Star Rank Hunter
Chapter 233: Strange Bullet [Part 1]
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Star Rank Hunter
Author :Chen Ci Lan Tiao
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Chapter 233: Strange Bullet [Part 1]

Chapter 233: Strange Bullet [Part 1]

A lot of people had been hypnotised in this city area. The people on the streets, the people sitting in restaurants, the mobile stalls in the sky… they were all gone now.

Requiem Vega’s hypnotism wasn’t the only part of the plan. The planetary government’s personnel had also been mobilised to deliver the victims who were drifting beyond their consciousness away from this area. Very soon, no people could be seen on the streets around the bar. There were only blinking lights.

Although the planetary government’s personnel had evacuated some innocent people from the area, they hadn’t moved against the actual key figures of this incident, or rather they pretended that they didn’t exist because neither the Gen Family nor the Vogel Family had voiced an opinion about this. Naturally, small fries like them had no intentions of getting involved in this incident. There were some people in the military were aware of this incident, but they chose to watch from the sidelines just the same.

The black panther moved with a grace that was unique to the feline family. It was swift and proud, and the light reflected off its dark golden pupils appeared intimidating in the night. Every lithe leap it made looked as delightful as a noble wandering amidst a grand ceremony.

In comparison, the gray cat looked a lot more comical.

Maybe it was because it drank too much wine, but the gray cat’s run was a little wobbly. When it ran down a curved artistic groove, it slipped on its feet and slid downwards like a kid on a slide. Because it lost its balance midway, it somehow spun 180 degrees around with its butt facing the front and landed on its butt.

The black panther was already regretting its decision as it ran towards his opponent: why did he fall for the gray cat’s taunts and ran over? Did it really think that it could fight it 1 on 1? Forget their size difference, even if they shared the same size it could easily still send the unsteady cat flying away with a smack.

When the gray cat landed on the ground, it slowly got up, turned to look at the black panther and shook its body once. The black panther who ran down the building was also rapidly approaching the gray cat at this moment, and as it leaped high into the air its smooth fur looked sleek and graceful under the lamplight. However, its grace was all gone after a bang happened.

The gray cat had knocked against the pouncing black panther and sent it flying.

On top of the skyscraper, both Requiem and Goryeo raised their eyebrows when they saw this outcome. A cat that could send Panther flying in a single exchange… this was probably the first time they’ve ever seen this in their lives. Forget cats, not even an alien beast from AF1 had managed to humiliate Panther as badly as today.

Originally, the black panther was going to stomp that ugly and stupid little cat on the ground, but when they actually made contact it suddenly realized that a tremendous force was bumping into it. When it came back to itself, it was already soaring in midair.

After adjusting its center of gravity and landing on the ground, it moved its chin once and found that it was burning with pain. It was proof that that clash earlier wasn’t just its imagination.

It was careless.

The black panther examined the cat before it once more. Right now, the gray cat was crouching on the floor and staring at it so calmly it was almost as if they weren’t in a fight. After flicking its ears and licking its paws, the gray cat said, “Pathetic!”

The black panther let out a domineering roar. The soundwave caused every glass inside the nearby shops to shatter in response.

The gray cat moved its ears backwards, raised its head forty five degrees upwards, opened its mouth and howled.


The howl lacked the black panther’s aggressiveness, but was indescribably strange in some ways. The moment the black panther heard the howl, every hair on its body stood up in response. What it felt wasn’t danger but fear; a natural kind of fear that was almost absurd when it thought about it.

A black area began to appear around the cat. The electrical circuits were affected, the electrical power system came to a halt, and a black circle was spreading at a part of this colorful city.

Every lighting equipment in the skyscraper and the bar went out of commission after the howl. Darkness covered the whole area.

In space, the people who were observing this section of the planet were very astonished by this sight, but since their display equipment was starting to receive interference as well they weren’t able to see clearly what was going on down there.

This part of the city was dark, but the darkness didn’t stop the battle.

The people riding on hoverboards quickly appeared before Cillin’s group. When Zanny, the guy who grew wings were about to land on the rooftop of the bar, he abruptly appeared three steps away from Dwei and extended his wings fully. He said, “I’m very sorry, but you are not allowed to interfere with that battle, beautiful lady.”

“This is my territory!” Plus, she couldn’t back down when both Bel and Gen Xingming were fighting too. Back when she was still at school, she was among the top in terms of combat too!

A metallic baton appeared in Dwei’s hands. When the center of the baton cracked open and folded backwards, its true appearance was revealed. It was a custom made butterfly knife.

At the same time, Bie Yao stood before Bel while Inov blocked in front of Gen Xingming. Cillin faced Puno directly.

Bie Yao was good at speed, and he could move faster than Zanny’s earlier dash. Bel knew this, so he did his best to capture his movements as he fought against Bie Yao. He would be in a severe disadvantage otherwise.

Gen Xingming stared at the seemingly fragile girl before him and knew that it was nothing more but a front. In reality, Inov was a power type fighter just like Puno. Moreover, the long braid behind her head should never be mistaken as a weakness that could be exploited. Dozens of people had been killed by that braid.

Not only did Puno have strength, he also have deft movements that didn’t match his clumsy appearance. He had a robust but flexible figure, and even his boxing technique was nimble but strong. His boxing technique was completely practical, and every punch was powered with the determination to take down his opponent in one strike.

The Gen Family and Vogel Family’s undercover bodyguards were very anxious, but they ultimately didn’t interfere with the battle. Why? It was because Tousen had just called and notified them of Griffin’s intentions. AF1 and AF2 weren’t targeting Gen Xingming or Bel, so they wouldn’t do anything to threaten their lives; only stop them from interfering with the other battle.

The battle did look pretty obvious. Puno’s attacks were obviously a lot fiercer than Zanny’s, Bie Yao’s and Inov’s, and the latter trio put a lot more emphasis on defense than offense. Seeing that Tousen wasn’t lying, the bodyguards responsible for protecting Gen Xingming and Bel relaxed a little. Still, they never averted their eyes from their respective masters just in case.


Puno’s punch hit only the air, but a large hole cracked open on the wall half a meter away from his fist. It was caused the shockwave from Puno’s punch.

Dwei who was fighting against Zanny felt her face twist a little. The damage had finally begun.

Zanny was free enough to cast a glance at the direction of that battle, and he told Dwei, “This is unavoidable, so just try and accept it with an open heart.”

Open heart my ass, you and your buddies are paying the maintenance fee if that’s the last thing I do! While thinking, Dwei swung her butterfly knife fiercely at Zanny’s direction like she was venting her anger. Zanny curled his lips and dodged the attack nimbly.

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