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Chapter 232: AF1 and AF2 Are Coming [Part 2]

Chapter 232: AF1 and AF2 Are Coming [Part 2]

Right now Cillin was feeling very distressed. How did he not notice that this cat was fond of the bottle until today? It was also a picky drinker; the types of wine it enjoyed were all very expensive.

More and more empty bottles were starting to pile up on the table before them. Dwei had delivered the drinks of her own accord because the gray cat would stare at her with its round eyes every time it was done drinking, causing her normally unflinching resolution to weaken in an instant.

Gen Xingming cast a glance at Cillin. “It’s the tenth bottle.”

The ten wine bottles contained pretty strong wine, and Gen Xingming himself was sure that he would go out like the light if he were to drink them all in one sitting, even if he somehow had the physique to stomach the sheer volume of liquid. So why did it feel like this cat was growing more and more energetic as it drank?

Dwei carried over another five bottles of wine and watched the cat’s one-cat-show excitedly on her seat. She didn’t pour any wine for the gray cat however, and she simply watched it did all the work on its own. She had never seen a cat like this until today.

Bel rubbed his temples for a bit. Why did he feel like everyone present had faded away into the background? How did it turn out that three ladykillers were inferior to a cat with gray fur?

“Ahem. Say, Wheeze…”

The gray cat suddenly froze before Bel could finish. The paw it had around the bottleneck abruptly tightened and caused it to break in half. The gray cat looked up at a certain point in the sky.

What’s going on? Bel, Gen Xingming and Dwei looked at Cillin in puzzlement. Technically speaking Cillin was the cat’s master, so he should know what its behavior meant, right?

But Cillin was also staring seriously towards that direction.

Cillin’s nose for danger was obviously higher than the rest. He was sure that these people were coming for them too.

Bel, Gen Xingming and Dwei finally realized that something was happening when they saw that Cillin was on alert.

There were actually bodyguards within the vicinity of Gen Xingming and Bel, and their job was to secretly protect the duo at all times. After all, they were the princes of two royal families. None of them could bear the consequences after all if anything were to happen to the princes. That was why they felt puzzled by Cillin and the gray cat’s reactions. They didn’t sense anything out of the ordinary.

However, when a spaceplane slowly appeared before everyone’s eyes, they all realized that the passengers within this medium-sized spaceplane were no ordinary people.

The spaceplane hadn’t camouflaged itself using the night sky, so it would seem that they weren’t afraid of being discovered. After circling once around the building overtly, the spaceplane flew up to the airspace of a nearby skyscraper.

The exit beneath the spaceplane opened, and seven figures jumped out of the vehicle and landed on top of the skyscraper.

The light emitting from the surface of the skyscraper and the giant lamppost on top of the building illuminated the newcomers’ faces clearly. Cillin didn’t even need a telescopic equipment to see these people clearly.

Meanwhile, the bodyguards responsible for protecting Gen Xingming and Bel felt their stomachs churn upon seeing those people.

They weren’t the only ones who felt the same way; neither Bel nor Gen Xingming looked much better than they were. Their faces had darkened, and their bodies were completely tensed up.

“Dammit, why did those freaks show up here!” Gen Xingming cursed.

“Who are they?” Cillin asked. For some reason, he couldn’t shake the feeling that these people had come for him. However, he hadn’t arrived at Mist Bodhisattva Empire for long, so according to Bel’s explanation he shouldn’t have come into contact with people at the level of AF1 and AF2 just yet.

Bel swallowed once before answering his question with a suffering look on his face, “Those people are the freaks from AF1 and AF2 that I told you about. From left to right, they’re Requiem Vega of AF1, the brother and sister Puno and Yenov of AF2, Goryeo of AF1, Bie Yao and Zanny of AF2, and finally that black panther beside Requiem is called Panther. He’s also from AF1.”

Although Bel and Gen Xingming would rather die than run into anyone from AF1 or AF2, they had memorized these people’s data since a long time ago so they would be spared of the shame of not knowing who their nemeses were in case they were taken out by them in the future. However, they never thought that they would run into so many AF1 and AF2 people at once; even one of them was enough to make their lives hell already. Just who was the person who gathered all these people? The fact that Requiem Vega herself had appeared proved that this encounter was no minor skirmish of sorts.

Dwei had already informed the staff inside the building to clear out all those who were inside the building. If a fight really were to break out at her place, she wasn’t sure if her bar would still be standing by the end considering the AF1 and AF2’s legendary reputation.

At the roof of the skyscraper, Requiem’s stared at that guy at the roof of the bar beneath her and frowned. Before she came here, she had failed to figure out why Griffin had gone so far as to send out seven of them at once. But now, she was starting to understand. Griffin had told her that she would understand once she saw Cillin with her own eyes.

Beside Requiem, the black panther swayed his tail for a bit and said, “Why do I feel like his eyes look a little like White Night’s?”

“Now that you say it, I think so too,” Bie Yao said.

“No wonder I thought his eyes look familiar. So that’s why.” Goryeo was sitting at the edge and swinging his legs leisurely. He didn’t look like he was troubled by the fact that he was sitting at the edge of a hundred-floor tall building in the slightest.

White Night was a legend in AF1. Griffin and the teachers often commented that White Night had an incredibly keen pair of eyes that made people felt like a prey when he looked at someone.

The hunter and the prey. Even when the hunter was in the open and the prey was in the dark, nothing could escape the hunter’s eyes.

“Is this why Mrs. Griffin attach so much value to him?” Inov rubbed her fists together eagerly.

“We’ll know after we give it a try, won’t we?” Requiem took a step forwards and stood so close the edge of the roof that half her foot was standing on nothing but air. She looked like she would fall off the roof if she even bent a few degrees forward, but no one around her seemed to be worried for her safety in the slightest.

Requiem clasped her hands together and placed them beside her mouth.

As her fingers moved, a melodic sound appeared from between her hands.

“Don’t listen to that sound!” Bel shouted a warning at Cillin before he quickly covered up his own ears.

They were so far away from each other, and yet the melody sounded unbelievably clear when it reached them.

The melody first rushed at them like the explosion of life or an instantaneous but terrific impact. Then, it was followed by a gust of air that felt strong enough to blow apart one’s soul. Everything happened so quickly in an instant that the people weren’t prepared for it, but the nerve became taut within the dense, oppressive and smothering space. Then, countless thoughts became joined in an instant.

The soul that was trapped between her fingers begged meekly for release.

Then, an unstoppable force came and vanished just as quickly as it appeared. The sudden feeling of calmness and relaxation left behind a sense of loss that felt like the pointless waste of one’s life.

A voice attracted the lost’s attention. It was a call, a call hidden within the wind, a wind that brushed against their faces and smothered them. The darkness was almost gone, and all that was left was empty and ephemeral.

The mind goes blank!

The people who heard the melody maintained their former poses foolishly, but a blank hope colored all of their expressions. These people were all submerged in their own consciousness feeling as if that their five senses had been isolated from their minds. They couldn’t detect what was going on around them.

The reason Requiem Vega was called Requiem Vega was because that sound seemed capable of intimidating the spirit and guiding the soul.

This might seem all too incredible, but it was in fact a kind of high level mesmerism; a hypnosis technique that Requiem Vega was born with. It couldn’t be replicated because the same effects couldn’t be reproduced with a recording of the sound. This natural talent was the main reason Requiem was chosen by AF1.

Bel and Gen Xingming’s backs were covered in sweat. It took them a lot of energy to resist this sound.

The music was finally over, but Bel and Gen Xingming had only gotten even more nervous than before. It was because they knew that this wasn’t the end but the beginning.

Now, what were these people going to do next?

The bodyguards responsible for protecting Bel and Gen Xingming were all experts within the royal families, but it wasn’t easy for them either to resist the hypnotic sound. They didn’t dare use their guns because the conflict would escalate immediately if they tried.

Before the objective of these AF1 and AF2 students were made clear, there was a unanimous opinion to observe the situation and do everything that was necessary to protect the two princes.

A temporary silence loomed over both parties after Requiem had stopped her sound.

No one took any action whatsoever. They all stood quietly and waited.

On the other side, Requiem and her group were analyzing Cillin and evaluating Bel and Gen Xingming’s abilities in the process. The fact that they’d managed to resist the hypnotic music proved that they were no slouches. On the other hand, Cillin didn’t seem to have reacted to the sound at all. This puzzled Requiem and the others greatly.

Genya had taught Cillin hypnotism since young, and Cillin himself had learned many techniques since then. Therefore, Cillin’s skill and resistance had gotten stronger especially after the experience at the prison of Sector S. Therefore, it wasn’t easy to hypnotise someone like Cillin.

Bel cast a glance at Gen Xingming. By now, even Dwei had come back to herself. The three of them had known each other since young, and they’d cooperated with each other quite a lot back at school. Naturally, they knew what their friends were thinking with just one eye exchange. The word ‘courtesy’ didn’t exist in AF1 and AF2’s dictionary, and they couldn’t completely rely on their hidden watchers to protect them. So what should they do to ensure the best for everyone?

Cillin kept perceiving the changes around him. There was no need to worry about Bel and Gen Xingming’s safety because they had many protectors. At this point Cillin was also sure that these AF1 and AF2 students were gunning for him, and that there was no avoiding a battle. Therefore, the question now was how should he fight this battle?

After Requiem’s music had come to a stop, everything suddenly became a lot quieter. Even the lamps’ light were starting to look eerie under the night.

The gray cat had been staring at the black panther on the roof of the skyscraper all this time. Not only did the panther’s eyes look very unfriendly, it was even staring at them arrogantly with thick ridicule and disdain. Disdain? On what basis did it think it had the right to do so?!

“Meowfucker, what the fart do you have to be cocky about you ugly, black thing!”

And so the gray cat’s shout shattered the tense atmosphere just like that.

Its shout was quite loud; at the very least everyone on top of the building and the panther could hear what it was shouting very clearly.

The black panther turned to look at the humans around it - especially the darkest guy of them all, Puno - after its ears twitched. It wasn’t sure who the ‘ugly, black thing’ the gray cat was referring to.

Puno thought to himself: you look at me when you’re the most dark skinned of us all?!

Cillin put a hand to his forehead. If his guess was right, this cat was about to go drunk crazy. Normally, it wouldn’t have shouted and sworn so wantonly in an unfamiliar environment and before so many strangers.

The gray cat jumped directly from the table to the wall at the edge of the bar and stood still. With an erected tail and a raised paw, it pointed at the black panther and said,

“You’ve been an eyesore since the beginning, now get down here and 1v1 your daddy you eyesore!”

Cillin, Bel and everyone else: “...”

At the rooftop, the panther’s whiskers shook as Goryeo let out an involuntary laugh and said, “Panther, I haven’t seen you scorned by your own kind for a very long time.”

“Please don’t taint the word ‘kind’, thank you. That thing is just a cat, not a panther.”

“It’s challenged you to a fight. Are you accepting it or not?” Puno looked at the black panther.

“Of course!” The black panther yelled before it ran down vertically down the wall of the skyscraper.

“Leave that panther to me! It won’t understand why cats eat fishes unless I cover up his head with bumps!” The gray cat also jumped down the wall as he said this.

“Cillin, is Wheeze… okay?” Bel asked uncertainly.

“Don’t worry about it,” Cillin answered affirmatively.

On the skyscraper, Inov moved her fists around before saying, “Let’s get down there too.”


Inov, Bie Yao and Puno activated a board-like thing that looked very similar to a hoverboard. The front of the board was designed in a way that minimized drag as it cut through the air. Although the design increased the speed of the equipment, it also demanded a much greater degree of control from its user.

Zanny didn’t activate a hoverboard. Instead, he took off his jacket and jumped down the building right away. After free falling for a moment, a pair of wings suddenly extended open behind Zanny’s back. His wings were as featherless as a bat’s, and he looked like a ghost beneath the night sky.

Requiem and Goryeo were the only ones who were still standing on the skyscraper. They observed the battle unfolding beneath them.