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Chapter 242: We’re Leaving Man Take Care! [Part 1]

Chapter 242: We’re Leaving Man Take Care! [Part 1]

Everyone stared at the giant snake that could easily swallow all four of them whole if it so wished. If Cillin hadn’t told them to put their trust in Wheeze they would’ve run off already, and even if they did, they were currently too close to the snake to have a good chance of success. It was impossible for them to beat a snake this big, and not all of them were going to escape intact even if they focused all their efforts into running away.

This is the good-tempered friend the cat mentioned?

Walley absolutely refused to believe it after seeing its eyes.

Snake couldn’t blink because it had no eyelids. Therefore, the glare coming from the snake’s seemingly cold, cruel and absolutely frosty eyes made them felt like a hail was raining on their faces. Their hearts felt ice cool to say the least.

Cillin didn’t feel the same way though. Although the giant snake’s eyes were very cold, he could see that it treated the gray cat fairly well. It was clearly not staring at them with coldness nor detachment either.

The gray cat happily climbed up the giant snake’s jar-sized body with its tail raised before standing on top of its slightly raised head. It patted the giant snake’s head and said, “Look, this is my new friend, the giant snake Boa!”

“It’s Anaconda.” Boa added.

Boa’s voice was slight raspy, and every timbre in its voice sounded naturally cold. It was obviously unlike King Kong’s baby voice. However, it was clear that the giant snake was trying express friendliness towards them.

“Eh, it’s the same thing.” The gray cat went on to introduce Cillin and everyone else to Boa.

“Hello.” Cillin walked over and greeted Boa. The closer he was to Boa, the colder he felt.

Thanks to the gray cat, the giant snake agreed to take them out of the swamp forest. Without Boa’s aid, it would’ve taken them a lot of effort to leave this place safely, not to mention that there other traps inside the swamp and the forest. Only an idiot would turn down the offer.

And so a giant snake fetched five people and a cat away from the swamp forest under the dim starlight.

The giant snake’s body was very cold, and its scales had a metallic feeling to it. Walley couldn’t help but rub them for a moment, but a quick tail slap stopped the behavior quickly.

“I’ve never come so close to a big fellow like this before.” Libero sighed.

“Me too!” Teita’s eyes shone excitedly. He had ridden on King Kong’s shoulder before, but King Kong was a mammal, and Boa was a reptile. The feeling gave off by two different species were pretty different from each other.

While Cillin’s team made their way boldly across the swamp forest atop the snake, another team hiding in the swamp noticed this unique combination of species.

They were wary of the giant snake since the beginning and had moved cautiously until now. When they saw the giant snake moving swiftly towards them, some people moved faster to escape the swamp forest while others decided to hide in the surroundings because they didn’t think they could escape its pursuit.

However, they soon discovered that the giant snake wasn’t pulling people out of their hiding spots or chasing after the people escaping at the front. Instead, it slithered right past them at an even pace. When the people hiding in the surroundings saw that there were people on top of the snake’s body, their jaws nearly hit the ground.

After Boa slithered past the forest area, a pair of eyes opened from inside a shrubbery with big leaves. Someone who was paying attention would notice that a man was actually hiding inside this shrubbery. The man’s skin had taken on nearly the same color, pattern and even temperature as his surroundings like a chameleon. Even an animal with infrared vision would be hard pressed to find him.

The man swore as he watched the giant snake slither away from his position. “Fuck, those people are cheating!”

“There are no rules that say you can’t get a friend to help you. It’s our fault for not knowing that snake.” Some other people hiding behind the shrubbery said.

As Boa continued to slither across the forest, it suddenly came to a stop and looked to the back as if to confirm something. Then, it abruptly moved a lot faster.

Ironhead nearly fell off the snake’s back. Barely clinging onto the giant snake’s scales, he asked Cillin and the others, “What’s going on?”

“Someone’s coming,” Cillin answered.

The gray cat jumped onto the giant snake’s head and patted. “Hey, what’s wrong?”

“A troublesome fellow is catching up to us. Seriously, why the hell is she here?!” Boa slithered hard as if it was running away from a disaster.

The gray cat sensed that the person chasing behind them was a human. It was surprised to see such a reaction from Boa.

The giant snake moved very quickly, but the person chasing behind them wasn’t slow either. Five minutes later, a voice resounded from behind their backs. “Stop right there Boa!”

It was a girl’s voice, but to say that her voice was loud would be a gross understatement. The sheer volume of the cry had awakened every insect that had fallen asleep in this swamp forest.

“Is she using a loudspeaker or something?” Walley couldn’t believe his ears.

“Kenancy has never needed a loudspeaker. Her voice is loud enough to make a loudspeaker explode.” Boa continued to escape without looking back even once.

And so the giant snake slithered like it wished it had wings while a girl chased it relentlessly from behind through the star lit swamp forest. At first, the girl would occasionally call out to the giant snake, but she stopped doing so after a while probably because she wanted to conserve her stamina. She didn’t show any intentions of stopping until she caught up with Boa, however.

Because the girl was chasing after Boa relentlessly at the back, the giant snake slithered at an incredible speed. By the time dawn arrived, they were nearing the edge of the large forest.

“That girl is still chasing after us! Isn’t her stamina a little too good?” Libero sighed. Had he been in her place, Libero was one hundred percent certain that he couldn’t maintain her running speed for more than an hour. However, that girl had been chasing after Boa for more than four hours already, and she hadn’t been given the slip even now!

“What an aggressive girl.” Walley cast a glance at the slithering snake and wondered what the hell it did to the girl. Sigh, women truly were unoffendable creatures.

When they finally got out of the forest, the gray cat and Cillin’s team jumped off its body. “Run, Boa!”

Boa ignored them and changed a direction.

Cillin’s team didn’t manage to go far before they heard a loud “BANG” behind them. When they looked backwards, they saw that the giant snake was rolling on the ground like it was punched by someone. Standing right in front of the collapsed snake was a girl with a pair of braids hanging loosely beside her temple and a ponytail tied behind her hair. She was dressed in a tight suit and looked like she just came out of a training ground.

Cillin thought that the girl looked a little familiar for some reason, but this was without a doubt the first time he saw her.

“Why did you run off?!” Kenancy panted as she glared at Boa.

“I’m not running, I’m just slithering a bit faster than usual!” Boa retorted.

“Is it my ears or are you still protesting?!”

BANG! Boa took another punch.

The gray cat’s tail trembled. It touched its head with its paw before looking at Boa who was rolling on the ground again after being punched. “That’s gotta hurt.”

“Kenancy, I’m warning you! Even a snake can throw a fit!” Boa shouted.

“A fit? You dare throw a fit in front of me?!” Kenancy’s voice climbed an octane higher.

Seeing that things were taking a turn for the worse, the gray cat jumped onto Cillin shoulder’s and yelled at Boa’s direction: “We’re leaving man take care!”

If you’re gonna run then just run! Why do you have to tell me that and piss me off!? Also can’t you bloody distract the enemy at least? Boa slapped the ground angrily with its tail.

“Fuck your ancestors Wheeze you disloyal bastard!”

“Well jokes on you ‘cause I don’t have an ancestor!” yelled the gray cat as it ran. It was the truth; it had no ancestors because it was a rare half-cyborg, half-biological lifeform that was born naturally in space.

Cillin: “...” I knew that it was a mistake to make friends with this cat.