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Chapter 241: Ssh—— [Part 2]

Chapter 241: Ssh—— [Part 2]

Libero, Ironhead and Walley were completely stiff. They were tensing up their muscles and getting ready to charge out of their hiding spots when they saw Cillin and Teita jumping towards the black ape…

One of the four students conversing on top of the rock formation threw a glance at the black ape. He frowned and thought for a moment, but he ultimately shook his head and joined back in on the conversation.

The black ape walked farther and farther away until it left the rocky maze.

“Hey, does this count as taking a backdoor?” Libero asked in a small voice.

Right now they were clinging on the black ape’s stomach, and the black ape was facing away from the four students. Those students probably never imagined that this would happen.

“I guess so.” Walley looked at the hair he was clinging onto. So tough. I wish I can take some with me as souvenir.

The black ape stopped only when the rocky maze was completely out of view.

“Thanks, King Kong!” Teita jumped back on the ground and patted the black ape’s arm.

“Hehe, you’re welcome!” A crisp baby voice rang.

“Allow me to introduce King Kong. We’ve known each other since we were very young, and King Kong visits me at my home every year,” Teita said.

Finally Libero, Ironhead and Walley realized why Teita wasn’t worried and Cillin didn’t react to the black ape at all. As it turned out, King Kong was an old friend of Teita’s. Since there were plenty of beasts that could speak in school, it wasn’t really a surprise or anything. That being said… why does King Kong have a baby voice?!

“Teita, is it still a child… no, is it still an infant?” Walley looked curiously at the black ape.

“Mm, King Kong is still a kid.” Teita nodded.

Everyone fell silent. Was this what they call gap between species?

“This is as far as I send you guys. I need to get to another road that’s not your running track,” King Kong said.

“Alright, have fun.” Teita waved his hand. “I’ll play with you after test’s over.”

“Wait a second - King Kong, is it? I have a question to ask. Have you seen a gray cat? A gray cat’s about this big?” Cillin asked King Kong while gesturing with his hands.

King Kong scratched its head with its thick, black fingers. “If you mean a cat named Wheeze then yes, I have seen it before.”

“Yes, that’s it. Do you know where it is right now?” Cillin asked again.

King Kong shook its head. “I saw it half an hour ago. Wheeze bit Dahl and made it cry, so everyone remembers it quite well.”

“Er… and Dahl is?”

“A small crocodile as big as I am.”

A “small” crocodile as “big” as it was? If this “big” relates to size then small just wasn’t the right description. That being said, it would be a different story if King Kong meant age.

Everyone including Teita could hardly believe what they heard. Did the cat who slept with him on the carpet not long ago really bite a crocodile to tears? That crocodile couldn’t be small if it was King Kong’s friend, could it?

Cillin wasn’t really surprised though. He sighed. “That fellow’s bullying others again.”

After splitting ways with King Kong, Cillin’s team continued on their journey. They ran into a few groups of people along the way and found that many of them were wounded. Although their wounds weren’t serious, most of looked like them suffered a huge blow to their pride. They wondered how the people at the forefront were doing.

Anyone who was lacking in food was required to find their own supply. The forest fruits were plundered by the people at the front and the animals they ran into were out of their league. Therefore, these people had no choice but to feed on some plants. In this regard, Cillin’s team was doing pretty well compared to them because subspace containers weren’t banned in this test.

They ran and stopped multiple times along the running track. They had to find shelters that could hide them from the previous term students too. On the next day evening, Cillin finally met up with the gray cat once more. Judging from its appearance, the networking had gone rather smoothly.

“Cillin, allow me to introduce a new friend to you all. It’s right there!” The gray cat pointed to the front.

The are before them was a swamp forest. As nightfall approached, the swamp forest looked increasingly eerie. No one knew what was hiding behind the thick forest or beneath the swamp; at the very least Cillin could sense danger from that place. Not long ago, they heard a short and rapid scream that quickly faded into silence, and by the time they got there they found nothing.

It was exactly because they knew that the swamp forest was filled with many dangers that they decided to wait until the day when it was safer.

“Do you mean that forest?” Cillin pointed at the nearby swamp forest.

“Mm. I have a friend there, it’s a pretty good fellow.” The gray cat swayed its tail while crouching on Cillin’s shoulder. “I even helped it in a fight.”

“Right now?”

“Of course. Aren’t you guys in a hurry? This is its territory, so it should be able to help you.” The gray cat looked very proud of himself. This merit was its.

Cillin told the others to follow the gray cat.

“Are we sure we’re going in during this time, Cillin?” Teita looked at their surrounding and felt an uncomfortable chill. It was as if there were many big, cold eyes staring at them right now.

“It’s fine, you can trust in Wheeze.”

“Yeah, trust me! That friend of mine is pretty good-tempered, seriously, I’m not lying to you. You’ll know once you see it.” The gray cat led the way and jumped from tree branch to tree branch.

It was deep into the night.

Cillin’s team finally saw the “good-tempered friend” the gray cat was referring to.

A big animal was curled up near a pond with thick, tall foliage. Its thick body was covered in metallic scales that shone with a cold light under the stars. The cold light allowed them to see the dotted stripes and rhombus-shaped patterns covering its body and a split tongue that entered and exited its mouth from time to time. A pair of cold eyes with thin, long pupils stared straight at Cillin’s team.

A frightening chill that was colder than even the night enveloped them all.