what Neo needed for his research.

The stripped, reddish brown-colored flesh of the white mice turned darker and darker like an exposed apple until it was completely black. They sprayed some solutions on the flesh so that the ashes wouldn’t contain active toxin that pollutes the surrounding environment. Only then did they throw the incendiary bombs an burned the corpses into nothing.

The reason Cillin had brazenly processed the white mice was because he knew that the danger had already passed. The enemy Wheeze found had fled the moment the ambush had failed. Wheeze had memorized their signal, however. When the time comes, they would pay back the debt with interest!

After everything was done and dealt with, Cillin told Gu Xin to carry the processed materials back to the base. He still needed to talk with Neo about the new arrivals.

At first, the newcomers were just planning to scout out their strength, but their minds were changed after witnessing Cillin’s legendary feat. Working together with a real expert was obviously going to increase their chances of survival by a lot, and although they’d have to deal with a couple of crazies, this base was obviously their best choice at the current stage.

The new arrivals weren’t even using the same haughty tone they did before. They acted completely respectful and showed full sincerity.

Cillin took some time to think things out a bit. Neo’s base couldn’t accommodate any more people. It wasn’t like they don’t have the space to fit everyone in, but an overcrowded environment was a recipe for disaster. The earlier quarrel was the perfect example. If the two groups had to see each other’s faces everyday, conflict was going to become a daily occurrence.

In the end, Cillin suggested that the new arrivals moved their base nearby. Their relationship was a cooperative one, and both sides would be close enough to help each other in times of need. Some of the technology the newcomers possessed could also improve the base’s defense network further and prevent something similar from ever happening again. Had Cillin been anyone else, the only outcome would be a mangled body.

Part of the base of the newcomers were mobile just like Hei Dou’s, so Cillin’s idea was perfectly sound. Once the migration was complete, a bit of time was all they needed to rebuild their base. If they needed help, they could count of Cillin and his comrades to arrive in short notice. Being able to stay in their own base also meant they didn’t need to meet Monde and Neo on a daily basis, which was perfect.

Everyone helped in the rebuilding of the newcomers’ base. Most of the fighters were bored anyway, and Gu Xin happened to recognize two of the newcomers. A brief talk revealed that the newcomers had no idea about this place either. All their info came from Black Viper members they ran into thus far.

Cillin borrowed some materials from the newcomers and briefly discussed about the defense system with Hei Dou. They then adapted the newcomers’ technology into their own and built several defenses above and below the ground. Surveillance had a much wider range than before, and their camouflage technique was improved further.

When the twentieth day arrived, the three settlements on the screen had grown to a considerable size.

“Barring any unexpected mishaps, they are the three who will succeed our place,” Gu Changan said.

“Well, if one thing is certain, Guan Feng’s successor can only be Cillin!” Kristi. Lang said while staring at the screen.

Xi Kai sat quietly in his chair. He hadn’t spoken much ever since he received the message from the robot at the underground network.