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Chapter 232: AF1 and AF2 Are Coming [Part 1]

Chapter 232: AF1 and AF2 Are Coming [Part 1]

Bel’s spaceplane was neither stopped by the spaceship patrolling the planet, nor prompted by the defense network to verify its ID. They were able to fly straight towards the planet unhindered.

Some of the patrols inside the patrol spaceship exchanged a glance of deep understanding with each other. The reason they hadn’t stopped the spaceplane for an inspection was because their scanner had already scanned the ID code of the spaceplane. They knew exactly what kind of people they were dealing with when the scan revealed the first few letters of the ID code.

It was a spaceplane that belonged to the Blazing Eagle royal family, and judging from the characters and numbers on the code, the owner of this ID sat very high within the Blazing Eagle royal family. Therefore, who in their right mind would have the guts to stop the spaceplane for an inspection?

Not long after, Musso and Ichechi came after their prince as well. When the patrols saw the huge Blazing Eagle symbol on the spaceplane, they hastily reported the situation to their higher ups.

Bel never bothered dealing with the planetary government of a planet. He normally dumped all of the work to Musso and Ichechi. Right now, he was calling someone on his new communicator.

“Hey dude, where on earth are you right now!? Your bro’s here, so get out here and receive your prince already.”

The only answer Bel got was a beep.

“Fuck! That fucker must be chasing skirts again!” Bel wasn’t actually angry. He brought up the communicator’s control screen and began investigating the location of Gen Xingming’s signal just now. Then, he set the spaceplane to drive automatically to the big sized parking spot closest to the coordinates.

Gen Xingming was in a city right now. Cillin and Bel walked towards their destination after the spaceplane was parked.

Night had just arrived on this city, but the colorful night life of this city wasn’t in any way inferior to its lively daytime.

The brilliant colors on the displays of the city center proclaimed to the world they city’s exuberant vitality.

Cillin looked up. There was a skyscraper completely covered in light not far away from them. It looked like a giant road sign showing the way for the people of this city.

In reality, this skyscraper wasn’t the tallest skyscraper to exist within the city. In fact, there were plenty of skyscrapers that outmatched it in terms of height. In this area though, it was the tallest building, or rather this particular area of the city had few skyscrapers. This bustling city cared more about distinguishable features than height. Here, there were all kinds of strangely shaped buildings, and every one of these buildings had their own characteristics. These features made it so that visitors easily memorized them.

For example, Cillin and Bel’s destination - a bar - had an exterior that looked like a goblet with wine in it. You could even see through this goblet shaped bar and look at the building behind it.

The transparent walls of the goblet were filled with wine that constantly changed colors. They were either transparent, pretty yellow, intense red, or azure… There were inseparable bonds behind the illusion, and it added a tinge of mysteriousness and suggestiveness to the bar. All those who entered seemed to literally vanish into the glass of pure brew, invisible to all those who were looking from outside.

The building was in fact made using a special building material that tricked a person’s sight with the use of light. It really showed how much effort the owner put into designing their bar.

After entering through a door at the foot of the goblet, the environment felt completely different from outside. The bar was split into several areas of atmospheres such as the one that was more stylish or the one that was more romantic. There were signs at the entrance that directed customers down to an area with their preferred style and atmosphere.

Bel immediately went towards the area that had a rather flamboyant style. The moment they went in, explosive beats immediately began pounding against their faces.

The gray cat swung its tail left and right according to the rhythm and moved its claws once. What a familiar atmosphere.

It was familiar, very familiar. Cillin still remembered the night the gray cat and Rikulab had fought each other in a dance battle at “Dance Night” on Acallela like yesterday.

After flicking the already restless gray cat on his shoulder, Cillin too walked into the area.

Bel cast a glance across the floor. There was no need to look. There was a group of people at the dance floor, and the person they were surrounding was none other than Gen Xingming. Right now, little prince Gen was holding a beautiful girl dressed in tight mini skirt and dancing passionately with her. His hands were even swimming across the deep ravines of the girl’s well rounded body. The crowd watching the dance were either screaming or whistling coquettishly at the sight, but the duo on the dance floor didn’t seem to be affected by their reactions. Both parties looked like they enjoyed the atmosphere a lot.

Bel’s lips curled. No wonder this fucker had ignored his call; he was busy wooing a girl. Look at them throwing flirtatious looks with each other!

He looked at his surroundings. It would seem that the women around him were all staring at Gen Xingming’s face so intently that he couldn’t even find room to strike up a conversation. It would appear that his abilities were still inferior to Gen Xingming’s!

Cillin found a place and took a seat. They served free wine and snacks around here. The gray cat crouched on the table before Cillin and swayed left and right according to the rhythm. While pawing a flaky biscuit to its mouth and staring at the group, it thought to itself: their dancing skills are even lousier than Rikulab’s!

God knows what Gen Xingming would think if he learned that he was looked down on by a cat.

The danced eventually ended.

Bel cried out loudly, “Come on, let’s have an encore!”

Gen Xingming cast a glance at the shouting Bel not far away from him; he knew too well what Bel really meant when he said ‘encore’. On the surface, it sounded like he was allowing him to have another go, but in reality he meant: if you continue any further I’ll thrash up this place!

And so Gen Xingming released his arm around the woman’s waist and said a little something beside her ears. Then, he walked away from the dance floor, gave the others an opportunity to show themselves off and walked towards Bel.

“You’re finally here, you bastard!” Gen Xingming punched Bel in the shoulder once.

“Well why didn’t you contact me earlier then? You didn’t even tell me that you’ve come to star region twenty three!” Bel punched back while saying.

“You don’t have the right to say that! Didn’t I tell Tousen to tell you to contact me?”

Normally, Bel was the busier guy in the group. If someone were to call him while he was busy with something, he wouldn’t bother to take the call at all. Gen Xingming was sure that his call would most likely be ignored if he were to contact Bel himself, and he was in fact entirely right to assume so. There was nothing Bel hated more than to be disturbed while he was experiencing life.

“Don’t talk to me about Tousen!”

“In that case, why does it show that your communicator can’t be reached after I tried to call you later?” Gen Xingming had called Bel more than thirty times, and it wasn’t until the last time that the line finally became connected. Every call he attempted earlier showed a no signal error.

“Oh, that. I tossed my old communicator and got a new one.”

“Fine, I forgive you.” Gen Xingming raised his chin. “Come on, let’s go somewhere else and have a nice chat.”

Bel asked Cillin to follow them before telling Gen Xingming, “This guy here is Cillin, he’s a new bro I met not long ago. Oh right, the cat on his shoulder is Wheeze. It is a very clever cat.”

The gray cat that was about to get emotional for being ignored suddenly grew invigorated when it heard the adjective “clever”. It whiskers shook once spiritedly as it looked proudly at Gen Xingming.

Gen Xingming didn’t look at the gray cat. Instead, he cast another glance at Cillin. For some reason, he felt a sense of familiarity from Cillin even though he had never known nor seen him before in his life. He didn’t remember meeting someone who looked like Cillin either. So why did he feel so familiar?

In fact Cillin himself thought that Gen Xingming looked very familiar to the eye. Gen Xingming actually looked very similar to Genya. Although Cillin only remembered Genya as an old person, a complex modal analysis that Gen Xingming’s face was at least a 60% to 70% match to a younger Genya! But Genya said that he had no children, so it meant that Gen Xingming’s elders were very closely related to Genya.

What really puzzled Cillin however, was that the ring had not reacted at all to Gen Xingming, the genuine Gen Family prince standing before him. He could only send Genya back home when a resonance were to appear in the ring, but the ring hadn’t reacted to Gen Xingming. In that case, what did it take to make the ring react?

Seeing that their eyes were looking a little strange, Bel asked, “Do you guys know each other or something?” Why do they look like they’re looking at familiar faces?

Both Cillin and Gen Xingming shook their heads at the same time. “I don’t know him.”

Seeing that it was ignored once again, the gray cat hit Cillin once impatiently with its tail.

Cillin gave it a rub under the chin to calm it down.

“Alright, let’s go. Where do we head to?” Bel gave the slightly dazed Gen Xingming a push.

Gen Xingming pointed above their heads. “Upstairs.”

Gen Xingming led Cillin and Bel to the top of the bar. It was an open air floor. Right now Cillin’s group was standing above the ‘liquid’ of the goblet.

When they entered the floor, Cillin noticed that the ground looked just like crystals. When he looked downwards, he had a feeling that he was standing on a crystal mine. The surrounding walls were also displaying images that fitted the atmosphere.

Since it was open air, the air circulation of this place became much improved. There weren’t many people up here, and it didn’t feel as stuffy as inside the bar.

Gen Xingming picked an empty table and gestured for Bel and Cillin to take their seats. He then chose a few wine bottles and snacks from an electronic display that popped into the open.

“What do you think? It’s not bad, isn’t it? You should know that not just anyone can enter this place,” Gen Xingming said.

Bel looked at his surroundings but wasn’t able to find a lone babe to pick up. He looked a little disappointed as he threw Gen Xingming a kick. “Hey, who was that babe you were dancing with just now?”

Gen Xingming answered while looking like he was staring at an idiot, “How would I know that!”

“Yeah, our young master Xingming never needs to strike up a conversation. Babes just automatically flock to him.” A voice rang from behind Gen Xingming.

“Dwei?!” Bel exclaimed in surprise when he saw the girl walking towards Gen Xingming from behind.

Dwei was born in a middle rank noble family. She used to be students with Bel and Gen Xingming, but her rebellious nature prompted her to set out on her own after she had finished her middle level education. Bel didn’t think that Dwei would show up here.

As if he had suddenly figured out something, Bel moved his fingers in a circle once before asking, “Is this bar yours?”

“Yeah. It’s not bad, isn’t it?” Dwei put the wine and snacks Gen Xingming ordered on the table.

“I’m really sorry for any inconvenience caused, Miss Dwei.” While sitting crosslegged, Gen Xingming picked up a nut from the plate and began crunching.

Dwei rolled her eyes at him. “A freeloader doesn’t have the right to say that.”

Dwei pulled over a chair and sat down with them. After looking at Cillin once, she asked Bel, “Why don’t you introduce him to me?”

“He’s Cillin. Cillin, this is Dwei. In the future, just say her name and you’ll be able to freeload anything.” Bel said without a care.

Cillin understood that Bel and Gen Xingming must be pretty close to this girl to be able to act like they were. This Dwei girl seemed to be a pretty outspoken person herself, or she wouldn’t have been able to mingle with the two princes so well.

The gray cat walked around the wine bottles once. A sniff later, it held a wine bottle with its paws, pulled out the stopper, scooped over Cillin’s glass with its front limbs and held the wine bottle by the neck, pouring wine into the glass.

Gen Xingming’s eyes widened. “This cat is seriously smart!”

The gray cat threw him a disdainful glance before ignoring them all. Once the glass was full, it put back the stopper, crouched before the glass and licked up the wine. It didn’t take long for it to finish. After wiping its mouth once, it repeated its earlier movements and continued to drink…

And so the table of four watched the cat finishing all four of Dwei’s wine bottles without any regard.

Gen Xingming stared at the gray cat’s stomach before turning to look at the four empty bottles. “This cat… where on earth did the wine go?”

Cillin made a ‘don’t ask me’ expression. He knew that this cat’s stomach was like a bottomless hole, and that it always caught the bigger prey first when it was out hunting. In comparison, these four bottles of wine were literally nothing. Still, Cillin was worried. He didn’t think that the gray cat had ever drunk so much wine in its life. Would it act crazy after it had gotten drunk?

At the same time, on another planet, Tousen received an encrypted message. It was a password protected message sent to him by Griffin. After he decrypted the message and read it, Tousen hurriedly contacted the military and the relevant personnel on the planet Cillin and the others were currently at.