Star Rank Hunter
Chapter 234: This Cillin Guy is a Master of Secrets [Part 1]
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Star Rank Hunter
Author :Chen Ci Lan Tiao
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Chapter 234: This Cillin Guy is a Master of Secrets [Part 1]

Chapter 234: This Cillin Guy is a Master of Secrets [Part 1]

Ignoring the burning pain on his fingers, Cillin dodged Puno’s elbow strike and punched him straight in the waist. But instead of seizing the opportunity to chain a couple more attacks after the successful strike, Cillin jumped backwards instead. It was because the third shot was about to come.

The second shot was obviously more difficult to grasp compared to the first shot, so he could imagine that the third shot would only be even harder. Cillin needed extra time to analysis the trajectory of the third shot. Even if it was only ten thousandth of a second, it would still increase his analysis’ chances of success.

Requiem stared at Cillin from on top of the skyscraper. She didn’t expect Goryeo would miss his second shot, and she expected even less that Cillin would come away with only some burns caused by the super heated bullet passing in between his fingers in an instant.

How was that possible?

According to Requiem’s knowledge, the type of bullet Goryeo used wasn’t just capable of generating instantaneous super high temperature, but also tremendous air pressure.

The bullet was named “Purgatory’s Thunder Snake”. It was because the bullet traveled as quickly and as irregularly as lightning after it was fired, and it bit its prey like a snake. A snake doesn’t blink; it doesn’t give its target even an eye blink of an opportunity to escape.

The bullet had an erratic trajectory and was capable of generating instantaneous super high temperature and tremendous air pressure. It was already incredibly difficult to dodge the attack, but its side effects were also nothing to scoff at.

That was why Cillin shouldn’t have suffered burn marks only when the bullet had passed through his fingers. According to Requiem’s calculations, he should’ve lost at least a piece of flesh even if the air pressure failed to break his fingers outright. But that wasn’t what had happened in reality.

It would appear that Cillin’s physique was not inferior to Puno’s.

While Requiem was analysing Cillin, Goryeo had fired his third shot. When the bullet was discharged, the muzzle of the gun wasn’t aimed at Cillin, but Cillin could sense very clearly that the bullet was targeted at no one but him.

In reality, Goryeo himself didn’t think that he would be using this special bullet on Cillin. After the second shot had missed its target, Goryeo decided to change plans and switched to this new bullet instead. It was because there was a 60% chance that he would miss if he used the same bullet as before. At best, he would only leave another burn mark on Cillin’s body.

Goryeo was extremely confident with this bullet’s power; it was a bullet that not even Mrs. Griffin and the others would be able to dodge. Moreover, this bullet had incredible penetration power. It was made with a special material and could penetrate even a whole spaceplane. It was a special bullet made from a special material, and Goryeo was absolutely confident in it. Now this, was the real Purgatory’s Thunder Snake!

The first two bullet was at best a “Thunder Snake”, but this bullet was without a doubt the true Prugatory’s Thunder Snake bullet!

There was no telling if Griffin would flip out when she learned that Goryeo had fired a Purgatory’s Thunder Snake bullet at Cillin. After all, there were only two outcomes when a target was snot by Purgatory’s Thunder Snake: grievous injuries, or death. At the very least, Griffin didn’t intend for Cillin to suffer grievous injuries just yet.

Time to see some blood, Goryeo thought to himself.

The bullet cut through the air between the two buildings and travelled swiftly towards Cillin while moving erratically. At the same time, Puno attacked Cillin once more.

It couldn’t be evaded. It was impossible to evade.

Goryeo looked down with a smile on his face.


The sparks of clashing metals looked incredibly glaring at night. It was like a snake smashing its head against a tough shield and sprayed blood everywhere.

Goryeo’s smile froze.

Puno also forced himself to a stop.

The loud clang caused everyone to stop fighting and look at Cillin’s direction.

The thin, long blade appeared inconspicuous due to the dark night and the lack of lighting. The dim stars on the sky painted a sheen of cold light on its body. It made all who saw it an indelible shock.

In that moment, it was as if a shar claw had stretched out of the void to block the Purgatory’s Thunder Snake bullet.

It was a blade. It was Oskulos’ blade.

It was a blade that was baptised by countless blood and accompanied a Star Rank Hunter through countless killing grounds.

This one blade seemed to cause the surrounding temperature to drop down to the freezing point.

Bel swallowed every swear word he was going to launch at these people for using a gun back down his throat.

An aura of death. It was an aura of death that caused everyone’s hair to stand on their end. Puno could almost hear the anguished wails of countless vengeance souls.

The theoretical target point of the bullet was Cillin’s right shoulder, but the blade had blocked it before it could reach its target.

Still gripping the blade, Cillin turned his gaze from the tip of the horizontally aligned blade to the completely tensed Puno standing a meter away from him. There was a flash, and the blade was suddenly gripped upside down near his side.


Sparks scattered once more.

The fourth shot!

Puno’s throat felt a little dry, and he swallowed his saliva several times in a row. Four shots! Goryeo had actually missed every one of his shots!

This was the first time he saw Goryeo failing all four shots after knowing and working together with him for so many years!

Zanny’s night vision was the best out of everyone present, so he could see clearly that Cillin’s blade was completely unblemished even though it was used to block two Purgatory’s Thunder Snake bullets. This meant that the metallic sparks hadn’t come from the blade at all, but the Purgatory’s Thunder Snake bullets that were said to be capable of penetrating a spaceplane.
Goryeo put away his gun after the fourth shot was fired. He dismantled the gun and put the parts back into the box.

He knew very well that there was no longer any need to shoot at Cillin. After all Purgatory’s Thunder Snake wasn’t invincible, and he was utterly impressed by Cillin’s ability to calculate Purgatory Thunder Snake’s trajectory to this extent.

The reason Goryeo could calculate the bullet’s trajectory was because he was familiar with the weapon. But what about Cillin?

First, Cillin had recreated the bullet’s shape in his head by examining its initial trajectory after it exited its chamber. Then, he deduced its future trajectory from the data.

If this was a math problem in class, then there were countless people in AF1 who could came up with the right answer. But this was real combat, and the amount of time he had to perform the calculation was only an instant.

What is the shape of this guy’s brain?! Is he a human computer or something?!

Goryeo had always thought that he had a good head on his shoulders and strong calculation abilities, but compared to Cillin it was seriously poor.

After he was done putting away his gun, Goryeo gave Requiem a helpless shrug. “This guy is too strong. No wonder Mrs. Griffin think so highly of him.”

Seeing that Goryeo had put away his weapon, Puno too decided to cease all offense. He pressed the places he was struck by Cillin; it would appear that his injuries were more serious than normal this time.

As Puno rubbed his wounds with his hand, the cracked bones inside his body began to recover slowly.

Bel and Gen Xingming relaxed after seeing that the signs of withdrawal. However, when Puno accidentally dropped a lapel badge while he was rubbing his wounds, Bel and Gen Xingming immediately tensed up again.

Puno hastily picked up the lapel badge he dropped, blew at its surface and gave it a wipe. He then gave the others an honest smile before putting it away carefully like he was holding a treasure.

Zanny, Bie Yao and the others didn’t react too much when they saw his lapel badge. They had their own lapel badge, and it was the source of their pride. It was a badge that earned them respect from the army even though they didn’t hold a military post themselves.

Dwei had also noticed the picture on the lapel badge through the night vision equipment in her cornea. As a result, the hand she used to wield her butterfly knife shook as a result.


Wings was a special section in Mist Bodhisattva Empire. The lapel badge of “Wings” had a signature image: a pair of wings surrounding Mist Bodhisattva Empire’s national emblem at the center. Mist Bodhisattva Empire’s national emblem had a wing each on two sides. One wing was adorned with the Royal Guards’ emblem, and the other wing was adorned with the Imperial Guards’ emblem.

Although Wings’ lapel badge contained the emblem of both imperial armies, they were in fact an independent organization. Wings had an extraordinary amount of authoritative power, and they could receive their appointments directly from the Mist Bodhisattva Emperor. This meant that their final leader was the Mist Bodhisattva Emperor themselves, and they were also the only section that dared to kill a noble directly under the special authorization granted by the Mist Bodhisattva Emperor.
There were many noble descendants who were beaten up or killed by the members of Wings because they broke the empire’s laws. That was why the first reaction of any noble descendant upon witnessing a Wings member was to have a guilty conscience. After all, who didn’t commit at least one offense in their life?

Before this revelation, Bel and Gen Xingming only thought that they were AF1 and AF2 students. That was why they felt uncomfortable at worst, and they didn’t think that they would cause too much trouble. But now they couldn’t be sure. After all, who knows what kind of order these people had received, and who knows if these people might accidentally injure or kill them while performing their mission?

It wasn’t that Bel or Gen Xingming were cowards. As direct descendants of the royal family, they should’ve been as afraid as they were towards Wings. Unfortunately, Bel and Gen Xingming had never been good eggs since young, so they did all they should and shouldn’t do throughout their lives. It was one thing if their fathers were here right now, but without the kings to back them up the duo were obviously lacking in confidence.

Since when were this bastards recruited by Wings?! And how was there no news about it at all?!

Bel and Gen Xingming couldn’t really be blamed for not knowing though. If they were hanging around in the imperial capital, they could’ve found this information easily if they looked into it. Unfortunately for them, they had left the imperial capital for quite some time already, so they were unfamiliar with the recent activities at AF1 and AF2.

Zanny was feeling very pleased. After seeing that the two princes, Bel and Gen Xingming were intimidated by the badge, he flapped his wings to show off his existence. “Ahem, Puno, you should store your lapel badge safely!”

“Of course. It was just an accident.” Puno really had no intentions of showing off. He began rubbing his wounds again after he put away the lapel badge.

Zanny cast a glance at the wary looking trio - Bel, Gen Xingming and Dwei - and was prepared to show off for a little longer. However, he noticed that Cillin was looking at him, so he turned to look at him and said, “What are you looking at, man? I know I’m very handsome; you haven’t seen someone with actual wings before, have you? What can I do, my talents are so good that people always get jealous because of it…”

Bie Yao and Inov had gotten used to Zanny’s attitude since a long time ago, so they skipped even the usual eye rolling and looked straight at Cillin.

“Cillin, is it? Our head wants to tell you that…”

Cillin moved before Bie Yao could finish his sentence.

Although Puno was rubbing the wounds on his body, he had never left his attention from Cillin. Therefore, he noticed Cillin’s sudden movements and open intent to use his blade right away. Cillin’s target was none other than the jabbering Zanny!

Puno instantly awakened his full power and exerted strength into his legs. A hole appeared beneath his feet before he ran towards Cillin.

Bie Yao also threw an extremely fast kick at Cillin.

Right now, Puno was the closest to Cillin, and Bie Yao was just slightly far away from him. However, none of them was as far away from Zanny as Cillin was.

Although Cillin was the farthest person from Zanny, he managed to dodge Puno’s punch, evade Bie Yao’s kick, block Inov’s fist and finally stab Zanny right in the stomach.

Zanny was going to show off a little more before the two princes when a terrific sense of danger suddenly assault him. But before he could react in time, a cold feeling entered his stomach as a terrible chill spread throughout his whole body. Zanny felt great regret; his carelessness had caused him to suffer an ambush that should’ve been very easy to dodge! For a second, Zanny thought that he had tasted death.

On the skyscraper, neither Requiem nor Goryeo imagined that Cillin would be so audacious as to assault a Wings member!

Everyone who saw this scene including Bel, Gen Xingming, Dwei and the Vogel and Gen Family bodyguards secretly observing the scene felt that their heads were about to explode.

Bel and Gen Xingming felt like fainting on the spot. Did he seriously just attack a Wings member with a blade?! The only ones who dared to do so would be suicidal maniacs and their direct superior, but Cillin didn’t look like a suicidal maniac, and he definitely wasn’t a member of Wings. So why on earth did he stab Zanny? Although Zanny definitely deserved a slap for his annoying mouth, he still shouldn’t have stabbed him directly like this!

Bel looked at Gen Xingming: Oh shit, Cillin must not know about Wings, or he would have never dared to stab him. Now whadda we do? Whadda we do??
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